Practice Mock Interviews with Coding Ninjas (50% Off)



We already know practice makes perfect. Mock interviews are the best way to practice for interviews at companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, etc. Interviews do not only require knowledge and technical skills but also the ability to handle stress and communicate well. This is why Coding Ninjas has introduced the 1:1 interview sessions that are personalized according to the industry and company candidates are opting for. Unlike group interviews or average mock assessments, 1:1 mock interviews help candidates perform at their best during real interviews.

By practicing through mock interviews, candidates can identify their weaknesses and also evaluate their current condition. Business communication, verbal abilities, and interpersonal skills are as important as academic credentials and thus one needs to improve upon these in order to impress employers. One should also take care not to break under pressure or answer common interview questions incorrectly. In order to ensure these, one must get enough practice. Let’s learn more about the Mock Interview Sessions. 

1:1 Interview Sessions with Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas has come with the 1:1 Interview Sessions so that you can get a deep insight of where you stand. By methodically sitting for these sessions, you can ace your interview easily. These sessions are conducted by industry experts and domain specialists with years of experience in MNCs such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Adobe, Paypal, Uber, and many more. These personalized sessions will be useful whether you are sitting for product-based or service-based company interviews. If these mock interview sessions are utilized correctly and before time, you can find enough time to acquire the necessary soft skills or prepare yourself better. This is especially true for behavioral aspects and communication skills. Being polite, humble, and honest is definitely compulsory, but one must also ensure that they stay confident and display the willingness to talk.

These Interview sessions are for you if:

  • You are sitting for an interview in the near future and you wish to prepare for it.
  • If you have failed to clear an interview and want to know why.
  • You are preparing for off-campus placements.
  • If you wish to learn more about interview formats.
  • You have studied and practiced but do not know if you can clear your interviews.

You can choose among HR interviews, System Design interviews, and coding interviews. There is also the additional choice of selecting a domain such as Machine Learning or Front-end development.

Benefits of 1:1 Mock Interviews

Here are the benefits of 1:1 mock interviews:

  • Personalized interviews with more importance given to candidates.
  • Become aware of common mistakes and interview patterns.
  • Test problem-solving skills.
  • Understand how you perform under pressure.
  • Understand your weaknesses and strong points.
  • Become familiar with interviews and gain confidence.

Advantages of Coding Ninjas Interview Sessions

Here are the advantages of the 1:1 Coding Ninjas Interview Sessions:

  • Tailored interviews that help understand company-specific interview styles.
  • Customized interviews based on requirements and job roles.
  • 1 hour of virtual face-to-face (1:1) mock interview session.
  • Get interviewed by interviewers who have worked in MNCs and trained dozens or hundreds of candidates.
  • Interviews with domain experts based on your preferences and goals.
  • Immediate, honest, and detailed feedback system.
  • Enjoy project guidance and resume review.
  • Get referred to amazing companies if you perform well in the mock interview.
  • A great refund policy.
  • The interviews can be taken at any time in the future and have no expiry date after payment.
  • Resume tips and valuable interview suggestions.
  • Holistic mentoring system and a premium mentoring community.
  • Sit for any type of interview and for any round.

Interview Process and Payment Structure

The interview process can be divided into 5 steps:

Step 1: Visit this link and first explore the packages. Once you have decided the package you are going to go for, click on ‘Book’. You must first select the interviewer category and proceed with the payment. Then, you can mention the company of your choice, job category, the interview round, and other preferences.

Step 2: Then, you must book a slot according to when it is suitable for you. This is very important and you should give it a good thought if you are a busy working professional.

Step 3: Next, Coding Ninjas will help you connect with the best interviewer for you, based on your requirements.

Step 4: Once your interviewer is selected, you can sit for the mock interview depending on the slot you have chosen.

Step 5: Once you have given the interview, you will immediately get feedback, recommendations, and if you have performed well, even referrals.

There is an amazing 50% off discount offer going on for the first 300 mock interview sessions booked, thus, you should definitely take up this opportunity to grab this amazing deal. You can use the code ‘LAUNCH50’ by applying this during checkout for availing yourself of the discounted price.

Payment structures for various Mock Interview Session packages:

  1. 1 Mock Interview: Rs. 2,500
  2. 3 Mock Interviews: Rs. 5,999 (Save 20%)
  3. 5 Mock Interviews: Rs. 9,374 (Save 25%)
  4. 10 Mock Interviews: Rs. 17,501 (Save 30%)

The more interview sessions you will book, the more you will save. Plus, there is also the additional 50% off deal going on if you book now.


How is the interviewer assigned?

Interviewers are assigned based on your preferences and the domain/category you choose. Coding Ninjas always chooses the interviewer who is the best fit for you, based on your goals and details.

What are the main benefits I will get by taking a mock interview?

The main benefits that you will extract from mock interviews are feedback, suggestions and increased confidence. You will also be able to fetch recommendations and referrals depending on your performance.

What kind of mentors/interviewers do you have?

Coding Ninjas has mentors and interviews from MNCs such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, and other major corporations who have a lot of industry experience. These domain specialists have trained many candidates or have interviewed hundreds of candidates such as you for their respective companies.

Till when can I take an interview if I make the payment now?

You can take the interviews whenever you wish as there are no expiry dates for the sessions. Once you make the payment, when you will be sitting for the interview is completely up to you.

How long are the interview sessions for?

The total duration of the session is one hour with 40 to 45 minutes being for the mock interview itself and 15 to 20 minutes dedicated to feedback.

What kind of interviews can I sit for?

You can sit for HR interviews, System Design interviews, and coding interviews. Additionally, you can select domain-based interviews such as front-end, Machine Learning etc.

Can I ask interviewers for referrals?

Yes, but it is up to the interviewers to decide if they will refer you or not. This is completely dependent on your performance during the interview.

Can both students and working professionals sit for the interview?

Yes, both working professionals and students can take the interview. Also, you can sit for the interview regardless of being a fresher or having experience. However, you should customize your interview accordingly.

Key Takeaway

Asking questions about the job role, the company, and the industry is also important and so is asking the interviewers about their day or greeting them. There are these fine details that candidates end up missing during interviews even after a lot of preparation. These can all get pointed out with mock interviews and a holistic feedback system. Every company is different in the way they carry out their interviews and the way they mark their candidate’s performance.

This is exactly why personalized interview sessions that are tailored according to the job role and company of your choice are important. The Interview Sessions by Coding Ninjas wishes to provide just this to candidates who wish to ace their interviews. Book your mock interview by visiting this link!