Big Data Engineer Salary in Various Locations



Businesses rely heavily on data to improve their operations and increase revenue. Data is used for optimizing processes and making effective business decisions. In order to incorporate this data into organizational systems, office suites, and applications, big data engineers are crucial. These data engineers are in charge of building and deploying big data models to suit organizational needs.

Professionals in this field are also responsible for integrating external APIs and cloud solutions. Big data engineers are masters of technologies such as Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. Unlike traditional database management systems, distributed file systems are more effective for big data. Due to these special skill requirements, the average big data engineer salary offered by employers from any industry is quite respectable.

In order to become a successful big data engineer, one must be fluent in SQL and Python as well. Big data engineers must be able to develop data solutions to promote smooth data transfer and data access. Like other data science professionals, a lot of their work also involves analytics, business intelligence, and working with technologies such as SAS. Due to the special nature of their jobs, these engineers are offered great salaries everywhere they go.

Big Data Engineer Salary in India

According to Glassdoor, big data engineers in India earn an average of Rs 7,51,958 per annum. In modern times, data engineering and big data engineering are interchangeable as most data engineers work with big data technologies. A lot of professionals who actually specialize in big data are employed as data engineers by employers. Based on the salaries of 1,501 professionals, PayScale reports that the average salary of a data engineer is Rs 8,52,651 annually. 

Freshers in this domain with less than a year of experience earn an average of Rs 4,55,958 per annum. Meanwhile, professionals with 1 to 4 years of experience earn Rs 7,22,652 annually. Veterans with 5 to 9 years of experience earn an average salary of Rs 13,34,349 per annum. After this point, the sky is the limit but based on 160 salaries, the average salary of professionals with 10 to 19 years of experience is Rs 19,00,064 annually.

Here are the average salaries big data engineers earn annually in the top MNCs in India:

Big Data Engineer Salary in Different Indian Cities

Here are the average annual packages big data engineers earn in different important cities:

Big Data Engineer Salary Across the World

Like in India, big data engineers get offered handsome salaries in various cities across the world. Employers are trying to offer better salaries than their competition in order to bag skilled big data engineers. Big data job profiles are in high demand and the salaries match up to this demand.

Here are what big data engineers around the world are earning per annum on average:


How much does a big data engineer in India make?

The average big data engineer salary per month in India is Rs 62,663.

What is the highest salary for a big data engineer in India?

Senior big data engineers get the highest salaries. The average senior big data engineer salary in India per month is Rs 158338.

Does big data engineering have good prospects?

Yes, big data engineering has great prospects and one can progress a lot in his/her career if he/she chooses this domain.

Is it hard to become a big data engineer?

No, it is not hard to become a big data engineer, but one must learn all the necessary tools and become fluent in a programming language such as Python. One must also know data structures and algorithms very well.

What skills does one need to become a big data engineer?

Big data engineers need analytical skills, critical thinking abilities, and a lot of programming knowledge. Big data engineers also need to know SQL, data architecture, and cloud computing.

What tools do big data engineers use?

Big data engineers use tools such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, MongoDB and SAS.

Key Takeaway

Incorporating big data technologies is absolutely crucial for companies in modern times. This is why companies spend a lot of their resources to harness the power of big data. Without a doubt, big data professionals are a necessity. And, employers do not mind paying their big data experts well in order to effectively use the massive volume of data that is available (sourced) or generated.