How to tune in to Modern Work Life?

Etiquette Rules for the Modern Work Life!
Etiquette Rules for the Modern Work Life!


Is it modern work-life or casual work life? Because today’s professional world has become more casual- giving it a tag of “modern” work life, making it hard to distinguish between what is acceptable and what isn’t. 

Even though the work environment is casual, playful, and relaxed but there are some etiquettes that one needs to follow some rules to keep oneself grounded and avoid workplace mishaps! Because we all have a person in the office known as HR, and they are more than just making rangolis during festivals. 😉

Basic Etiquette to follow in Modern Work life

1. Put Your Phone Away

Remember the times when you feel like throwing your phone away… Do that when in office. Having your phone constantly vibrating or ringing because of that notification from different apps and sometimes from your ex who is hung up on you; can annoy you and your colleagues and even break your concentration. 

Unless your phone is important for your job, we suggest that you switch it off and put it in your bag!

2. Gossip- a big NO, NO!

It is tempting to speculate on the lives of coworkers, but this doesn’t make you look good to yourself and others. No matter how close you and your work bestie are, gossip spreads like wildfire in the workplace. 

To discourage water-cooler talk about you, don’t talk about others, and keep your private life private.

3. Be Professional

Even if your office environment is collaborative and casual, always respect your coworkers, managers, and your job too. Keep an eye on your tone, be polite and use your common sense when having conversations. 

Think about how you want your coworkers to see you because they would want the same from you. And professionalism in the workplace goes vice versa. 

4. Dress to Impress

Everybody wants to be a fashionista and show off the best outfit, but the office is not the place to do so. Look around how your coworkers are dressing, take inspiration from them, and to make a positive impression on management, dress a little bit above the office norms.

But, if you are a coder, you can wear T-shirts and jeans, but please avoid wearing shorts, ripped pants, bathing suits, or anything super crazy. 😉

5. Remember Everyone has a life!

Leave your office behind once you walk out the door; it is important for you and others too. So honor business hours, but make sure you honor your time off too.

How would you feel if you receive an email from work in the middle of the night? Frustrated, right? So, avoid late-night work phone calls, emails, or anything that requires your coworkers to respond. 

6. Stay tuned into the world around you

Wanna jam to the music while finishing your work? No problem, go ahead and put on your headphones but do make sure that you don’t make them a constant fixture in your head because it makes you look unwelcoming; try to have conversations even if it is minimal. 

Want to focus on your work- step out and grab a conference room for a while and finish your work! 

Etiquette is important whether you work in a high-pressure office or a relaxed small business. Brush up on it now in order to continue making a good impression on your boss, colleagues, and clients.