Transform Your Coding Career With The November 2021 Scholarship Test



Coding Ninjas is hosting the fifth edition of the Coding Scholarship 2021 Test during the month of November. With the previous scholarship tests being welcomed by thousands of students earlier this year, the fifth edition has been planned out for those who missed their opportunity to secure an amazing scholarship. A scholarship that covers 100% or even a huge chunk of the cost allows students to pursue their favourite courses without incurring the full expense. This is great news for all the coding enthusiasts and willing learners out there. Like the fourth edition of this test, the iteration will be conducted for two days this time around as well. This offers more flexibility for students, in case they are not able to appear for any one of the dates. 

What is the Coding Scholarship Test?

The Coding Scholarship 2021 Test has been designed especially for enthusiastic students in order to provide them with the courses of their choice at a discounted price. The scholarship ensures that every student who participates or sits for the test is given a minimum scholarship of 10%. All the courses that are covered by the scholarship come with industry-recognized certificates and domain-expert support. Also, if you have already enrolled in any of the eligible courses for any batch which starts after 22nd November 2021, you can get the scholarship amount (the scholarship percentage acquired) refunded back to you.

Registration Fees And Process:

Registration Fees is Rs 99 INR And This scholarship test will be conducted from 9 PM on the 21st and 22nd of November and will consist of aptitude questions that will not require students to solve problems for hours on end. 

If you wish to register, then you can apply here

Scholarship Types

The Coding Scholarship Test 2021 has certain criteria for securing the scholarship. Yes, every participant will get a 10% scholarship regardless of their score. However, the rest of the scholarship amount will be dependent on your rank. By scoring more, you can get a higher rank, thus securing a more desirable scholarship amount.

Here are the scholarships available based on how one ranks:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rank: 100% scholarship

4th to 10th Rank: 75% scholarship

After the 10th rank, the rest of the scholarships will be distributed based on their average score as compared to the rest of the examinees.

If you score within the top 5%: 50% scholarship

If you score within the top 10%: 40% scholarship

If you score within the top 11-15%: 35% scholarship

If you score within the top 16-20%: 30% scholarship

If you score within the top 21-40%: 25% scholarship

If you score within the top 41-50%: 20% scholarship

Terms and Conditions of the Coding Scholarship Test 2021:

  • Registration fees will not be adjusted, transferred, or refunded.
  • The registration will only be valid for batches that start after 22nd November 2021 and in December 2021.
  • Any unfair or illegal activity such as cheating will lead to the student being disqualified.
  • No other additional discounts such as early bird, referral, or alumni discounts will be applicable after the scholarship is applied while enrolling in a course. 

Courses Eligible for the Scholarship 

Here are the courses that you can use the scholarship for:

  • Machine Learning
  • Android Development with Kotlin
  • Competitive Programming
  • Operating System
  • Data Science & Machine Learning
  • System Design
  • Data Structures & Algorithms – Python
  • Data Structures & Algorithms – Java
  • Data Structures & Algorithms – C++
  • Aptitude Preparation
  • Web Development – React.js  
  • Web Development – Full-stack Node.js
  • Web Development – Full-stack MERN
  • Interview Preparation


Can I appear for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test November 2021 on 21st as well as on 22nd November?

No, you cannot do that as once you sit for the test, your score will be recorded for ranking you among others.

Will I need a login and password to attempt the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test in November 2021?

No. However, you will need to use the same e-mail ID that you used for registering for the Coding Scholarship Test 2021.

Were there other editions of this scholarship test?

Yes, there were four editions of the scholarship test during this year. This fifth edition was designed in order to cater to the incredible popularity of the test series.

How can I get a free Coding Ninjas online course?

If you rank in the top 3, you can get a 100% scholarship for any of the courses given above. That fundamentally means that you will be able to enrol in the course for absolutely free.

Can I enrol in these courses as a beginner?

Yes, definitely. Coding Ninjas orchestrates courses so that beginners can effectively learn the topics they wish to pursue. Also, foundational topics and the fundamentals of the subject are covered extensively in all Coding Ninjas courses.

Is there placement after the scholarship?

No, there is no placement after the scholarship. However, after finishing your courses, you can access the placement cell that has helped fellow Ninjas join companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Amex and Oracle.

What is the minimum scholarship amount you can get from this scholarship test?

Every participant is eligible for a 10% scholarship amount regardless of his/her score.

Are there any eligibility criteria?

No, there are no eligibility criteria as such and any willing learner can sit for the exam.

What is the registration fee?

You can sit for the Coding Scholarship Test 2021 for just Rs 99. This price also includes taxes.

Key Takeaways

The fifth Coding Scholarship Test 2021 is one of the best opportunities out there for coding enthusiasts who wish to learn to program or get involved with fields such as web development, machine learning and data science in general. There are many courses that are eligible for the scholarship and will cater to future developers, analysts and data scientists. So, why wait? Register yourself through this link and secure yourself a scholarship for these accredited courses designed by industry experts and domain specialists.