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Everyone needs a community. Regardless of the field, one is involved with or the skills one wishes to learn, a community is something that will benefit anyone. Having a strong community to support you can help you learn faster and allow you to have fun while delving into new topics.

Coding Ninjas has come up with the CodeStudio Community to provide you with just that. This community is for all the coding enthusiasts and computing geeks out there. Being a part of this community is a fun way to engage with Coding Ninjas Team members and other ninjas across the nation. You can get your doubts resolved and your questions answered easily.

Why CodeStudio?

CodeStudio is a portal designed by Coding Ninjas to allow ninjas to communicate, share interview experiences and solve problems. CodeStudio has everything you will ever need to prepare yourself for interviews and to code better. Starting from hundreds of company-specific interview problems or topic-specific problems to dozens of company-specific interview experiences.

CodeStudio also possesses an amazing IDE that allows you to solve problems easily using languages such as Python, Java, or C++. The problems are generally given on the right side where you can always see them alongside an explanation below. This truly allows for a seamless coding experience with an amazing compiler. Any problem you find on the CodeStudio portal can be opened using the IDE and solved. Also, you can copy-paste any other solution to a doubt you have and test it on the CodeStudio compiler.

This portal is a one-stop community for everything related to coding. You also get access to free mock tests and guided paths that allow you to practise for interviews and learn important coding topics. There are also plenty of articles and other resources in the Library section.

The CodeStudio Community

The CodeStudio Community is a safe haven for coding enthusiasts and experts to get together and communicate. This section of the CodeStudio portal is simple to use and does not contain anything except the main forum. You can ask questions here and get any doubt you have solved. You do not even have to wait for anyone from the Coding Ninjas team to get back to you as a fellow ninja might jump in to help immediately.

For example, let us check this example of this fellow ninja facing a problem where he is not getting the intended result. Another fellow ninja immediately came to the rescue and informed him where he was going wrong. This is the great thing about being a part of a community. There are dozens and even hundreds of people to help you out when you need the help, regardless of the time or which day of the week it is. 

There will also be live sessions that will be held by Team Members such as Parikh Jain. For example, Parikh will be conducting a session on ‘How to make a career in programming?’ on the 23rd of November from 7 PM to 8 PM. You can ask him anything during the session and get any of your doubts resolved. There is also the option of initiating a community topic or asking any question you want directly. You can also join in on ‘Ask me anything’ topics or sessions commenced by others. Here is another example of a question being answered in the community.

The doubts you can discuss are not just limited to coding but you can also ask anything you wish about aptitude, interviews, tools, and preparation.


Why be a part of the CodeStudio Community?

This is a fun community to be a part of where you can engage with other coding enthusiasts and Coding Ninja team members. You can also get all your doubts resolved here.

Where can I find the mock tests?

The Mock Tests section can be found in the ‘Challenges’ menu. You must hover over ‘Challenges’ in the navigation bar and then click on ‘Mock Test Series’ from the dropdown menu.

How can I use the Guided Paths?

You can find the Guided Paths, by simply navigating over the ‘Guided Paths’ menu and clicking on it. You must decide the Guided Path you require and then you can start learning by selecting the one you need. There are separate Guided paths based on what you need or the kind of company you will be applying to. Guided Paths take about 15 to 120 days to complete.

Is the CodeStudio Community the same as CodeStudio?

No, CodeStudio Community is inside the CodeStudio portal. However, the main CodeStudio portal is definitely a community of its own. The CodeStudio Community offers the special features of a forum and is specially built for communication.

What are interview experiences?

Interview experiences are the various company interviews that other ninjas have faced. The problems and the questions they have faced during these interviews are also given in these experiences and you can solve them as well using the CodeStudio IDE.

Are the online mock test series free?

The mock test series are completely free and you can attempt any of the series (on-site, online or off-campus) as many times as you want as well.

Can I solve problems in CodeStudio?

Yes, you can use CodeStudio IDE to solve any problem from outside or you can simply start solving any interview problem from CodeStudio by clicking on the problem.

Are interview bundles free?

Interview bundles and every associated resource inside the Interview Bundles are absolutely free and can be accessed as many times as you wish.

How many rounds do you face during company interviews?

You face about 3 to 5 rounds during interviews but for other advanced job roles, you can face up to 7 rounds.

Key Takeaway

If you always wanted to be a part of a community like this, the CodeStudio Community is for you. So, why wait? Join the community and start engaging with other fellow ninjas from today. If you do not have any particular doubt right now that you want to resolve, you can always try helping other ninjas out!