All You Need to Know About CodeKaze Season 4

CodeKaze Season 4
CodeKaze Season 4


Isn’t it interesting how we have all grown up playing video games? We millennials have seen the changes in video games, from console games- Nintendo to play stations, Xbox, and whatnot. We should be glad we are the generation that got to enjoy these changes, and these changes were only possible because of a coder sitting behind a computer screen. 

Coders, you have been coding since the day you thought you’ll become a programmer. But, have you ever done coding for yourself? From which you get benefits, you get all the appreciation, not your team or the software company you work for. 

If you get such an opportunity; will you take it? And, what if you get a chance a win ₹30 lakh plus an opportunity to get hired by well-known software companies; will you be interested? 

We are getting a vibe that you are getting intrigued by this and want to know more about it. Well, to end the suspense here- Coding Ninjas, India’s greatest tech education platform, is hosting CodeKaze country’s largest coding competition!

Now, you must be thinking, yeah it is great, but…

What is CodeKaze?

CodeKaze is an online coding competition wherein you compete with 200,000+ badass coders from around the world. CodeKaze gives you opportunities to win cash rewards worth ₹30 Lacs and get an internship or a full-time job at top tech companies. 

Great, isn’t it? It gets interesting every step of the way. But, how do you compete; what do you need to know? Well, the question that is revolving around in your mind is

What do you need to know to compete?

Being well-versed in C++/Java/Python should suffice. You definitely need to have an intermediate level of knowledge on data structures and algorithms to participate in this competition.

In case you are unaware or not fully confident in data structures and algorithms or any programming language, Coding Ninjas offers you a wide range of courses that you can take up to prepare for CodeKaze.

Well, we know several other questions are going on in your mind, and we would like to cover those so that you have the perfect knowledge about the country’s largest coding competition.

Is 30 Lacs cash prize the only reward?

No, ₹30 lacs is not only the reward; there are other exciting prizes along with full-time and internships opportunities. Yes, you read that right! Here’s how the prizes are segregated-  

The winner of CodeKaze gets a cash prize of ₹50,000. The second rank holder will get a cash prize of ₹25000, the third rank holder will get ₹15,000, and the fourth rank holder will receive ₹10,000

Not only this, there are special prizes for our badass Gal coders- Divas. The 1st ranker gets a cash prize of  ₹25,000, the 2nd rank- ₹15,000, and the 3rd- ₹10,000. 

And yes, we did not forget about our college-goers, you get prizes too- Academic Aces! The students of 1st year to 4th year who participate and if the rank is between 1-5 get cash prizes of-

Rank Wise Structure1st Year2nd Year3rd Year4th Year
3rd₹7000  ₹7000  ₹7000  ₹7000  

Along with these cash prizes, you get an opportunity to get hired by 100+ companies with a combined 500+ job openings for SDE Roles. Is it getting hot in here? Because we think it is after reading about all these prizes, but how do you take this heat down? Umm, by participating obviously! 😉

But, how do I prepare for CodeKaze?

That is a good question, actually, “you are a good question!” 😉 So, we got some tips n tricks for you to ace the CodeKaze, and if you want more learning than just tips n tricks, you can always join our courses! 

5 Tips n Tricks to ace CodeKaze-

1. Practice, Practice, Practice…

Someone great once said, “practice makes perfect,” and they were bang on! Efficient and deliberate practice methods will not only help you learn faster but also keep you motivated.

2.  Got Internet? Then practice Competitive Programming online!

CodeStudio is a leading platform to learn and practice by participating in several contests. Make the best use of them to prepare yourself for the game day. 

3.  The way you sharpen your sword, sharpen your skills!

Practice constructive algorithms, mathematical problems, verbal reasoning, data interpretation, and so on. Once you are confident about basic skills- nobody can stop you from winning!

4. Free online competitions are the Best!

There are many coding competitions available online try practicing on them to get a hang of how online coding competitions work. 

5. The competition itinerary is your Holy grail! 

Read the itinerary thoroughly; this will help you understand the competition better and in-depth and would also help you navigate through.

No matter how many FAQs you go through the rush & clarity begins with practice. Take the initiative, enroll & participate. It’s FREE… So no harm-no foul.

Get your gears, sharpen up and get ready for the biggest Battle of Coders! Register now.