Frequently Asked Questions in Service-Based Companies

Frequently Asked Questions in Service-Based Companies
Frequently Asked Questions in Service-Based Companies


Most multinational companies are service-based. A few service-based company examples are Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, and Cognizant. These companies provide services to their clients or customers or offer solutions to the problems of bigger companies.

If you are wondering how to switch from Infosys to other product-based companies, then this article is probably not for you. But to those wondering how to get placed in a service-based company then please keep reading.

What are Service-based Companies?

Service-based companies provide a wide range of services like research and development, system integration, outsourcing information systems, and information technology. Clients or customers approach these companies. Employees here create, deploy, maintain or perform all the three functions according to the requirements of the client.

The service-based company may work on products as well but those products belong to other companies or clients. Thus, we must keep this in mind when preparing for any upcoming interviews. Service-based companies heavily focus on IT as a service as well, thus generally requiring applicants to always sit for coding rounds after the initial aptitude test.

Commonly Asked Questions in the Aptitude Section

You need to solve aptitude questions during the written test. We have handpicked a few aptitude questions to look at to have an understanding of what you can encounter during the real test.

Q. The speed of a swimmer in still water is 8km/hr. If the speed of the swimmer against the flow of the river is 4km/hr, what is the speed at which the river is flowing?

  1. 3 km/hr
  2. 4km/hr

      (C) 5km/hr 

      (D) 6 km/hr

Ans:(B) 4km/hr


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Assume that the speed of the river is ‘x’ km/hr.

Speed of the swimmer in still water = 8 km/hr

Speed of the swimmer against the flow of the river = 4 km/hr

Applying the equation:

4 = 8 – x

x = 4 km/hr

Q. Sam’s father is twice as old as his son. If 25 years ago, the age of Sam’s father was 10 times the age of the son, what is the present age of the father?

  1. 53 years old
  2. 54 years old

      (C) 55 years old

      (D) 56 years old

Ans: (D)


Assume Sam’s age to be ‘x’ years

Age of Sam’s father would be = ‘2x’

As per question 25 years ago;

10 (x – 25) = 2x – 25

10x – 250 = 2x – 25

8x = 225

x = 225/8 = 28.125 

Age of Sam’s father = 28.125 * 2 = 56 years (approximately)

Q. An open faucet can fill a reservoir in 4 hours. The drain at the bottom of the reservoir empties it in 8 hours. If both the faucet and the drain are left open, how long will it take to completely fill the reservoir?

  1. 6 hours
  2. 8 hours
  3. 10 hours
  4. 12 hours

Ans : (B)


The open faucet will fill the reservoir in 4 hours.
In one hour the open faucet will fill 1/4th of the reservoir.

The drain at the bottom of the reservoir will empty the reservoir in 8 hours.
In one hour the drain will empty 1/8th of the reservoir.

Therefore in one hour 1/4th – 1/8th =  1/8th of the reservoir will be filled.

Hence, if both the faucet and the drain are left open then it will take 8 hours to completely fill the reservoir.

Commonly Asked Questions in the Verbal Section

You need to face questions from synonyms, antonyms, basic grammar, one-word substitutes, etc. in this section. Here is a couple of questions for you to test yourself:

Q. A person who can speak more than one language is called a ________

  1. Endodontist
  2. Polyglot

      (C) Anthropologist

      (D) Pantomath

Ans: (B) Polyglot

Q. She was very angry _____ him.

  1. at
  2. with
  3. on
  4. in

Ans: (B) with

Q. The family said, “We have lived in that villa for 20 years.”

(A)The family said that they have lived in that villa for 20 years.
(B)The family said that they had lived in that villa for 20 years.
(C)The family said that they lived in that villa for 20 years.
(D)The family said that they have been living in that villa for 20 years.

Ans: (B) The family said that they had lived in that villa for 20 years.

Previously Asked Questions in Coding Rounds

When you usually apply for a service-based company like TCS, Wipro and Infosys, you need to be prepared for an arsenal of coding questions to be fired at you. We have taken a few questions like the ones asked particularly in the coding rounds of service-based companies. Questions like these will test your coding skills required to join a service-based company.

Here are some questions commonly asked in coding rounds:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TCS a service-based company?

Yes, TCS offers services starting from IT solutions, consulting, and financial solutions. European banks like Deutsche Bank AG and automation companies such as ABB Ltd. are some of the many big clients that TCS works with.

What are service-based jobs?

If your job role depends on the needs of the client, then your job is service-based. In simpler words, if you are working for a company where your job is to cater to the needs of the client that your company has a contract with, then your job is service-based.

Which is the no. 1 company in the world?

Based on the current Fortune 500 list, Walmart seems to be the no. 1 company followed closely by Amazon and then Apple.

Which is the no. 1 company in India?

Reliance Industries is the largest corporation in India followed by Indian Oil Corporation. Reliance Industries Limited is also the largest company by market capitalisation ($243.47 billion) and ranks pretty high in the Fortune 500 list as well. In terms of market capitalisation, TCS closely ($178.12 billion) follows Reliance in second place and is undoubtedly the no. 1 service-based company in India.

Which is better: a service-based company or a product-based company?

Though working in a product-based company generally offers better pay, it is not necessarily better than a service-based company. Service-based companies provide better job stability than product-based companies.

Should I move to a service-based company from a product-based company?

If you want to learn new technology throughout your career, then it is better for you to shift to a service-based company from a product-based company. If you are working on a specific technology in a product-based company and you want to master the technology you are working on, then shifting to a service-based company seems unreasonable.

What are the companies providing service-based jobs?

Here is a service-based company list:
L&T Limited, etc.

How to prepare for service-based companies?

Preparing for service-based companies should not be taken lightly and applicants must focus on revising logical/aptitude questions while practising multiple coding problems from topics such as graphs, arrays, trees, and links.

What are some product-based companies for freshers?

Adobe, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Facebook, and Intel are all great product-based companies for freshers.

Key Takeaway

Working in a service-based company not only offers job stability but also helps you develop your career portfolio overall as you will be handling projects from a lot of different companies. Notably, most of the operations running across the globe are due to service-based companies. If you are curious to know how things work, then you should definitely try getting into a service-based company.