“Why should we hire you for this internship?” – Answer that will get you hired

Why should we hire you for this internship?
Why should we hire you for this internship?


This is one of the most important and frequent questions that determine your selection in an interview. On point answer to this question can drastically increase your chances of getting hired.

But if you fail to answer it properly, then you might as well start applying for other jobs.

This question “why should we hire you for this internship?” is an opportunity to make an impression. 

So let’s see how you can make this impression a good one so your chances of getting hired increase against your competition.

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake you can make while answering this question is not making it job-specific.

This question is not about describing your hobbies or some random achievement.

Your answer to this question should be specific to the job you are interviewing for.

Everything you have ever learned, experienced, or accomplished that you include in your answer should focus on showing one thing: “How all those things will help the company in getting the job done”.

Important parts to be included in your answer

  • Skillset you have which are relevant for the job.
  • Researches, projects, previous work, and experiences you have that can be helpful in the internship.
  • Achievements or awards which work as proof of the above details
  • Some simple but strong points about your personality which can help in completing the job like curiosity about learning more.
  • Your short-term and long-term goals with the company.

It’s not necessary to include all these points otherwise your answer will become a speech.

Just figure out what are the points that will create the most impact and include those.

The ideal length of your answer should be around 2 mins so adjust your answer accordingly.

Perfect Example

Here is a generic answer which you can customize and use in the interviews. 

We have not included the details in this answer, but you will have to include them like naming the skills, projects, and accomplishments. 

If you don’t include those, then it looks like you are just exaggerating or don’t know what you are talking about.


  • I have a lot of knowledge in the work domain you are looking for. 
  • I possess all the skills the job requires, because of my academic background and self-learning.
  • Also, I have done projects related to these skills so I also have practical knowledge apart from theoretical.
  • I understand this job requires constant learning and I am the right fit for it because I am naturally very curious in this field. 
  • I have always been fascinated by this industry and I keep learning new things related to this industry. 
  • Moreover, I have some accomplishments in the field which shows I have an edge over others.
  • I am a quick learner and having worked on practical projects, I am confident that I am a right fit for your company.

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Good luck with your Interviews!