Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Aarekh Mehta

Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Aarekh Mehta
Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test Experience of Aarekh Mehta


Being interested in coding, a chance visit to the Coding Ninjas website changed Aarekh Mehta‚Äôs life. The young coding enthusiast successfully completed the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test in June 2021 to gain a 100% scholarship to the courses offered. 


Let us take a look at what he has to say about his experience with Coding Ninjas and the scholarship test:

How did you learn about Coding Ninjas and the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test?

I have been interested in coding for a long time. There came a point in my life when I decided that I had to learn to code. I started out with basic lessons online, especially through videos on YouTube. However, these videos were not well structured, making it difficult for me to go beyond the basics.

Thus, I started searching for coding courses online. That is how I came across Coding Ninjas. As I started going through the various courses on the website, a pop-up notified me of the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test. I decided to give the test a shot and that is how I applied and registered for it. 

In what ways did you prepare for the scholarship test?

Incidentally, this was my first time giving such a test online. Initially, I had zero ideas about the test format as well. Then, however, I searched the internet for the question types and the format of the test. It was then that I learned about how the questions were basically on aptitude and basic mathematics. I had a few books on the aptitude tests. And, thankfully, practising from these books made me well-prepared for the scholarship test.

What were some of the primary features you liked about the scholarship test?

The scholarship test is helpful on multiple levels. First, it is a great way for you to evaluate yourself. And, it also allows you to learn some of the best coding courses and techniques at a very minimal price. 

How would you describe the overall experience in appearing for the scholarship test?

I had not given the test intending to receive a 100% scholarship. Based on my abilities, I had just wanted to give my best and receive whatever scholarship I could. Actually, the scholarship test was a little on the harder side for me even though I was confident that I might get a good amount of scholarship because I had enjoyed giving the test. Little did I know that I would be getting a full scholarship. I was elated when the results came out and I learned that I had bagged a 100% scholarship.

What course did you choose to enrol in with your 100% Coding Ninjas scholarship?

Due to my interest in coding, I went for the C++ course that also includes data structures and algorithms. This course will enhance my love for competitive coding and problem solving. And, I am having a great time learning in this course. After I finish the course, I will probably go for another course in the domain of web development.

How has your experience been learning courses at Coding Ninjas?

I am still in the middle of my C++ course and I must say that I have enjoyed my time with it. What makes the learning process even better is that I am getting to implement what I am learning in real-time. In addition, I have been delighted with how Coding Ninjas guides you to completely understand a particular topic before moving on to the next one.

What have you liked the most during your course experience? 

I think the most crucial part of the course has been the course curriculum. Earlier, as I mentioned, I had been learning about coding in a very incoherent way from YouTube. This course is a very compact one and makes you systematically learn about things, with ample room for interaction. Speaking of interactions, the TA support has been great. They have always responded swiftly to my doubts and issues. I also like the fact that you can post your questions publicly, allowing your course mates to answer them and interact with you.

Would you be willing to recommend this scholarship test to your friend and college mates?

I have already recommended this scholarship test to all my friends, cousins, classmates, and juniors. If anyone is looking forward to learning coding properly with the correct guidance, then he/she should absolutely register for this test. Coding Ninjas has the best course curriculum and I believe that I am learning and exploring my passion from the best, as there is no one better at this than Coding Ninjas.

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