Crack Any Interview With CodeStudio Mock Test Series



Practice makes perfect and what better way to practise for your upcoming job interviews than mock tests? Job interviews are always accompanied by online assessments and technical exams. Also, there are various different types of interviews before one is finally interviewed by the HR team.

Every company has their interview process and stages. Thus, in order to truly ace an interview, one must prepare according to the company they are applying to in a personalised fashion. You can never be over-prepared when it comes to getting ready for applying to companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Adobe. It is always recommended that you get in as much practise as you can before sitting for your interview.

The CodeStudio Mock Test Series offers a huge choice of free online test series that follow the test or interview pattern of companies such as TCS, Amazon, Goldman Sachs or Uber.

CodeStudio and the Mock Test Series

CodeStudio is home to one of the largest tech communities in India with dozens and dozens of Ninjas sharing their interview experiences. You also get the chance to solve problems that they face in various company interviews. You can also look for coding problems specifically given by companies such as TCS, Adobe and Cognizant. You also get access to multiple resources or articles in the Library section of the Knowledge Centre.

There are also a lot of videos that feature experts from the Coding Ninjas team that you can watch to solve any doubts you have.

The Mock Test Series has been designed by domain experts in order to help you ace coding interview rounds with ease. These tests are specifically designed according to the benchmarks set by companies and the type of coding problems that one will need to solve when sitting for an interview for a company like Amazon or TCS.

Also, one can attempt these test series as many times as they want and for free. Once you are done with the test, you are also given the opportunity to take a few free lessons that will help you further in your preparation.

Four Main Types of CodeStudio Mock Tests

There are four main types of mock tests that one can sit for:

  • Online Assessment Series: These emulate assessments designed by companies such as Microsoft that candidates must solve online.
  • Phone Interview Series: These test series help you prepare for the problems you will be facing over phone interviews conducted by companies such as Google or Amazon.
  • Onsite Interview Series: These tests help you prepare for onsite or offline interviews where you must solve coding problems to join companies such as Adobe Microsoft.
  • Off-campus and On-campus Test Series: These are the test series that will help you prepare for interview rounds that you will face during on-campus and off-campus drives. You get to select from an assortment of mock test series for companies such as Apple, TCS, Goldman Sachs, Uber and Facebook.

Available Mock Test Series

Here are the online mock test series that are available:

  • Amazon Online Assessment Series
  • Amazon Phone Interview Series
  • Amazon Onsite Interview Series
  • Google Online Assessment Series
  • Google Phone Interview Series
  • Google Onsite Interview Series
  • Microsoft Online Assessment Series
  • Microsoft Phone Interview Series
  • Microsoft Onsite Interview Series
  • Adobe Online Assessment Series
  • Adobe Phone Interview Series
  • Adobe Onsite Interview Series
  • Flipkart Test Series
  • Uber Test Series
  • Goldman Sachs Test Series
  • DE Shaw Test Series
  • Facebook Test Series
  • Apple Test Series
  • TCS Test Series
  • Wipro Test Series
  • Infosys Test Series
  • Accenture Test Series


Why choose the Mock Test Series from Coding Ninjas?

The Mock Test Series offer tests that are customised according to exams conducted by companies such as Amazon, Google or TCS. Also, you get unlimited attempts at any of the mock test series you choose.

Are the mock tests offered by Coding Ninjas expensive?

No, every mock test offered by Coding Ninjas in the CodeStudio Mock Test Series is free and can be taken as many times as you wish.

What kind of mock tests are there on the Mock Test Series portal?

There are mock tests for phone interviews, online assessments, onsite interviews and even off-campus or on-campus interviews.

Where to find the mock test series?

You can find the Mock Test Series by clicking on ‘Challenges’ on the main page of the CodeStudio portal and then by selecting ‘Mock Test Series’ from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can also visit this link.

How to practise for Amazon on-site interviews?

You can practise for Amazon on-site interviews by taking the Amazon on-site interview mock test series.

How to practise for Google online assessments?

You can practise for Google online assessments by sitting for the Google online assessment mock test series.

How to take mock tests for Microsoft phone interviews?

You can practise by using the Microsoft phone interview mock test series.

How to take mock tests for TCS off-campus drives?

You can practise with the help of the TCS off-campus mock test series.

How to take mock tests for Accenture on-campus drives?

You can practise by taking the Accenture on-campus mock test series.

Key Takeaway

Different interviews such as telephone interviews, technical interviews or on-site interviews all require different preparation. Also, it is extremely important to sit for mock tests that are customised for the particular company you wish to join.