Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Bhabani Sankar Hota

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Bhabani Sankar Hota
Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Bhabani Sankar Hota


Already an alumnus of Coding Ninjas, Bhabani Sankar Hota happened across an email that would fetch him two 100% scholarships. The talented coding enthusiast has managed to successfully top both the June 2021 and July 2021 Coding Ninjas Scholarship Tests. This incredible feat should be acknowledged as Bhabani not only managed to secure a fully-sponsored premium Coding Ninjas course once but twice!


Let’s check out what Bhabani Sankar Hota has to say about his Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test experiences:

How did you come to know about the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

I was already an existing student of Coding Ninjas and was aware of how good Coding Ninja courses are. I had registered for the Scholarship Test after receiving an email from Coding Ninjas, containing all the details of the Scholarship Test.

How did you prepare for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

I researched and came to know that the Scholarship Test generally featured basic aptitude questions, thus, I did not prepare anything specific for the test. Rather, I relied on my aptitude skills and logic to pass the test. I think it is enough to simply prepare basic quantitative and logical reasoning questions.

What are the key factors you liked about the Scholarship Test?

The best part about the test for me is the fact that you do not need any programming skills or coding experience in order to clear the test. This is great as it provides an opportunity for people who do not know how to code but wish to get into programming or learn programming languages. Anyone can attempt this test and start learning after securing a scholarship.

How was your overall experience on giving the Scholarship Test? Did you find it easy or difficult?

I did not find it easy but it was not very difficult either. The scholarship test consisted of medium-level or hard-level logical reasoning and quantitative questions, thus, it was not exactly easy. However, it can easily be tackled with some light brushing up for the aptitude test.

Which course did you pursue from Coding Ninjas with your 100% Scholarship?

With the first scholarship I secured, I pursued the premium Data Science and Machine Learning course which is meant for both beginners and experienced learners.

How was your course experience with Coding Ninjas?

My experience with Coding Ninjas has been great. This is not just due to securing a scholarship and attaining a premium course for free but also because I had already completed various courses from Coding Ninjas that were very well designed. Coding Ninjas courses have a truly well-orchestrated program structure that allows us, students, to learn more effectively. The courses bring out our true potential and will definitely help us in the future.

What did you like the most during your course experience? (TA Support, Course Curriculum etc.)

The best thing about the courses at Coding Ninjas is the TA support. This makes the courses more personalised and helps us access some ‘one on one’ doubt-solving as well. Also, the deadlines and the penalty system made sure that I finished every portion of the courses within the stipulated time. All of these ensured that I managed to finish the courses as efficiently as possible.

Would you recommend your friends or your college seniors/juniors to take the Scholarship Test?

Yes, I already have recommended the test to my family and friends. I would definitely recommend the test to seniors or juniors from my college as well. As a matter of fact, I would advise everyone to definitely attempt the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test. Or, you can simply take a free trial to check out how great the learning experience at Coding Ninjas is.

Coding Ninjas has dozens of experiences such as these that will definitely motivate you to attempt the scholarship test or simply enroll on any of the many courses we have available for you!