Easy Ways to have fun at work (while staying productive)

Easy Ways to have fun at work (while staying productive)
Easy Ways to have fun at work (while staying productive)

Do you feel that you just go to work, do your job, and come back home every day like you are stuck in some kind of a cycle? And, maybe at the end of every week, you ask why you are working in this office?

The office is where you spend most of your hours in a day, and it gets depressing for any employee to work in a place where there is no fun and no activity, which leads to monotonous work and can bring your morale down. 

If you are stuck in this kind of office environment, you can take up on yourself and have some fun at work with your teammates! And for this, no one will stop you, rather, your HR might encourage other teams to do so, or in the future, it can turn out something amazing for everyone in the office. 

Easy Ways To Have Fun At Work (While Staying Productive) In 2022

1. Celebrate every employee’s Birthdays and Milestones

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! The first and foremost way of making work fun is by celebrating each other’s birthdays and achievements. But don’t keep it up to murdering the birthday cake. You can plan some activities like a treasure hunt for the birthday guy that will lead them to their gifts. You can also plan some party games.

These are the events your colleagues will wait for if the first one is successful, and it can lead to something amazing. 

2. Eat lunch anywhere but at your desk

Never eat lunch at your desk or alone bring your teammates to the same table for lunch. Share delicious food and laughter- this will give you and your teammates a double dose of nourishment. 

That 1 hour from your office hours will be the most lively where you get to talk about anything but work. This will refresh your mind, and you can get back to work with a relaxed mind, and it will make you more productive. 

3. Start every meeting with a little fun

Meetings are boring, as we all know. But you can start meetings with fun like playing games just for 5 to 10 mins, sharing some jokes, or playing some small ice breaker trivia, these will relax your mind, and people will not walk into the room thinking of a boring meeting. 

And participation is guaranteed because everyone is going to attend the meetings anyway. 

4. Invite pets to play

If you or anyone of your teammate is a pet parent, ask or get your pet to work. Because research has shown that bringing pets to work can boost your morale and decrease absenteeism for you and your colleagues. 

This will create a carefree environment, and people love to be around furry friends. You can fix a day in a week as “bring your pets to work day.”

5. Host a Murder Mystery

Take a breather once a month. Host a murder mystery, and ask your teammates to join high-stakes crime-busting adventure. Either you can go out to adventure spots where it is already set up, or you can do it yourself at the office.

It takes a team to solve the mystery, and this is perfect for collaboration, camaraderie, remote work culture, and other important aspects of team building. 

Having fun and some light time at work increases your productivity and morale. You get to know about your colleagues, and they can become your friends too. And you won’t look for reasons to skip your work or take a leave of absence.