Coding Battle with Coding Ninjas



Coding challenges are fun. This is especially true if you can compete with dozens or even hundreds of other fellow coders across the nation. CodeStudio Contests provide you with just that. You get to engage in a coding battle with friends or other fellow ninjas. Your coding skills are tested through coding problems from MNCs such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon.

More than anything, you get to try out your solving abilities through interview problems of various difficulty levels. Also, by regularly participating in a weekday coding battle, your algorithmic knowledge and coding skills will improve as well. CodeStudio keeps updating the portal with the latest coding problems from industry Giants and MNCs. You will always stay updated and you will be exposed to various coding challenges one faces during company interviews.

You can check the contests out by visiting this link.

CodeStudio Contest Rules

Here are some rules of the contests:

  • The live and upcoming weekday contests will be for 90 minutes or 1.5 hours.
  • There are no penalties for incorrect answers and only your correct submission will be taken into consideration.
  • In case two people tie, the person who has achieved their score first will be placed higher.
  • CodeStudio contest problems cannot be discussed on other websites or platforms and doing so can lead to one’s account getting disabled and banned. 
  • Talking about suggestions, asking for tips, or discussing strategy is not allowed during live contests.

Live and Upcoming Contests

Here are the challenges you can register for now:

  • CodeStudio Weekday Competition:
    There will be 4 problems and you can score a total of 320 points. The top ten performers get rewarded with 500 CodeStudio points that increase your credibility.
  • CodeStudio Weekend Competition:
    In this competition as well, you will be given 4 problems with a total of 320 points. However, along with the 500 CodeStudio points, the top 3 performers also get Amazon vouchers.

Past Challenges

Here are two of the past contests:

  • Coding Wali Diwali with Code Studio:
    This contest was held to celebrate Diwali with coding. This was the first of these Contests held by the Challenges Section of CodeStudio. There were 4 problems with 320 points in total and the challenge lasted from 3rd till the 7th of November.
  • CodeStudio New Contest:
    This was the second installment of the coding battle and consisted of 3 problems with a total of 280 points. Rank first would secure you 500 CodeStudio points while 2nd and 3rd rankers were rewarded with 250 and 150 CodeStudio points respectively. The challenge lasted from the 9th of November till the 14th of November and saw an immense number of contestants participate. 


Is there any particular browser that is recommended for the contests?

Yes, Google Chrome is the best-suited browser for these challenges and for using CodeStudio.

What can I do with CodeStudio points?

Your influence in the CodeStudio community will increase as these points keep getting added to your profile. You will be respected by your peers and other ninjas as well.

What to do if I face any technical problems or have doubts?

You can send an email with your doubt or problem to and Coding Ninjas will definitely try to help you out.

Can I leave the challenge and come back?

Yes, but you will not get any extra time. The time you were not present will still be counted and the contest would end at its designated time.

Can I participate using my smartphone?

Not as of yet, however, Coding Ninjas is working on it.

When will I get the results?

You will get your results as soon as the contest ends and your rank will be published on the leaderboard. You will also be sent an email from Coding Ninjas.

What kinds of problems will I be facing?

You need to solve interview problems from companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Is everybody eligible to join?

Yes, anyone can join from any part of the world, whether they are a fresher or a professional. However, you do need to know how to code solutions.

Where can I find the contests?

You can find the contests on the ‘Challenges’ Section of Coding Ninjas by hovering over the Challenges menu and then selecting ‘Contests’ from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can use this link.

Key Takeaway

Coding challenges or coding battles are more fun than online coding exams as you are contesting with dozens or hundreds of others across the nation or even the globe.

This pushes you to do your best and learn while you are trying to find solutions to top coding problems asked by top companies in their interviews. So, why wait?

Join a live contest or register for an upcoming CodeStudio contest now and show your coding skills.