Why are BootCamps Beneficial for Freshers?

Why are BootCamps Beneficial for Freshers?
Why are BootCamps Beneficial for Freshers?


Well-planned holistic bootcamps for freshers such as a coding bootcamp for beginners can help you get better jobs at the companies that you want. Bootcamps teach you the skills that will actually come into use when employed. Meanwhile, a college degree fundamentally just qualifies you to apply for these jobs. Degrees cover a vast syllabus of subject matters and topics but do not touch upon many applicable professional or technical skills. Thus, a majority of graduates must look into a good coding bootcamp online or other options such as a web development BootCamp.

Freshers directly going for jobs find that a lot of the skills that they actually need are not taught in their degree programs and this is why they fall behind others who have gone ahead and finished their respective bootcamps. Bootcamps are great for acquiring specific or specialized skill sets that are deemed necessary for technical job roles. According to research conducted by Course Report, a bachelor’s degree holder earns an average of $59,124 while bootcamp graduates earn $70,698 on average.

A good bootcamp for freshers is compulsory to keep up with the times as well and to stay updated with the latest technologies or techniques. 80% of graduates in a survey had accepted that their job roles require skills that have been taught at bootcamps. Also, graduates who have gone through bootcamps such as an online bootcamp for coding, experience an average salary increase of 51%.

What is a Bootcamp course?

A bootcamp course can be simply identified as a short-term course that provides practical skills to students or that offers personal development. In the case of coding, there are various coding bootcamps that prepare students for Data Science applications, software development, UI/UX development, front-end development, back-end development and full-stack development. Students have an enormous number of options when it comes to a solid online bootcamp in India.

There are multiple choices such as an online coding bootcamp for free, coding bootcamp with job placements and many other offline options as well when looking for a coding bootcamp. A free online coding bootcamp in 2021 is easy to find, however, if one wants extensive training for a longer term with well-orchestrated learning environments, one should look into premium bootcamps that also have a good track record for providing placement opportunities

Why Bootcamps?

Bootcamps are highly necessary for job roles that are very technical and coding bootcamps can prove to be beneficial in most job roles related to software or web development. According to research conducted by Indeed, 12% of employers think that bootcamp graduates are more prepared than employees with just computer science degrees and that bootcamp graduates can outperform regular freshers.

Here are some reasons why it is a great idea to go for bootcamps:

  • Additional professional certifications or higher education can cost thousands of dollars (or lakhs of rupees) as compared to the best bootcamps out there. Even the best online coding bootcamp will cost nothing close to an average master’s degree in computer science. Also, one can also enrol into an online bootcamp for free, which is absolutely not possible to do for a degree without scholarships. Coding bootcamps such as the Coding Ninjas Career Camp allows freshers to even join without paying the fees upfront and instead only pay once when they get placed in the company of their choice.
  • Bootcamps not only help students get placed in great companies or get the job roles of their choice but also teach freshers the necessary skills required to get highly desirable jobs that require more technical prowess.
  • Bootcamps take a few months to complete while degrees can take years. Even for executive master’s degrees, one needs to at least study for more than a year. Degrees are also not as flexible as bootcamps and freshers need to manage their time extremely well if they wish to enrol in another degree. 

Coding Ninjas Career Camp

The Coding Ninjas Career Camp is a state-of-the-art Coding Bootcamp for freshers and professionals alike. The career camp not only helps students get placed in top companies but also offers one-on-one doubt solving, live webinars, live projects, hackathons, doubt resolution and massive support from industry or domain experts.

The career camp is divided into 5 major phases, spread throughout 9 months that will prepare you for highly demanding job roles and allow you to learn all the necessary skills required.

Here are a few things the Career Camp will be covering:

  • Programming basics
  • Data Structures
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Ajax
  • NodeJs and Backend Servers
  • React and Frontend
  • System Design
  • DBMS and SQL
  • Operating Systems

There are over 170 hiring companies employing students from the Ninjas Career Camp with students being offered an average of INR 7,80,000 per annum as a stipend for internships. Career Camp graduates get placed in companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Walmart, Zomato, Flipkart and dozens more.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Bootcamp help you get a job?

Yes, absolutely. Good bootcamps help you get placed in great companies and in job roles that you want to go for.

Is a bootcamp certificate worth it?

Yes, employers prefer bootcamp certificates over certificates from regular courses and prioritise freshers who have completed bootcamps as compared to freshers who just have a college degree.

Is coding bootcamp good for beginners?

Yes, coding bootcamps cover everything about the subjects of interest from the basics. Bootcamps help beginners learn the fundamentals of the field of their choosing.

Are coding bootcamps worth it in 2021?

Yes, coding bootcamps are becoming more valuable with each passing year, having become highly desirable in 2021.

Which coding bootcamp is the best?

There are many good coding bootcamps to choose from, however, you will find the Coding Ninjas Career camp to be definitely one of the best.

Is coding a good career in 2021?

Yes, coding is one of the best careers in 2021, offering great salary packages and ample scope for growth. There are a lot of prospects in coding and other related fields.

Why choose an online bootcamp?

It is much easier to finish an online bootcamp, meaning that it takes less time to complete and is generally much more flexible than a traditional degree.

Are bootcamps expensive?

No, they are comparatively inexpensive when looking at the cost of regular degrees. There are also a lot of coding bootcamps that provide flexible payment options and scholarships as well.

Does coding bootcamps help professionals as well?

Yes, coding bootcamps help working professionals upgrade their job roles and get better salary packages as well. With more advanced knowledge and through upskilling, one can also get placed in managerial positions.

Key Takeaways

Bootcamps are a great option for freshers, especially when they wish to look for greener pastures than the job roles or salary packages they are being currently offered. One can easily enroll into a bootcamp and then with enough determination and just a bit of hard work, one can get placed into the top companies out there or into firms of their choice.