PAT: Free Placement Prep Test

PAT: Free Placement Prep Test
PAT: Free Placement Prep Test


It is always good to evaluate yourself and understand your current condition. The PAT or Coding Ninjas’ Placement Assessment Test allows you to test yourself and confirm if you are on the right track for your dream job. Every company has its own set of requirements and tests candidates accordingly, this PAT allows you to check which companies you will be able to get into and recommends the best companies for you.

This is especially useful during your placement preparation period as the test will assess you based on your preparation and score you accordingly. PAT allows you to get a deeper insight into how prepared you are with a 360-degree performance report and recommends the placements you will be able to crack.

Not just that, it also mentions the salary packages you would be earning once you join that particular company. This placement assessment test is especially useful for candidates preparing to sit for off-campus placements and coding competitions such as Google kickstart and TCS CodeVita.

Eligibility Criteria

For this free online mock test for campus placements, there are no academic eligibility criteria other than the fact that the candidate is a college student or a graduate with less than 2 years of work experience. There are no particular language prerequisites as well, candidates are able to use Java, C++, Python, and other programming languages of their choice. However, you must be fluent in using algorithms and must be aware of the concepts of data structures.

It’s a huge plus if you are an expert in OS, System design, dynamic programming, object-oriented programming, and DBMS. The test involves a pre-assessment that enables you to rate yourself on certain topics, thus PAT is able to recommend the perfect test for you even if you are a complete beginner. This allows you to not waste time and optimise the exam according to your current condition. 

Exam Pattern

The exam involves three sections with 10 questions each. The first section consists of multiple-choice questions and is followed by the aptitude questions section. The final section contains 10 coding problems based on data structures.

The exam will be for 3 hours (one hour for each section) and this will allow you to get a better understanding of your speed, which is critical during placement tests. The aptitude questions will be focused on logical reasoning, verbal ability, and quantitative aptitude. Meanwhile, the coding section will require you to code solutions on PAT’s interface.

How to Register?

It’s very simple to register and sit for the online placement test practice questions. You can sign up using this link and register with your name and graduation year. You can also choose the level of your skillset which will allow the PAT to assess you accordingly. We highly encourage beginners and young college students to try this placement practice test.

Previously Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are asked in the interviews of large MNCs:

  • Amazon:  Reverse List In K Groups

This is one of the most common where candidates are given a linked list of ‘N’ nodes and an integer K. Candidates must reverse the given linked list in K-sized groups. 

Candidates will be given a binary tree containing ‘N’ unique nodes and a start node from where the tree starts burning. Candidates must assume that the start node always exists in the tree and they must print the time it will take to burn down the whole tree in minutes.

Here, the candidates are given arrays or lists of words and asked to check if individual words can then be rearranged to form a circle.

You will be asked to code a program where if you input an integer N, the sum of all its even digits and the sum of odd digits are printed separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the test be?

The test will be held for 3 hours, with each section being given one hour to complete. The test is recommended to be attended in a single go without any breaks.

What kind of questions will be asked in the test?

The PAT is an online aptitude test for campus placement as well as a technical coding test. Thus, there will be questions from DBMS, OS, system design, and coding problems as well. The test will involve problems that must be solved with programming, aptitude questions and MCQ type questions.

Can I take the test on my phone?

No, the test requires a laptop or desktop for attending it. This is especially due to the exam environment needed to solve coding problems that require compilers and interface that is not suitable for mobile phones even in desktop mode.

I am not sure / not confident that I should take the test.

No need to worry, the test offers different levels of difficulty and beginners can take the test as well. The reason for taking the test is not for cracking it but to evaluate yourself, so please free to register. Additionally, you can take up coding programs for placements or a free placement preparation course.

What if only a few test cases pass in a coding problem?

In this situation, the coding solution will be marked as partially correct. However, PAT simply does not take the number of test cases into account but takes into consideration which code passes during the test case and which code failed.

What if I lose my network connection while the test is going on?

If you lose your network, your progress will be saved and your test can again be resumed using the same link. However, your timer does not get paused and you will be losing time.

How many times can I give the test?

You can give the test as many times as you desire.

I have more than 2 years of experience but want to move to a better company. Should I give this test?

You definitely can, however, the analysis and job recommendations are focused on people with less than 2 years of work experience and college students.

How do you predict which company I will get placed in?

We take the time you took, the questions you got right and other factors such as your skill level into consideration to map out your potential performance in various companies. These recommendations are unbiased and are provided taking publicly available information into account. (

I am not a BTech student, can I still take this test?

Yes, of course, you can take the test. Any college student and working professional with less than 2 years of work experience can take the test.

I am not from a computer science background. Will this test work for me?

Yes, the test will definitely work for you, however, basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures and computing is necessary as well as having the ability to code.

I do not agree with the results of this test, what can I do?

You can definitely drop us an email in that case at and we will immediately look into the matter for you.

Key Takeaways

This is one of the best opportunities that Coding Ninjas can provide for all the fresh graduates and students out there during this placement season! Free mock tests such as the PAT help you focus your energy and time on the opportunities that are the most suitable for you.

The placement assessment test also provides a detailed analysis of your performance during the test is followed by personalised advice as well. PAT also provides you recommendations for non-tech interview preparation and tips based on your company recommendations and present condition.

So what are you waiting for? Register and make PAT a part of your free placement training online routine.