Job application slip-ups to Avoid

Job application slip-ups to avoid
Job application slip-ups to avoid


When you are desperately looking for a job, you tend to make some mistakes because all you are thinking about is getting hired and starting earning money despite any reasons. If you are on the job hunt, then you should look out for these mistakes that you could make or you have made earlier unconsciously!

Four Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For A Job

1. Reaching Out To Management Before Doing Your Research

Before you drop that message “Do you have any job openings?” think that you are not the only one sending this message… There are other job seekers too who are doing the same thing.

Management is busy, and mass messaging managers may not work, they receive several such messages, and there is a high chance that your message might get lost in that river!

It’s a good idea to make a bold move like direct messaging management, but ensure that you research the company, know there is an open position you want, and customize your message to meet your goals.

2. Going Outside The Company’s Hiring Workflow

When looking for job opportunities, you might go through job announcements that have been approved by the management team, even if the company is small and may not have a dedicated hiring manager. But they have workflows in place to handle hiring, like an email address where all the CVs are accumulated, pre-filtered, short-listed, etc. You want to stand out and try something outside the workflow. 

But, think do you want to do that? Do you want to risk your CV getting lost? Because if you send your application to any manager outside the workflow, they might forget to incorporate your CV in the hiring process. To stand out, it would be better to apply through the proper channel and then follow up with an email. But do remember point no. 1 while doing so!

3. Relying On Family Referrals

When you send out an application through a friend, family member, etc. is often seen as a red flag by the manager.

 If you wish to apply for the position you want, it would be better to ask an employee (not a member of your family) to let them know that you applied. Then, they can nudge the manager about considering giving you an interview without putting any pressure on them.

4. Having A Messy Social Media Presence

Hiring managers often review social media profiles, especially professional ones like LinkedIn. And the worst case scenario is when your information provided on your job application doesn’t match with information that you’ve provided online. When you take an effort to update your CV then you should take some time out and update your social media profiles too. It can show a lack of focus and discipline, which won’t fit well in fast-paced settings.

The easiest way to make sure everything is up to date is to simply download your CV from your LinkedIn account and send that. This can help you ensure everything is up to date and relevant.

Thinking of applying to some companies, then make sure you have these points in mind to avoid these mistakes and land your dream job seamlessly.