The Benefits of Bootcamp for Professionals

The Benefits of Bootcamps for Professionals
The Benefits of Bootcamps for Professionals


It is always a good practice to constantly keep upgrading yourself. For instance, periodically upskilling allows better opportunities and more desirable salary packages. Also, regardless of how skilled already employed professionals are in their field, there are always newer tools and technologies getting introduced. Regular degrees cover a wide range of topics, however, they fail to focus on key technical aspects or other live projects that will allow one to become an expert through these lessons alone. This is where bootcamp for professionals come into play. 

An online bootcamp for coding allows you to acquire all the necessary skills to tackle valuable job roles in local giants and MNCs. Bootcamps can also act as refreshers for all the topics you might have forgotten. They also prepare you for technical interviews with top companies. A good coding bootcamp for professionals does not just prepare you for the technical interviews, they also help you develop yourself for the associated interviews with support from industry or domain experts. 

Bootcamps also lead to better career prospects. According to Indeed’s research, about 12% of surveyed employers declared bootcamp graduates to be more qualified and prepared for their job roles as compared to regular professionals with computer science degrees. It has also been noted that employers assume bootcamp graduates can outperform regular degree holders.

Bootcamps v Traditional Degrees

Bootcamps have proven to be much more beneficial for job roles that are technical as compared to regular college degrees. This has increasingly become the case as bootcamps keep incorporating new technologies and tools while degrees stick to traditional topics and a vast set of subjects that are touched upon but never explored extensively. Coding bootcamps exist for the sole purpose of allowing professionals and even freshers to acquire the necessary skills for web or software development.

Not just that, specific bootcamps also help students learn valuable skills for specialised job roles such as analytics, cloud computing, system design and data architecture. A well-orchestrated bootcamp for professionals such as a web development bootcamp or any other good coding bootcamp online can definitely provide more exposure as well when compared to a traditional computer science degree.

Here are some reasons why bootcamps are better than regular degrees:

  • Bootcamps are much cheaper as compared to regular degrees. A good online bootcamp for coding such as Coding Ninjas Career Camp allows students to enrol in the programme without paying the fees upfront and also offers various flexible payment methods. Finally, even the best online coding bootcamps charge substantially less than average computer science degrees. Also, Career Camp is a coding bootcamp with job placement opportunities that do not require you to pay the fees unless you get the job of your choice. There are also many great online coding bootcamps for free that are available.
  • Bootcamps such as Career Camp directly allow you to apply for the job roles of your choice in top companies.
  • Coding bootcamps can help you acquire selective or specialised skill sets that can increase your technical prowess and help you in applying for managerial positions.
  • Degrees do not go above and beyond to teach students about system design and project management. Also, they do not incorporate a large number of live projects. System design and other fields are highly important for developers to progress in their careers. Thus, bootcamps help fill this skill gap.
  • Finally, degrees qualify you but do not necessarily provide you with all the skills that you will need, meanwhile, bootcamps focus on only the necessary skills, thus, also saving time.

How Bootcamps can Benefit Working Professionals?

First and foremost, professionals who complete bootcamps are much more likely to be employed in a good organisation with a better salary package. For instance, bootcamps allow professionals to switch to product-based companies from service-based companies or get involved with alluring job roles such as system design. According to Coding Ninjas, Career Camp graduates are promised a minimum salary of Rs 8,00,000 per annum once they complete the 9 months of bootcamp training and clear the placement rounds. 

Also, according to Course Report, bachelor’s degree holders earn a median of $59,124 while professionals who have finished bootcamps earn an average of $70,698. When a survey was conducted about computer science or coding job roles requiring skills taught at bootcamps, 80% of graduates had stated that all the necessary skill sets that are required during employment are learnt in bootcamps.

Here are some ways in which bootcamps are beneficial for professionals:

  • Better job roles and career growth
  • Better prospects in other organisations and a chance to apply for managerial positions in your own organisation
  • Salary increment: Professionals who have completed bootcamps such as an online bootcamp for coding enjoy an average salary increase of 51%
  • Degrees can take years while bootcamps take a few months to complete
  • Bootcamps are also flexible and perfect for working professionals
  • Upskilling yourself

Coding Ninjas Career Camp

Coding Ninjas Career Camp is a well-designed coding bootcamp for professionals and freshers alike. It is currently one of the best bootcamps for technical education (computer science) and acquiring coding skills in India. Career Camp features a huge number of facilities such as live webinars, interactive classes, holistic learning environment, live projects, doubt solving, hackathons and classes or support from domain and industry experts. There are also many placement opportunities that students can benefit from. 

Notably, Career Camp is associated with more than 170 companies that offer an average salary of Rs 7,80,000 annually to its graduates. The top hiring partners are MNCs and giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Adobe, Flipkart and Zomato.

The Coding Ninjas coding bootcamp is segregated into five major phases that have been distributed throughout nine months. These five phases cover all the necessary topics and skills that one can need in his/her coding (computer science) career. 

Here are a few core topics Career Camp will be covering:

  • Data structures
  • Programming basics
  • HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax
  • NodeJs
  • Backend servers
  • React
  • Frontend
  • Operating systems
  • System design
  • DBMS
  • SQL

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of bootcamp?

Bootcamps (specifically coding bootcamps) help you acquire all the necessary skills that you will need in your computer science or coding-related job roles.

What is a professional bootcamp?

Career Camp is a professional bootcamp, meaning that it is suitable for professionals and can help them increase their career prospects.

Do bootcamps help you get a job?

Yes, bootcamps such as Career Camp can definitely help you get great jobs in top corporations.

Are bootcamp courses worth it?

Yes, bootcamp courses are absolutely worth it.

Are coding bootcamps good for beginners?

Yes, coding bootcamps are great for professionals and beginners alike. There is a specialised Career Camp for freshers as well.

Can you get a job with just coding bootcamp?

Yes, there have been many instances where students have gotten jobs with just a coding bootcamp even though they do not have a relevant degree in computer science or IT.

Why choose bootcamps?

Completing bootcamps are faster and the modules are much more flexible. This makes bootcamps a better choice for working professionals.

Are bootcamps very expensive?

No, bootcamps are much less expensive than traditional degrees or even some professional certifications.

How does coding bootcamps help professionals?

Bootcamps help professionals get upskilled and apply for better job roles. These bootcamps also lead to better salary packages and even managerial positions in your own organisation or other companies.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to coding, you have a variety of fields to choose from. For instance, you might wish to join system design, UI/UX development, full-stack development or even data science. All of these require a vast knowledge of the associated subjects and more importantly, the ability to code. This is why, it is absolutely necessary for working professionals who wish to get into more interesting job roles to go ahead and enrol in an online coding bootcamp, free or premium.

Good free online coding bootcamps in 2021 are quite easy to find. Also, it is easy to find an online bootcamp in India. However, if you wish to experience a well-planned learning environment and get placement opportunities, you might definitely want to consider joining a bootcamp such as Career Camp.