Innovative Machine Learning Projects for Noobs!

Innovative Machine Learning Projects for Noobs!
Innovative Machine Learning Projects for Noobs!


Aren’t you tired of turning pages and falling asleep? Textbooks and other study materials will provide you with all the knowledge you need, but don’t you want to get started with something? Practical knowledge is as important as textbook knowledge.

But, if you are confused about where you can get started and tired of googling projects ideas, then it’s time for you to stop that because we are going to acknowledge your problem and provide you with some innovative projects ideas that you are going to love!

With these machine learning project ideas, you will be able to learn all the practical skills needed to succeed in your career and to make yourself more employable.

5 Innovative Machine Learning for Beginners

1. Movie Recommendations

What’s the amount of time you’ve spent scrolling through Netflix, choosing what to watch next? On average, a person spends 45 hours per year picking a movie! Well, you can make it easier for everyone and save everyone’s precious time.

A viewer’s history and preferences are frequently taken into consideration when making recommendations. This can be done through machine learning, making it a fun and easy project for beginners. New programmers like you can practice coding by using Python or R languages. 

2. Cartoonify Image

Have you ever tried drawing a caricature of your teacher on the blackboard? If you haven’t, then you might be the first bencher and must have complained to the teacher about the student who did! 

This can be a fun project to do as well as learn. All you have to do is build a python application that will transform an image into cartoons using machine learning libraries. And, you can make great fun of your friends!

3. Stock Price Prediction

Oh no! The stock market crashed… 

Calm down; it did not, we think! But, you can save your friends and family money by predicting stock market prices. 

Data from past prices, volatility indices, and fundamental indicators are used to predict stock price movements. Beginners can use stock-market data to make predictions over the next few months with projects like this.  

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4. Wine Quality Prediction

There are a lot of noobs who kind of screw up their dates when they can’t find the perfect wine. Not having the perfect wine on a date can be a real buzz kill! What you can do is you can come in as Superhero and save someone’s date night! 

A fun machine learning project utilizing the Wine Quality Data Set can help predict quality by containing such details. With this project, ML beginners will gain experience with visualizing data, exploring data, and developing regression models.

5. Breast Cancer Prediction

If you ace this, you can save several lives. In 2020, there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685,000 deaths globally. 

Machine learning is being applied in this project to gauge the likelihood of a breast tumor being malignant or benign. Several factors are considered, including the lump’s thickness, number of bare nuclei, and mitosis.

This was all about Machine learning projects for Noobs, aka Beginners. It is now time for you to get your hands dirty with the projects to boost your career and gain real-world experience. And, to upskill from beginner to an expert, you can try our Machine Learning course.