Coding Boot Camps and the Payment Options Available


To learn a new skill you need to invest your time, effort, and money. But when it comes to money one gets cautioned about its worth and keeps looking for customised and feasible paying options. With the abundance of courses in the market on the same domains, it becomes a tough nut to crack as to which course is suitable for you, whether the course content is apt and the fee demanded matches with the quantity of content offered or not. And these are some very obvious demands of being a consumer.

Now, the edutech closely observes their target audience and keeps coming with lucrative deals and offers to woo their customers. But one needs to be alert of these fish traps while making a firm decision. One needs to be aware of the current market trends, deals offered by other competitors for knowledge on the same content, and many other factors like these.

So before moving ahead and discussing what are the probable paying options these days, let us see the points one needs to focus on before choosing a course.

Coding Ninjas

How to choose a course?

Whether it’s an online course or an offline course, few factors determine its authenticity and one needs to keep those factors in mind while choosing one. So let us see these factors-:

  • What’s the need? One must always try to search for a couple of reasons why he/she needs to do a course in a certain domain. What skills they want to gain, what benefits they will have post-completion. One must also look for the reason why they desire to have those skills, what importance do they hold, why is it relevant today, and how they link them with the in-market demands. A skill/hobby need not always be for professional upskilling sometimes it might be for personal growth interests as well.
  • What’s exciting about it? So after exploring the need to gain a skill, you need to check out what’s exciting about it and what are the probable prospects which when received will make learning more exciting. So now know what exactly you require in course content.
  • What should be the mode? This indicates your comfort level and feasibility. How will you be able to learn, whether the surroundings be more favourable to you? I suppose the learning center is in your vicinity i.e in the same city and commute to that place is possible, easy, less time-taking, and budget-friendly, then an offline mode will be more feasible for you. However, if you are getting good quality content with much less hassle, then what’s stopping you to leave your cozy corner and learn.
  • Reality check-: By a reality check I mean that you need to figure out whether the course fee is affordable for you, it is not putting an unnecessary burden on your finances. Further, if it’s offline, then it is feasible for you to both learn and manage your other tasks as well. In both cases, our goal should be that learning does not suffer.
  • Thorough Research-: Now that you know what you need to learn, you should do thorough research on the various courses available in the market. Check out the various courses offered online or offline, whichever mode suits you. Then prepare a list, or bookmark the courses you liked depending upon the course content, fees, or time duration. Before you land upon a course and choose it as the final selection, make sure you compare it with the other course offering websites so that you can get the best out of the lot.
  • Career Prospects-: If suppose you are upskilling yourself to get a job then you must briefly research the probable careers you can step in if you have that particular skill. You must briefly explore the salary prospects, certification needed, prospects of the jobs, and other benefits and advantages.
  • Focus on the details-: If you have chosen a course and you wish to pay the fee then you need to make sure you are aware of the contents promised by the educator or the edutech portal from where you are supposed to buy the course. Try to watch an introductory video on the same to get much clearance.
  • Narrow down choices-: After you have gone through several websites and e-learning portals, you need to chalk out a few of them otherwise you will be confused about having too many options to choose from.
  • You can always change your mind-: Always remember, that it is not the end of the world, you will always have alternatives to choose from. Even if you have made a wrong choice, you can either drop the course and search for a new one or even ask for a refund as many portals offer a refund if you withdraw in the initial days of starting with the course.

So now you know about the key points you need to look out for while choosing a course.

Payment Options 

Now let us see the various payment options that the edutech portals offer in the market.

  • One-Time Payment-: Many edutech websites require their customers to pay the complete fee before the start of the course, this type of payment is called one-time. If the course is online so only after payment, the user gets access to the complete course. Or if the mode is offline, you can only attend the class after full payment.
  • Payment on Installment-: Some edutech allow the users ease of payment by offering payment in installments. However, the rate is fixed by them and the user is required to pay at least the set amount every month. 
  • Payment after trial-: Few organisations give you a chance to experience their teaching style and how they deliver and then decide whether you want to purchase the course if it suits you. This is yet another lucrative method to hold the traffic on the site and the rest part is done by their user executive team.
  • Refund/Moneyback policy-: Many organisations give this lucrative money-back deal to woo the traffic. What they do in this, that once you register for the course, and you pay the fees, you will be given access to the course. However, after joining you realise that the course content and delivery are not meeting your requirements you can ask for a refund. But you need to be careful about this policy and need to go through the terms and conditions of the edutech portal before you. Why? Because this is a very fussy procedure as most organisations do not return the money and create chaos, then sometimes they state that the money-back policy days are over. So you need to be careful of this.
  • Payment after course completion-: This type of offer is extremely rare to find. Mostly the educational websites/institutes ask you to deposit half of the fee before the commencement of the classes and then you can keep paying it off. This need not match with the installment feature, it is something different. You can pay the remaining money at a later period but before the end of the course. Otherwise, in many cases, you are not entitled to certificates that hold great importance.
Plans and payments
  • Payment after Placement-: This is something very new that has come up but many organisations have boldly adopted it. It is a very lucrative offer and at the same time risky as well. In this, you are taught everything that you had applied for, but you don’t need to pay the fees before. Instead, you need to sign some documents where you agree to pay back the organization when you get a job. The institute undoubtedly assists you till you get a job and then once you land with an offer, the fees start getting deducted in the form of monthly installments from your salary. Until you finish paying the fee, you are in the clause with the organization.
  • Scholarships-: Many institutes offer scholarships to students based on certain factors. Either they conduct online tests and those who emerge toppers are given either free access to the course i.e full scholarship or partly access meaning, they have to pay 50% fees. Some institutes offer scholarships based on the marks of the students either in class 10th, 12th, JEE, or on other bases.
  • Other discounts-: To lure more buyers, many organisations offer some first come first serve discounts and other seasonal offs or festival discounts.

What does Coding Ninjas have to offer?

There are many factors and policies which set Coding Ninjas apart from the crowd of Edutech. Be it its best-in-class course content, its IIT-graduates mentors, or its high-end services. Apart from this to make the courses easily available to all it introduces programs, deals, and many such paying features which will benefit many. Let us see some of its top-end programs and paying features. 

Ninja Career Camp
  • Ninja Career Camp-:

Ninja Career Camp by Coding Ninjas is a 9-month career boot camp, for aspiring web developers to acquire the necessary skills to land a job of their kind. This boot camp is divided into 5 phases. Let us have a look at that.

  • Phase-1-: getting started with programming and mastering data structures
  • Phase-2-: building amazing responsive websites using HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Phase-3-: writing scalable backend codes using Nodejs
  • Phase-4-: master some useful libraries for frontend like React, etc.
  • Phase-5-: get additional support in interview preparation topics like-: DBMS, Operating System, etc.

Some of the key highlights of this boot camp are-:

  • Both live and recorded lessons from expert faculty
  • 1:1 domain expert sessions
  • Placement support
  • Get mentored by experts from Facebook, Amazon, etc.
  • Live projects and hackathons
  • Quick doubt clearance

To know about Ninja Career Camp click on Ninja Career Camp by Coding Ninjas

  • Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test

Coding Ninjas has come up with the Coding Ninjas Scholarship test, which offers full scholarship to the winner and a percentage off on the fees for the successive rank holder. 

RankScholarship Percentage
Top 3 Rankers100% Scholarship
Rank 4-1075% Scholarship
After Rank 10
Top 5 %age50% Scholarship
5-10%40% Scholarship
11-15%35% Scholarship
16-20%30% Scholarship
21-40%25% Scholarship
41% – 50%20% Scholarship
>50%10% Participation Scholarship
Note: This scholarship percentage is over and above the applicable early bird discount
Scholarship Test

 This scholarship test is conducted quite frequently to fund the students for their desired course in Coding Ninjas. There will be an online written test on their platform Codezen. To know more about this scholarship test click on the Coding Ninjas Scholarship test

  • Early Bird Discount

Coding Ninjas offers lucrative early-bird discounts on selected courses. This isn’t constant and may vary on different batches and courses offered by it. To check out whether there is an ongoing early bird discount available on the course of your choice please visit its official page 

  • 4 Installment plans-:

There are 4 different installment plans available if you wish to purchase any course by Coding Ninjas. These installment plans are-: Basic, Pro, Advanced, Premium. Coding Ninjas has exclusively designed plans depending on your needs i.e the course add-ons you require and the EMI plan according to it. You can check out these EMI plans on Coding Ninja’s official page. Just click on the link and choose the course you want to avail.

  • Alumni Discount-:

Coding Ninjas cares for its alumni and that is why it offers a 10% discount if any alumni i.e someone who has already purchased a course prior or has completed it, enroll in a new course. But this offer is only available for alumni and is not valid for new joiners.

Exclusive Features
  • 7-day money-back guarantee-:

Coding Ninjas offers a 7-day money-back policy on all its courses. So from the date of registration, until its 7th day you can ask for a refund from us if you don’t like the course and don’t wish to continue further.

  • Try for free feature-:

Coding Ninjas offers many free courses, webinars, boot camps. You need not pay any fee for these programs. It also offers a free trial feature, where you will be given access to some portion of the course of your choice, to get an idea of our course content, expert support, doubt-solving aids, and other benefits. However, if you wish to do the full course you need to purchase the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pay for coding boot camp?

There are many payment options available like-: one-time payment, EMI, payment after placement, etc. You can choose whichever suits you the best

Can you finance a coding boot camp?

Yes, in some situations you can finance a boot camp. Suppose you are organizing a coding boot camp in your college, then you can fund support from college or the students who wish to participate and even you can also contribute.

Do coding boot camps take FAFSA?

No, FAFSA is generally needed while taking admission in a foreign college/university.

How do I get a coding boot camp scholarship?

You can visit their website and check out the details on how to apply for a scholarship.

Is coding dojo any good?

Yes, Coding Dojo is an educational website where you can choose from various courses and learn.

Are there scholarships for boot camp?

Yes, there are scholarships for some boot camps.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what are the things you will be learning in this course, let us discuss some aspects which make the courses offered by Coding Ninjas different from others.

So apart from the course content, there is a list mentioned below of the benefits that you will get on pursuing a course with Coding Ninjas-:

  • Course Pause: Due to this Corona uncertainty, we have introduced a 60 days Course Pause feature. Through this, you can pause and extend your course for up to 60 days and easily continue with your college and semester exams, even if the college reopens in between the course. Valid from April’20 Batches onwards.
  • Proven Content: Our placement record corroborates the quality of our course content
  • Seasoned Faculty: Alumnus of Stanford, IITs, IIITs, and other top-notch universities
  • Live Doubt Support: Live mentor support, solving over 1500+ doubts a day
  • Classroom Experience: A chatroom on Slack, Batch Wall, Leaderboard to interact with the faculty and batchmates
  • Directs you towards Machine Learning and Data Science
  • Strong Foundation in Programming Fundamentals and Problem-solving
  • Master Data Structures, Algorithms, and Their Implementation.
  • Placement support from
  • Easy EMI options are available.
  • Constant mocks and hackathons
  • Webinars from industry experts and alumni of Coding Ninjas
Code Studio

There are several options to choose from while choosing a platform to take a course from. However, before you reach a final point, make sure you have done enough research before investing your money. Coding Ninjas is one such option where you can find the popular courses that too delivered by experts from Facebook, Amazon and where you get high extended support.

Happy learning!