Experienced Professionals vs. Freshers: Which Career Camp is Perfect for You?

Experienced Professionals vs. Freshers: Which Career Bootcamp is Perfect for You?
Experienced Professionals vs. Freshers: Which Career Bootcamp is Perfect for You?

Introduction To Career Camp

Career Camp programs must be separately planned out and designed to suit the needs of working professionals and freshers. This is due to bootcamps for professionals needing to be personalized to expose professionals to more advanced topics or fields. Meanwhile, coding bootcamps for beginners or freshers need to be designed to expose freshers to coding fundamentals and teach them foundational computer science topics.

The requirements of freshers and working professionals are different, while freshers wish to join their first coding job (in a top corporation preferably), professionals wish to switch to better opportunities or join senior roles. While bootcamps can help freshers get entry-level jobs with the best packages, bootcamps for professionals exist to facilitate better salary packages in other organizations or promotions inside the organizations the professionals are working at.

What is a Bootcamp course?

Bootcamp programs are short-term courses that are focused on teaching practical or technical skills. The most common bootcamps are coding bootcamps online and with good reason. This is because online bootcamps for free and paid online bootcamps for coding help thousands of students across the globe acquire all the necessary skills to get employed in top MNCs and local giants.

Web development bootcamps or other good online bootcamps in India such as Coding Ninja’s CareerCamp teach students back-end development, front-end development, React, Nodejs, UI/UX development, and important programming, query, markup, or scripting languages.

Whether it is an online coding Bootcamp for free or coding bootcamps with job placements, the amount of knowledge and skills that can be gained from these are impressive. This is especially due to interactive sessions with teachers, and not just pre-designed modules like in traditional online courses, and due to specialized learning environments.

The best online coding Bootcamp courses such as CareerCamp for professionals or freshers also feature hackathons, live projects, and extensive one-on-one (or group) doubt solving sessions.

When speaking of bootcamps for experienced professionals vs. freshers, these respective programs do teach specialized topics and use different approaches, however, the final goal is always for developing skills and to help the Bootcamp graduates to get placed in great companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many more IT giants.

Why To Choose Online Bootcamps?

Bootcamps provide different benefits to students of different backgrounds, for example, when discussing benefits for experienced professionals vs. freshers, we must first talk about how bootcamps help professionals switch from service-based companies to product-based companies.

Many professionals also go through bootcamps in order to prepare for future senior roles or to revise important topics that they might need down the line.

Bootcamps especially help working professionals climb up the corporate ladder and become qualified for more valuable responsibilities within the organization. In the case of freshers, coding bootcamps directly help freshers to either join specialized job roles in the first place or gain entry-level jobs in top product-based companies. Bootcamps not only teach freshers important skills and topics but also prepare them to sit for interviews, thus helping them to become more confident and perform better in both HR and technical interviews.

According to research conducted by Indeed, 12% of IT employers think that coding bootcamp graduates are more prepared than employees with just computer science degrees. They also think that bootcamp graduates can outperform regular freshers. This makes it more likely for bootcamp graduates to get employed. Bootcamps such as CareerCamp help you get placed in the best companies and also provide students with the option of paying the fees once they are employed.

Completing coding bootcamps not only massively increases your chances of getting the jobs you want but also helps you get better salary packages. According to Course Report, an average bachelor’s degree holder earns $59,124 per annum while bootcamp graduates earn $70,698 annually on average. Bootcamp graduates experience an average salary increase of 51%, which is enormous. More than anything, coding bootcamps prepare you for your future job roles and ensure that you find it easy to finish your daily tasks. According to a survey, 80% of coding professionals admit that boot camps teach all the skills and tools required in their job roles. 

Here are some other important benefits of attending bootcamps:

  • Bootcamps are inexpensive compared to regular degree programs.
  • Coding bootcamps are also flexible and take less dedication (schedule-wise and not learning-wise) as compared to college programs.
  • Better salary packages.
  • Career growth and more opportunities.
  • Personal development and acquiring new skills.
  • Joining major product-based companies and IT giants.
  • Additional qualifications and ability to switch to senior or project management roles.

Coding Ninjas Career Camp for Freshers

The duration of the learning phase is 9 months and the next 12 months are spent on placements. There are over 170 hiring companies such as Microsoft, OYO, Flipkart, and Walmart that hire freshers who have completed this program. Freshers who finished this bootcamp are earning an average salary of Rs. 7,80,000 per annum. It is easy to find a free online coding Bootcamp in 2021, yes, however, unlike the premium CareerCamp, they are not able to provide placements.

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Eligibility Criteria For Career Camp for Freshers:

Must be a student in the final year or a graduate with basic problem-solving abilities and aptitude skills.

Fees Structure For Career Camp for Freshers: 

Rs.1,00,000 [Zero payment upfront and only 15% Salary (Capped at Rs. 3,00,000) for 3 Years after getting a job, if taking the Hack route]


Coding Ninjas Career Camp for Professionals

The duration of this program is also 21 months with 9 months being spent on learning skills and the rest on placements. There are over 150 hiring companies such as Adobe, Amazon, and Google that hire professionals who have completed this program. Professionals can expect to experience a noticeable increase in their salary packages after this bootcamp as well. Unlike coding bootcamps for free, online Coding Ninjas programs such as the CareerCamp do everything in their power to assist professionals in getting jobs.

Eligibility Criteria for Career Camp for Professionals:

Basic programming skills and a minimum working experience of 15 months in the IT sector.

Fees Structure For Career Camp for Professionals:

Rs.1,25,000 [Rs.50,000 and only 15% Salary (Capped at Rs. 3,60,000) for 3 Years after getting a job, if taking the Hack route

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online Bootcamp?

An online well-designed course for practical skills development can be referred to as an online Bootcamp, meaning that this program will help you acquire technical skills.

What is the entry requirement for Career Camp for professionals?

Students require work experience of 15 months in the IT industry.

What is the entry requirement for Career Camp for freshers?

Students need to be final year students or fresh graduates.

What roles can I expect after this bootcamp?

You can expect roles such as software development engineer, web designer, and full-stack web developer.

What skills will I learn?

You will learn various frameworks, languages, tools, and computer science concepts that are essential for front-end, back-end, and server-end development.

Which companies hire from Coding Ninjas?

Companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, and many more hire from Coding Ninjas.

What are the payment plans available?

There is the regular payment method that involves paying the entire fees upfront or with EMIs. You can also opt for the Hack route that allows you to finish the program with zero payment or Rs. 50,000 upfront with the rest of the amount payable once you get a job.

Do I need a computer science degree to apply?

No, you do not need a computer science degree to apply, however, professionals must be working in the IT industry. It will also be suitable for freshers to have basic computing knowledge.

How many domain expert sessions & mock interviews will I have?

For both the career camp choices, you will have 12 mock interviews and 15 industry or domain expert sessions which are all personalized and one on one.

Key Takeaway

Fundamentally, professionals opt for bootcamps to upgrade their skillsets or for learning more advanced job roles such as system design or full-stack development. Freshers can also learn system design and a wide range of frameworks or languages as well, however, this is for applying for the job roles of their choice rather than for just personal development. Bootcamps for professionals are for career growth and for facilitating a smooth transition into senior roles such as a senior developer or senior software architect.