Crack Technical Interviews at Top Product-Based Companies with CodeStudio



Cracking technical interviews in companies such as Amazon or Google requires practice. CodeStudio is a platform where one can find interview experiences from these various MNCs and try to crack problems that other CodeStudio members have faced. You can either search for topic-specific problems or company-specific problems and then proceed with working on any problem of your choice. To make it easier, CodeStudio now has the Interview Bundle section where you can find all the available interview problems associated with the company of your choice. 

Not just that, the Interview Bundle makes it easy for you to locate other available resources such as a guided path or mock tests. All the interview experiences related to the company you choose are also listed in most of the interview bundles.

Interview Preparation with CodeStudio

Preparing to sit for company interviews becomes easy with the help of CodeStudio. Especially the Interview Bundle section of CodeStudio. Practice makes perfect and the Interview Bundle section collects every component that can enable you to perform better in your technical interviews by showcasing every problem, test, or experience that you can use for your benefit.

For instance, coding problems such as the LCA of three Nodes are listed so that you can solve these in the CodeStudio IDE for scoring better during your coding rounds. Interview experiences are listed so that you can prepare yourself by getting accustomed to the interview process the company you are applying to follows. And then, there are obviously the mock tests and guided paths that are extremely helpful. Also, CodeStudio IDE supports Java, Python, C++, etc., giving you more than enough options to get comfortable. 

Let us take the example of the Microsoft Interview Bundle.

First, there is a platter of interview problems all listed one by one. These are very common recurring interview problems that freshers and professionals face when sitting for an interview with Microsoft. In the Microsoft Interview Bundle section, relevant mock tests are also displayed such as the Microsoft Online Assessment Series that comprises 15 problems worth a total score of 1120. There are 5 tests available in this mock test series. Similarly, you can also navigate to the mock tests section outside the Interview Bundle and choose to practice with Microsoft on-site mock Interviews as well. Aside from these, the interview experiences of ninjas from the CodeStudio community are also all listed according to the company you selected from the Interview Bundle section.

For example, this July 2021 off-campus Microsoft Interview experience of a fellow ninja. The candidate was selected after 4 rounds and had to solve 5 coding problems. 

Now, if you choose the Amazon Interview Bundle, you will get all the interview experiences, associated coding problems, and available mock tests as well. However, for the Amazon Online Mock Assessments, the total score is 1280 distributed among 15 problems. For the Amazon Interview Bundle, you will also be displayed a Guided Path. This Guided Path is an extremely well-designed course on Data Structures & Algorithms that you will find especially useful when preparing for Amazon interviews. The Guided Path helps you improve your coding, algorithmic and problem-solving skills by helping you learn DS topics such as Graphs, Trees, Hash Tables, and a huge number of algorithms.

CodeStudio Interview Resources

Here are the companies you can practice for with the help of CodeStudio:


Why use the CodeStudio interview bundle?

This is the one-stop portal for finding interview problems, interview experiences and mock tests. One does not need to go to separate sections and can find every resource associated with a particular company from here.

Where can I find the mock tests section in CodeStudio?

You can find the Mock Tests section in the ‘Challenges’ menu. You can hover over the ‘Challenges’ Menu and click on the ‘Mock Test Series’ from the dropdown.

How can I use the Guided Path in CodeStudio?

In order to use the Guided Path, you can simply navigate over to the ‘Guided Path’ menu and choose any Guided Path that you need. There are guided paths for specific topics, programming languages or even aptitude. There are also different guided paths for separate exams and company types (Product-based or Service-based).

How long does the Guided Path take to complete?

These guided paths take between 15 days to 120 days to complete, depending on how advanced the learning modules are or how complex the topics are. Most guided paths generally take about 25 to 40 days.

What are interview experiences?

Interview experiences are holistic simulations of the interview experiences of various ninjas throughout the months. The number of rounds, the questions, and the technical problems are all featured in these interview experiences and they can be attempted by anyone for practice purposes. They also provide a deep insight into what you will be facing when you sit for an interview to join a company the interview experience is associated with.

Key Takeaway

The CodeStudio Interview Bundle section comprises resources associated with a huge number of MNCs, local giants, and conglomerates. Most of the major companies contain all the three main Interview resources such as interview experiences, interview problems, and mock tests, however, some companies might just have interview problems or experiences listed out. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the Interview Bundle section and ace your technical interviews!