Regular Online Courses VS Live Online Courses

Regular Online Courses VS Live Online Courses
Regular Online Courses VS Live Online Courses


Wondering about the advantages of a live online course vs. an online course? Both kinds of courses have helped thousands of students across the world attain their dreams and learn the skills or topics of their choice. However, both these types of programs suit a particular category of individuals better than the others. This is due to every single student or working professional having their own requirements and goals.

Live online courses are more suitable for dedicated students who expect a lot of support and help. Meanwhile, regular courses are better suited for working professionals who simply wish to pick up skills on the side while working. This is why we must always first check the drawbacks and benefits of both types of programs in order to determine the best course of action for our futures. Before getting into their differences and pros or cons, let us first check what these are.

What is an Online Course?

Online courses are pre-designed courses that follow a fixed structure and syllabus that must be adhered to by the students on their own accord. Online courses are generally self-paced and it is up to the student to take an initiative and finish the topics associated with the course. There are no live classes in online courses and if the courses contain videos, those are generally pre-recorded.

Students do not get the assistance of a teacher in real-time and must study and finish the course on their own. However, there are many coding courses for beginners and experienced learners such as the programs we offer which are very well designed and follow a study program that makes learning more efficient. These programs are highly flexible and even working professionals can find the time to finish the topics involved with the course.

Unlike traditional online programs that provide no personalized one on one sessions, Coding Ninjas courses offer mock interviews and sessions with domain experts. These courses also feature mock tests and tailored suggestions or feedback for students.

What is a Live Online Course?

Live online courses can be defined as online courses that are conducted by real teachers in real-time. These kinds of courses are held in a virtual classroom where both the teachers and the students are present, regardless of where they are located in. Live courses are interactive and personalised, especially with the teacher being in control of the class.

Classes can proceed according to the level of the students (or the batch) and there are extensive doubt solving sessions that make learning more effective. Even though some regular online courses do provide expert advice and doubt-solving sessions, there is nothing that can replace a real teacher taking classes routinely. Live classes make learning fun and students get motivated by their teachers on a daily or weekly basis.

Virtual classrooms fundamentally simulate real classrooms and this makes students grow as a batch and allows them to participate in projects together. Also, students end up inspiring each other to work harder and also help each other out with studying or preparing for upcoming tests. The best part about live online classes is the fact that when students do not understand something, they can always raise their concern with the teachers during the live class or request them to explain the topic again as long as it does not hamper the batch too much.

What are the Differences between Online and Live Online Courses?

When comparing live online courses vs. online courses, we can identify some major differences between the two. There are many factors that make traditional online courses more suitable for a segment of the population, however, it is live online courses that provide the most amount of benefits. 

Here are are fundamental differences between live online classes and other online courses:

Regular Online CoursesLive Online Course
Traditional online courses are a better fit for working professionals due to generally being self-paced and being more flexible.Live online courses are the best choice for freshers and students with an ample amount of time to dedicate to learning.
Online courses are generally not personalised and they do not cater to the needs of individual students. Individual students do not get the opportunity to resolve the many questions they might have and they do not get the chance to interact with their teachers.Live online courses feature one on one sessions and facilitate doubt solving in real-time. The classes are also more personalised according to the average knowledge level of the batch rather than pre-designed course material that is the same for everyone, as seen in regular online courses.
Regular online courses cannot provide advice or make sure you finish the course material. For normal online courses, students themselves must ensure they study properly.A real teacher motivates you and also ensures that you learn as effectively as possible. Teachers can help students pass the certification exams or other external exams students might be preparing for.
Normal online courses fundamentally feature basic projects that are not holistically supported by teachers. These online courses can seem monotonous and become boring after a while.Projects are more extensive in live online classes and students get the help of their teachers and batchmates. There are more activities and collaborative events as well. Live online classes are more fun in general and students look forward to their next class.

Which one is better?

Though some regular online courses are truly well-orchestrated and highly suitable for most students out there, it is always live online courses that would take the win. However, for working professionals who cannot dedicate a fixed day or time to classes or stick to a schedule, normal online courses such as the ones offered by Coding Ninjas are a better option as these programs are flexible and self-paced. In live coding classes, you must proceed with the batch and make sure you do not fall behind.

Other than this, live online courses are better in every regard. This is especially due to the live doubt resolution and the ability to ask more questions about the topic being taught currently. In live online classes, teachers can decide to dedicate more time to a topic when deemed necessary or simply skip through unimportant topics. Teachers have more control over the classes and can cater to the individual requirements of the batch or students.

Thus, live online courses are definitely better than coding courses online for free or other regular online coding courses with certificates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are live classes better?

Live classes are better due to these being conducted by real teachers in a virtual classroom. They are also more personalised and tailored towards the individual requirements of the students.

What does live course mean?

Live courses are courses that are being held in real-time using a learning system similar to a classroom, but virtual. These online classes are held like any other offline class.

Which is better online classes or regular classes?

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, it is definitely online classes that are much better. Online classes also allow you to save time by removing transit time. This is why online classes are more preferred now and might keep being more popular than offline classes even after the pandemic is over. Online classes allow students to take their classes safely at the comfort of their own homes by completely annihilating the need to travel.

What is the difference between online classes and live classes?

Online classes or either pre-recorded classes or pre-designed course material while live classes are online classes being held by teachers who are there with the students in real-time.

Which is best for live classes?

The C Plus Plus Live Course (Data Structures & Advanced Algorithms in C++ LIVE) by Coding Ninjas is one of the best live online classes you will find.

What are the disadvantages of online classes?

Online classes are generally not personalised and do not provide doubt-solving sessions.

Can I take online coding classes for free?

There are many free online coding courses in India, however, coding courses for free generally do not come with certificates or any additional help.

Which course is better for working professionals?

Regular online courses might be better for working professionals as these programs are flexible and self-paced. These courses suit the needs of busy working professionals much better and do not require them to stick to any tight schedule.

Are bootcamps live online classes?

No, bootcamps such as the Career Camp are highly flexible and do not require a dedicated schedule. But, these kinds of boot camps still provide the advantages of live classes such as sessions with domain specialists, support of teaching assistants and live classes with highly skilled teachers.

Key Takeaway

Both kinds of courses are very helpful for learning new skills or developing yourself, it is just the approach that is different. Instead of just thinking about what these two types of approaches offer, you must first identify what you need and proceed according to that. Understanding your own requirements and expectations from a course is important and you must only make a decision based on that in the end.