What are the Benefits of Attending an Online Coding Bootcamp for Professionals?

What are the Benefits of Attending an Online Coding Bootcamp for Professionals?
What are the Benefits of Attending an Online Coding Bootcamp for Professionals?


It is always important to focus on personal development. One must always consider upskilling or upgrading his/her toolkits to keep up with current trends and technologies. Also, one must not fall victim to the skills gap that can occur due to multiple reasons such as the adoption of different methodologies or better tools in organisations. One can use an online bootcamp for coding as refreshers for previously touched upon computer science topics or to learn more about system design, operating systems, full-stack development or database management. Upskilling and learning new skills also facilitate better salary packages and career prospects. 

A large number of top MNCs and local giants prefer candidates who have gone through extensive programmes such as coding bootcamps. Notably, a coding bootcamp for professionals mainly focuses on preparing employed individuals for better job roles or senior positions. Bootcamp graduates can also choose to use their newly acquired skills to get a more desirable position within their own organisations.

Why should Working Professionals Attend Bootcamps?

Before we cover the benefits of a coding bootcamp for professionals, let us first talk about why they are a better alternative to regular degrees or even professional certificates and other courses. For instance, traditional college degrees require much more dedication and time than what working professionals can contribute. Most regular college programmes are not flexible and require students to be available and ready to take classes from Monday to Friday. Regardless of one going for morning, afternoon or evening classes, one will find it impossible to continue a full-time job once enrolled in a programme. 

Also, degree programmes (especially post-graduation ones) are much more expensive than bootcamps. Even a programme from a very average private institute would be more expensive than the best online coding bootcamp for professionals out there.

Now, when it comes to other courses and certifications, most of these programmes do not offer a holistic learning environment and large sets of live projects. Coding bootcamps such as Coding Ninjas Career Camp also offer hackathons and real-time doubt solving with domain and industry experts. In most coding bootcamps, one also gets to interact with teachers personally or in a group session.

In the case of most online courses, one does not get to interact live with teachers, however, coding bootcamps offer these benefits and so much more. Coding bootcamps do not just teach skills and tools to students but also prepare them for upcoming interviews in top companies. 

Benefits of Online Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamps are highly beneficial for jobs roles that are technical in nature and teach various necessary skills that traditional degree programmes do not cover. According to research conducted by Course Report, 51% of employed professionals who work with coding agree that the skills that their jobs require are taught in coding bootcamps.

Employers, too, agree that bootcamp graduates can outperform regular working professionals with a degree. According to Indeed’s research, 12% of employers admit that coding bootcamp graduates are more prepared than regular computer science degree holders. 

Coding bootcamps also incorporate newer technologies and systems that make employees better at what they do, whether it is frontend work or system design. A good web development bootcamp can also help one become better at full-stack development or UI/UX design. The great salary packages are also one of the benefits that one can enjoy once he/she completes a coding bootcamp online or offline such as Coding Ninjas Career Camp. According to Career Camp, the graduates of this bootcamp earn a minimum salary of Rs 8,00,000 per annum.

Here are the main benefits of completing an online coding bootcamp:

  • Better salary packages: Employees who have completed online bootcamps for coding experience a 51% salary increase
  • Opportunities to apply for product-based companies and switch from service-based companies
  • Become qualified for senior roles and job roles which are very valuable to organisations
  • Learn specialised skills such as advanced programming, system design, database management and other languages and frameworks such as Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, React or Nodejs 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boot camp course?

Bootcamps are short-term courses for specialised subjects. One can gain extensive knowledge in an online bootcamp, meaning that one would also be qualified to apply for greener pastures.

Are bootcamp certificates worth it?

Yes, many employers admit that they prioritise bootcamp graduates as they can outperform regular graduates. Even certificates received after completing an online bootcamp free programme from a good online coding bootcamp for free, are also valuable in the professional world.

Are coding bootcamps good for professionals?

Yes, coding bootcamps cover topics, tools and theories much more holistically and with live projects. This leads to a more extensive learning experience.

Which coding bootcamps are the best?

There are many good coding bootcamps to choose from, however, you will find Career Camp to definitely be one of the best.

Does coding have good prospects?

Coding offers great salary packages and massive scope for growth. Thus, it is a great idea to start attending a free online coding bootcamp in 2021.

Are coding bootcamps better than courses?

Yes, coding bootcamps are more interactive and holistic in nature. Most coding bootcamps feature live classes and doubt solving sessions which courses fail to provide as well.

Why choose an online bootcamp?

Online bootcamps lead to better job prospects and one can learn a lot during the programme.

Are bootcamps expensive?

No, bootcamps are quite inexpensive compared to traditional computer science degrees.

Can I get placement after bootcamps?

Yes, Coding Ninjas Career Camps offers complete placement support.

Key Takeaway

An online coding bootcamp for professionals is easy to attend due to flexible timings and offers much to learn. These bootcamps are designed to be as effective as possible in the least amount of time. It is not hard to find a good online bootcamp in India, especially with bootcamps such as Career Camp that will help you get placed in companies such as Amazon, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Zomato and Flipkart.

Career Camp takes about 9 months and there are over 170 hiring companies waiting for the bootcamp graduates. You can easily choose between an online bootcamp for free or bootcamps with job placements and embark on your journey.