Looking back on 6 years of Coding Ninjas!

Looking back on 6 years of coding ninjas
Looking back on 6 years of coding ninjas

It all started 6 years back when Ankush Singla, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from India’s premier institute – IIT Delhi, and a master’s degree in C.S. from Stanford University, was working for Amazon and had to hire some new talents. It was then he realized that college students were finding it hard to get jobs due to the lack of appropriate skills. 

Being a coding enthusiast, he understood the boiling point and realized that the education system needed a drastic shift, and this made him think that he could bring quality tech education to the masses. 

He got in touch with his childhood friend Kannu Mittal who has strong knowledge in the ATL & BTL marketing domains. He comes with over 10 years of experience in the education industry. He has previously served in the Directorial capacity for KCG Group of Institutions, and his IIT-Delhi batchmate Dhawal Parate, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from India’s premier institute- IIT Delhi and is a Kellogg School of Management dropout (2014).

Then these three musketeers invested a handsome amount from their personal savings and started Coding Ninjas in 2016 in Delhi-NCR. A platform that teaches coding to college students to help them upskill their programming skills. 

At first, they started as an offline teaching center, and soon they observed that the offline model had its shortcomings and can’t be scaled without diluting the quality of products and services. 

Their motive has always been to deliver quality education with consistency, which is why they transitioned from an offline to an online platform. By going online with pre-recorded content and offering user-friendly facilities like teaching assistants, and practice platform-Codezen to our students, they witnessed a sharp surge in their audience that is not limited to any geography.

Now, Coding Ninjas has over 50,000+ students and alumni, 1,000+ campus ambassadors, 4,000+ teaching assistants, and 200+ employees. With over 15,000 students online in FY 2019-20 alone, Coding Ninjas is growing 3.5X month-on-month at present. On the revenue front, the company has clocked Rs 15 crore in 2019-20 from online business.

The aim of Coding Ninjas is to inculcate programming in the life of every student and be the one-stop platform that empowers technical knowledge to all segments across India. The objective is to build, train, and map the right programming skills in every student based on their interest.

Coding Ninjas is now venturing into international markets, taking their courses to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. They are also launching new courses for their current market as well, designed keeping the industry relevance in mind. The idea is to be the de facto coding education company for everyone across the globe and age groups.

That’s how the last 6 years have been, filled with growth and prosperity and upskilling students countlessly.