Celebrating Teachers’ Day with Coding Ninjas

Celebrating Teachers' Day with Coding Ninjas
Celebrating Teachers' Day with Coding Ninjas


Teachers are one of the most respected members of our society. They shape the future of our nation and the lives of the thousands of students they educate throughout their professional life. Teachers are highly adored and loved by all of us, however, we must also show how grateful we are for having them as our mentors and instructors.

They do not want anything back from us except good grades which benefit no one but ourselves. Teachers are the best, regardless of what they teach or where. Instructors come in various forms in different stages of our lives, but all of them deserve an equal amount of gratitude and respect.

In case some of us forget, Teacher’s Day is on the 5th of September. During this year, the date falls on a Sunday, thus making it even easier to communicate with your teacher. In India, we celebrate Teachers’ day on 5th September to celebrate all the teachers who have contributed to our society and to India’s future.

This date is actually the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a truly great teacher and a serving President of India. In 1965, instead of celebrating his birthday, he declared the day should be marked as ‘Teachers’ Day’ to appreciate our teachers. Mr. Radhakrishnan was an extraordinary scholar and all he wished was for all of us in this nation to pay the much-deserved homage to our teachers.

Importance of Teachers in the Lives of Students

Here are some reasons why teachers are one of the most important people in the life of a student:

  • Teachers motivate you and help you tackle the challenges life and academics throw at you.
  • Your teachers are the reason you’ve come so far and learned everything that you know about the various subjects you have chosen to pursue.
  • Even your communication skills (English and your native language) have been imparted and improved by your teachers.
  • Your teachers evaluate you throughout your academic life and ensure that you perform better from the next time onwards.
  • Teachers also teach you to be honest, hard-working, polite, and have integrity.
  • Your teachers also impart traits such as punctuality and professionalism.
  • Teachers are enthusiastic about your future and push you to work harder through optimism and high expectations.
  • Teachers point out your faults and give you room to fix the errors in your methods.

Instructors and Faculty from Coding Ninjas

The immensely skilled instructors at Coding Ninjas have assisted many Ninjas in acquiring highly desirable job roles in MNCs and massive conglomerates globally. These respectable teachers cover foundational and advanced topics such as Data Structures, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, or a huge variety of programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, and many more.

Here are the different instructors and faculty members from Coding Ninjas who have been helping thousands of students and working professionals across all age groups:

  • Ankush Singla

Ankush Singla is one of the co-founders of Coding Ninjas and holds a degree in CS from IIT. He has a master’s degree in CS from Stanford University and holds experience working with tech bigwigs such as Facebook and Amazon. 

  • Aakash Tyagi

Aakash Tyagi is an expert in React and JS. He is an experienced software engineer who has worked with Zulip as a Google Code-in mentor as well as a Software Engineer at MakeMyTrip.

  • Nidhi Agarwal

Nidhi Agarwal is also another founding member and she holds a master’s degree from IIIT Delhi in technology. She is great at teaching programming concepts and teaches foundational topics and Data Structures in C++ and Java.

  • Manisha Khattar

Manisha Khattar is a founding member and has extensive experience in teaching advanced concepts of Android development, Java, and C++. She has published research work on data analytics. Manisha also holds a master’s from IIIT Delhi and is currently working at Google as a Software Engineer.

  • Navdeep Sandhu

Navdeep Sandhu is a great instructor who tirelessly supports students and collaborates with the teaching assistants to enhance the learning experience for students as much as possible. He has a bachelor’s degree in IT and has worked in companies such as Ernst & Young. Navdeep is also a senior content developer. 

  • Parikh Jain

Parikh Jain is also a co-founder of Coding Ninjas and holds a bachelor’s degree in CS from Delhi Technological University. He has prior experience working at Amazon and is the man behind CodeZen, Coding Ninjas’ Online Platform that allows students to interactively attempt coding problems and learn more about them holistically. 

  • Arpan Garg

Arpan Garg is a founding member and a bachelor’s degree holder in Electronics & Communications. He is an expert in Python, React.js, and Angular. Arpan has experience organizing Google Developers events and has worked for companies such as Spice Labs.

Also, Coding Ninjas is organizing a “Teachers Day Special Give-Away Webinar” with Ankush Singla & Parikh for students and professionals.

Build a Simple Program for Teachers’ Day

When we celebrate Teacher’s Day, we do it with a bang and obviously, some coding. Let’s make a simple program that will print your teacher’s name alongside his/her prefix and any personalized message that you want to put in for them.

In the program below, ‘x’ represents the first input while ‘y’ represents the second input. The final output will be any sentence that you code into the print string. If you wish to use additional sentences or play around with the location of the text, you can simply use commas (,) to separate the outputs and inverted commas (“”) to declare each particular output.

Here is the code for the Teacher`s Day:

#First, the two input x and y will serve as the prefix and name-input for your teacher.

x = input("Enter Your Prefix(Mr./Mrs./Ms.): ")
y = input("Enter Your Name: ")

#We are using commas to print separate variables or input in the same line.
print("Happy Teacher's Day",x,y,".""You were the best teacher ever.")

First Output:

First, ask your teacher to input his/her prefix such as ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’, or ‘Ms.’.


Second Output:

Then, ask your teacher to input his/her name in order to print the final output.


Final Output:

The final output will combine your teacher’s prefix and name along with a personalized message. This message can be edited and customized according to what you wish to say to your teacher.


Expected Output:

Happy Teacher’s Day (x) (y). You were the best teacher ever.

If you wish to add additional visualizations, such as fluid simulations, fireworks, volume models, or particles, you can render these configurations using Python scripts, GUI frameworks, and some libraries.

Then you can integrate it with your existing code and use SOPs to exchange data with the rendering program.

You can choose to use Anaconda (open-source) which comes pre-built with multiple libraries and the option to easily boot additional libraries. Students can also choose to use Google Colab as it enables simple but highly effective visualizations that you can implement.

Key Takeaways

So, why wait? Build your teacher a simple program and make them proud during this Teachers’ Day. Alongside that, you can choose to also give them something meaningful that they can use when educating all the other future students.

Something like a laser pointer or a whiteboard would be a great gift. You can also build them a ‘fan page’ on social media and make your fellow peers follow the page! The above program will take only a few minutes to build and you can customize it as much as you want.

You can mention how much you respect your teachers and how grateful you are for the knowledge they imparted to you.

Happy Teachers’ Day and happy coding!