Meet our Ninja Alumnus

Meet our Ninja Alumni
Meet our Ninja Alumni- Shubham

Every day, our Ninja alumni make us proud with their level of dedication, self-growth, and success. One of the laudable alumni is Shubham Sharma, Java Developer in Ezetap. Let us know more about him in the coming paragraphs. 

About Shubham

Back in 2018, he opted for Electronics and Communication Engineering. He took a gap of 3 years after that. He says “I am from Bihar and cracking interviews for Government jobs is a significant achievement there, so I was preparing for that. I was not fully okay with what I was doing, so I looked for IT jobs. I could have done it by myself. However, I decided to take up the courses of DSA and Java from Coding Ninjas. It took me 3-4 months to learn and practice and I eventually ended up landing the job which I am happy with.”

Shubham’s Ninja Technique to Success

“I studied DSA which has several topics. Ankush Sir is an amazing teacher who taught me the DSA subjects and also developed my interest in them. Studying each day for hours at length happened naturally. So, today, when I am working on Coding, things seem less challenging as I have printed way too much during my DSA learning days. 

I would like to highlight that consistency is the key any day. I tried my best to be in sync with my Coding Ninjas syllabus, and maintained my level ok knowledge at all times” 

His Uniqueness in His Own Words

“I honor my passion and interests with 100% dedication. To enjoy what you love to do you first have to give your undivided time and attention to it” 

Shubham’s Mantra to Overcome Challenges

“It is a combination of willpower and knowledge that I put to use. Being consistent is the mantra. Google and research and study. Take your understanding of things to the next level. I overcome challenges this way”

He leaves a message for the Coding Ninjas family

“I am really grateful to Coding Ninjas. I think I would have been lost somewhere without the knowledge and support I gained from it. I was struggling to learn how to code and now I have not only become confident but also strong enough to guide others in the field of Coding. You are doing great Coding Ninjas and that too at a reasonable rate. Keep up the good work.”

Hope you enjoyed reading Shubham’s story. If you too want to share your journey with us, then please write to us at