Never say ‘these things’ in a Job Interview

Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview
Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

When you are on the other side of the table, interviews are fun! But it can be stressful when you’re on the candidate seat and eager to land the job. 

The emotions are high, the nerves are on edge, and you are scrambling to remember so much information. And, it can be tough!

There’s a lot to remember, but there are some things that you should never say in a job interview. But, worry not, we’ve got you covered; just go through these points before entering the room and ace that interview with confidence. 

5 things you should never in a Job Interview

1. “What do you guys do around here?”

Always do your research, and never walk into the room knowing nothing about the company or the position you are applying for. Show the interviewer how excited you are about the position and you’ve done your homework. 

To get started, do online research, and try to learn about the present or past employees whom you can talk about on the D-day. You can talk about how and what you can or have learnt from them. 

2. “It was awful working there…”

Never ever badmouth your last employer, no matter how bad an experience you had with them. Try to keep your tone between neutral and positive. 

Try to focus on the good things, things that you learnt there, and how you are looking to use the past experience in the future. 

3. “No, I don’t have any questions”

Not having questions shows that you are either not interested enough or don’t know much to discuss about in the first place. Always prepare some questions beforehand, and at the end, when the employer asks you whether you’ve any questions, just shoot.

Always remember that an interview doesn’t have to be a one-way street. So, ask questions time & again throughout the interview, to showcase your interest and listening skills.

4. “I didn’t get along with my boss”

You don’t want to speak negatively about your previous manager, no matter how difficult it was working with them or how horrible they were to you. Your interviewer doesn’t know that—and could wonder whether you’re the difficult one to work with. Also, it makes you look like a cry-baby.

Again, try to focus on the good things you learned from them and how you can use them in the future. 

5. “Is it okay to arrive early or leave late as long as I serve the working hours?”

Communicate such queries in a way that you are hoping for a flexible schedule to accommodate some of your concerns.

During the hiring process, emphasizing that you are concerned about balancing your life will show your employer that you are more concerned with your needs than with the company. Of course ‘work-life balance’ is the real deal, but so is the expectation of ‘How will the company benefit by hiring you’.

Job interviews are scary, but if you are well-prepped, then they can be exciting and a great source of learning. Make sure to prioritize interview prep, and you’ll likely avoid saying these five things to the HR or the employer. 

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