How to give your Boss Feedback?

How to give your Boss Feedback?
How to give your Boss Feedback?


In today’s hiring market, employees don’t quit their company but their bosses. Bad bosses are one of the major reasons for the employees to resign. Are you one of those people who is thinking about quitting because of the manager? If so, give yourself and your Boss a second chance.

How so? Think of giving them feedback; maybe your feedback will help them a bit, and they can work on improving it; just the way you do when they give feedback.

But how can you give them feedback without hurting your Boss’ feelings and keep your job safe? Here’s hoe

How to give your Boss Feedback (in subtle manner)

1. Understand your Goal

Before you gather up the courage to walk up to your Boss and start the most difficult conversation, know what’s the purpose of your feedback.

Is it to give feedback on their performance or a particular project? Because both are different things and it changes the dynamics. If you are giving feedback about their performance, then you’ve to be a lot more cautious before sharing your thoughts.

2. Get ready for the conversation

Plan whatever you are going to say. Make notes about stuff that you want to talk about. Make sure to have this conversation face to face.

Because body language and facial expressions are important during this type of conversation, if you’re able to observe those cues, you’ll be able to gauge their reaction better and steer the conversation in a more appropriate direction.

3. Ease into your Feedback

Ask for their permission before you share your thoughts. Start like this, “I know you have a lot on your plate. I’ve noticed [this issue]. Can I give you a couple of thoughts on that?”

Always remember you are sharing your perspective with them; you’re not telling them what to do. Start with something small first, and see if they’re open to feedback or if they immediately shut it down. If they immediately shut down the small things, then they are probably not going to be open about the bigger things.

4. Remove the Emotion

Approach the conversation honestly and respectfully. Keep your feelings aside, your boss doesn’t have time for this, and it is not helpful. Make sure that you are direct but maintain a professional tone.

Another useful way to offer feedback is to express how the change might benefit your workflow. 

5. Create a Two-way street

Once you provide feedback, ask for theirs. Maintain an open dialogue, be sure that it’s two-sided and that you’re not attacking them! Ask them if they have any feedback for you, and if they do, ask them for suggestions on how you can work on them and be better at your work. 

Although giving your boss feedback can be stressful, it provides them with valuable information, and both of you will benefit from it. Their jobs will improve, and as a direct report, yours will improve as well. Keep all this in mind, and you’ll be less likely to appear rude.