Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Chaitanya Agrawal

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Chaitanya Agrawal
Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Chaitanya Agrawal


Today, we will learn about the experiences that Chaitanya Agrawal had as he passed the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test held in July 2021 to secure a 100% scholarship. Notably, Chaitanya has been part of Coding Ninjas for over a year and has already completed two courses: Data Structures & Algorithms in Java and Data Science and Machine Learning


Let us take a look at what the brilliant Chaitanya has to say about our scholarship test:

Chaitanya, how did you get to know about the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

Being a part of Coding Ninjas for almost a year, I learned about the Scholarship Test from Coding Ninjas itself. Once I had applied for the test, all the relevant information was given to me properly, which really helped me prepare for the test.

What did you do to prepare for the scholarship test?

I had already given the test two times before I finally managed to crack it in the third attempt. In the previous attempts, I had not been able to get great scores. So, this time I practiced many aptitude questions, which really helped me score well.

What were the aspects of the scholarship test that you liked?

Firstly, the scholarship test consists of aptitude questions, which are not that difficult to prepare for and gives everyone an equal chance to excel. The second feature that I liked the most was that Coding Ninjas offered up to 100% (full) scholarship. Such scholarships really help many achieve their dreams.

Please tell us about your overall experience in giving the scholarship test? Did you find it particularly hard?

Not at all! The test was neither too easy nor too difficult. But, you need to practice a lot of aptitude questions regularly. If you can practice such questions repeatedly, then time management will not become a significant issue during the test. Overall, I would say that the scholarship test experience was incredible and fun.

Now that you have the 100% scholarship, which course did you choose?

I have always had an interest in web development. Thus, I opted for the premium Full Stack Web Development Course of Coding Ninjas. I chose this course because it covers a wide range of modules and there is a dedicated placement cell that will help me with job openings.

How has your course experience been with Coding Ninjas?

As the Full Stack Web Development course has not started yet, I cannot talk about it. However, I had completed two other courses from Coding Ninjas and I had a wonderful time taking part in them. Both the courses were very well-structured and I learned a lot from them. Therefore, I am sure that my Full Stack Web Development course will be an even better experience for me. 

What features impressed you during your courses? 

I really enjoyed the way the courses were taught. You would not get bored. Also, all the topics were well covered and explained. The structure of the course has been designed in such a way that one can never forget the essential topics. The TA support provided was very helpful during the time of my course journey. 

Based on your experience, would you recommend your college mates and friends to take this scholarship test?

Definitely! I would recommend all of them to try out the courses offered at Coding Ninjas. The scholarship test should also be given by all as it can really assist someone in enrolling in the course of their interest at a very affordable price.

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