Hey freshers! Can these 5 tips really get you a job? We think so…

Hey freshers! Can these 5 tips really get you a job? We think so…
Hey freshers! Can these 5 tips really get you a job? We think so…

While Startups are busy hiring fresh talents, some companies are still running away from innocent newbies. All they dream of is any job of whatever annual salary.  

The turning away reasons are not due to poor technical skills but majorly due to lack of good communication, decision-making skills, and training costs to transform them for the corporate world.

Great Companies constantly look to hire freshers when showcasing these five proven skill sets. And guess what? Career counselors across the globe ask freshers to adapt these skills in the early stages of college. 

Here are 5 skills that you need to have

1. Communication

Remember that person who was soft-spoken and polite and left an everlasting impression on you; such candidates happen to impress the employer too.

The employer looks for candidates who are easy at day-to-day communication, not TED speakers. 

Communication plays a key role when people with different life experiences and cultures work together, binding them together for team efficiency. 

2. Have Fire in the belly

Four years of college are enough to turn most of us into a night owl, a night owl who is less accountable for responsibilities.

Have fire like kids, and kids don’t walk-they run. Be like kids, genuinely passionate about any new thing. 

3. Beyond the Honeymoon period

It is pretty expensive to train freshers for jobs. Therefore employers hire experienced candidates to help in cutting training costs.

Present yourself with the concrete skillset and decision-making powers for various tasks. “The honeymoon period” in the corporate world lasts only a few months, and you are on your own. 

Your boss will incline towards people who give the final project less feedback, and experienced candidates do not usually do this delay in efficiency. 

4. Be a Multitasker

Multi-tasking is a must to have skill if you are applying for a job in a startup.

Startups usually stay in a rapid growth phase and require people who can multitask across various domains at any moment. 

A startup environment can give years of experience in just a few months. Above all, MNCs prefer candidates from startups as candidates have an extensive portfolio of experience.  

5. Move with the seasons

Get aware of the regular changes happening in the work environment.

This will help you adapt quickly as your inability to adapt to changing workplace can annoy the employers and other team members. So, Set goals and ask for monthly feedback to evaluate your game and stay productive. 

Present these five skills during the interview to land a job as a fresher. And, ace your following interview with the help of your best buddy- CodeStudio!