What Does CodeStudio Have in Store For You?



Coding Ninjas (CN) exists to help students and working professionals secure their dream job roles in the company of their choice. In order to facilitate that, Coding Ninjas offers certifications, boot camps and courses such as interview-preparatory courses or programming courses. These classes, lessons or modules are highly efficient. However, if one wishes to learn on their own or gain additional knowledge, Coding Ninjas has taken care of that as well.

CodeStudio has already been there for quite a while, allowing users to filter, find and solve any problem according to their requirement. Now, Coding Ninjas has included a massive compilation of resources as well on the CodeStudio platform for self-study and further reading. Let us learn more about CodeStudio and its Knowledge Centre or Library Section.

CodeStudio and CN Library

CodeStudio is the one-stop platform for preparing yourself for interviews, solving coding problems and mock tests. Throughout its existence, CodeStudio has helped thousands of Ninjas practice interview questions based on certain topics or technical problems which are asked by companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Cognizant, TCS and Infosys. CodeStudio has an entire community behind it and offers a guided path for interested learners as well. The portal offers a state-of-the-art IDE experience that allows you to code or solve problems while having the specific problem with hints, explanations or solutions available right beside the coding environment.

Ninjas who have been with CN also actively share their interview experiences and the coding problems they come across on this platform. So, it only makes sense that there should be more resources than would-be programmers can access according to their needs. This is why Coding Ninjas has introduced the Knowledge Centre on their CodeStudio portal.

The Knowledge Centre contains library resources as well as videos that can help any individual who wishes to learn about topics including machine learning, frontend/backend web development and DSA. The Library section is meant to encourage future coders and developers to pursue the topics of their choice in-depth through a massive list of articles, study resources and other learning material. For instance, if you wish to know more about topics like inheritance in Java in OOPS or object-oriented programming, you can simply go to the associated learning material from the Library section and start learning.

CodeStudio Library Resources

There are six available topics for you to explore and learn in-depth:

  • Web Technologies: In order to be a full-stack developer, one needs both frontend and backend development knowledge. In this section, you can access all the resources you will need to become a full-fledged web developer. For the frontend, you can learn Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript and ReactJs. Even though JavaScript is both a frontend and backend scripting language, it is extensively used for frontend development. Now, if you wish to learn backend development and maintenance, then you can learn MongoDB and Node.js as well. With a combination of these technologies, you will be able to design websites or web components as you please and incorporate any behaviour or UI/UX you wish.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: In the DSA section, you can learn topics such as recursion, OOPs concepts, linked lists, stacks, queues, hashmaps, binary trees and dynamic programming. You can learn how to solve common DSA problems or practise standard and advanced Greedy problems.
  • Competitive Programming: In this section, you will learn how to use programming languages like Java, C++ and Python to their full extent through competitive programming concepts such as recursion, strings, backtracking, bit manipulation, graphs and other dynamic programming topics.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning (ML) is one of the most popular fields of study currently. And, Coding Ninjas wishes to encourage fellow Ninjas to learn what they can about ML, AI (artificial intelligence), deep learning and even data science. Notably, data science is absolutely crucial for incorporating machine learning, thus, this section will also house articles about data science as well. Currently, the ML section already has resources that teach you what ML is, how ML works, the different kinds of ML and what is the difference between ML and other concepts.
How can I access the Library section?

You can access this section by going to CodeStudio and then hovering your mouse over to the ‘Knowledge Centre’ menu. This will open a drop-down with ‘Library’ and ‘Videos’. Then, you can just click the Library section and start learning.

What is CodeStudio?

CodeStudio is a practising and learning portal offered by Coding Ninjas so that students and learners can practise interview problems or other problems from any topic in an immersive IDE.

What topics can you read about in the CN Library?

You can find topics such as ML, programming, DSA and web development.

Are CodeStudio and its resources free to use?

Yes, CodeStudio and the available resources on this portal are completely free to use.

What are other features offered by the CodeStudio IDE?

ou get a very good explanation of the problem as well as a sample of the input with explanations when trying to solve most problems on CodeStudio. This makes identifying and then building up the solution easier as all the information is right in front of you. Solving problems on CodeStudio is a very immersive experience.

What kind of interview problems can you solve on CodeStudio?

You can solve interview problems given by companies such as Google, Amazon, Adobe, TCS, Infosys, Capgemini and Wipro. You can also go through the interview experiences of other Ninjas.

Can I get any additional help?

Yes, you can get additional help by opting for a guided path or by sitting for mock tests.

Key Takeaway

CodeStudio is a very useful thing for budding programmers learning out there. For example, if we check this ‘Sum or Product’ problem that has been asked in TCS interviews, users are allowed to code their solution on the right side while checking out sample inputs and their respective explanations on the left. It is truly an immersive experience that allows one to analyse problems effectively and identify the right approach to solving them. Now, with the addition of the Library section, CodeStudio has truly become the ultimate stop for learning coding and development.