New Year Wishes for all the Ninjas out There



2021 was a great year for innovations and progress in technology. A massive number of companies shifted to cloud solutions and digitization. Meanwhile, many companies have adopted new technologies and are embracing the new era of automation. This is great news for all the developers out there as many will get to work with domains such as Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This also means that there will be more jobs created for all the budding ninjas out there, even after the pandemic.

It is also a great time for budding web developers as a lot of companies are shifting online, both in terms of employee or customer management portals and commerce. New businesses have started incorporating e-commerce business models rather than brick-and-mortar shops. It was a great year for developers, with many finding great jobs in MNCs and local giants. Let us welcome 2022 with a bang and by making resolutions that will help in career growth and personal development.

Making a New Year Wishes Greeting

Everyone loves New Year wishes, so why not create your own personalised greetings for colleagues, friends and family? How about something that will not require a compiler or any additional program? One can simply send greetings over a messaging application but it would not be the same as creating your own personalised executable file. It is the tiny effort that goes behind it and the innovative approach that is highly appreciated by others. If you are a budding developer or young ninja, then you can easily do this to impress your family members and friends. Or, if you are a working professional, then you can email this file over to your friends, colleagues and even your boss.

Step 1: Create a new text document using notepad. Then, you must type the following instructions (Also, note that the greeting in the second line after ‘echo’ can be replaced with any greeting that you want. We would also suggest using upper-case letters as the font size in the command line interpreter or cmd.exe is quite small.):

@echo off



Step 2: After this, you must save the file as (ctrl + shift + s or ‘Save As’) a ‘.BAT’ file. You can rename the file as you wish but saving it as a .BAT file ensures that it becomes a batch file. These batch files are script files in Windows and DOS. These consist of the lines of commands that will be executed by the command line interpreter. Note that .BAT and .EXE only works on Windows systems and will not work for Linux or macOS. In order to run script files in these two Operating Systems, you need to create bash files or .command files respectively. However, .BAT will do as most individuals use Microsoft Windows.

Step 3: The last stage also consists of an additional or optional step you can take. This involved converting your batch file into an executable file. You can do this by downloading a .BAT to .EXE converter. However, even without converting the batch file, it will still run on any Windows system on cmd.exe, and as soon as someone clicks on the file, it will open up the greeting. The greeting will also immediately go away once someone presses any key. (If your friend uses macOS, then you can also build a .app file using the script editor.)

New Year Resolutions for Budding Developers

Here are some New Year resolutions that will definitely help you in your career and in attracting great prospects:

  • Getting AWS certified
  • Getting certified by Microsoft as an Azure Professional or Cloud Architect
  • Getting SAP certification or Microsoft NAV certification (Functional or Technical)
  • Making a Github developer profile and religiously contributing 
  • Becoming active in developer forums
  • Learning AI and ML models. One can start by getting introduced to Artificial Neural Network concepts and by getting involved in Natural Language Processing projects.
  • Learning a new programming language such as C++, Python or Java. One can choose to enrol into industry-recognised programs from Coding Ninjas.
  • Enrolling in a reputed job-switch program if one wishes to switch from a service-based company to a product-based company or vice-versa.
  • Preparing yourself for HR and technical interviews with great interview preparatory courses.
  • Learning System Design, IT Infrastructure, DBMS, Operating System fundamentals and other valuable topics from Coding Ninjas.

Key Takeaways

If one makes the right resolutions and takes the right corresponding action, then he/she will definitely face success in the years to come. So, make the best of 2022 and become the best developer you can be. You can also choose to become an analyst or a Data Science professional. The options are limitless, and one has all the resources needed, especially with Coding Ninjas always there for all the budding ninjas out there.