Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp: How You Should Choose to Be A Part of One?

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp: How You Should Choose to Be A Part of One?
Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp: How You Should Choose to Be A Part of One?


A coding bootcamp is a well formed and structured educational program which helps people gain valuable industrial skills. There are several popular coding bootcamps in india which cover different in-demand technological skills.

Most popular bootcamps include – data science bootcamps, machine learning bootcamps, web development bootcamps which are being conducted nowadays in an online mode as well considering the Covid-19 protocols. 

These bootcamps nowadays have gained more popularity because of their policy of ‘pay after getting job’ which allows the students to learn even harder and pay on their own making them financially independent. Read this article to gain a deeper insight into how full stack web development bootcamps work and how can you be an active part of one. 

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp vs College 

While colleges and universities do their best in designing a curriculum that will make an individual be a better technical individual, it is imperative to understand that without hands-on knowledge on solving real-life problems, you won’t be able to actually become a full stack web developer. Given below are some key differences between a full-stack web development Bootcamp and a college for your reference: 

  1. Curriculum: Full-stack web development boot camps are structured in a manner that the complete focus is on gaining the required industrial skills for securing a good job successfuly. Colleges however focus on the holistic development of the individual by strengthening their computer fundamentals and enhancing their technical aptitude. 
  2. Cost: The cost for one coding bootcamp is equivalent to the cost that a student incurs per semester while studying at a college offering a computer science or equivalent degree. 
  3. Time: A college degree is generally 4 to 5 years long whereas a bootcamp takes anywhere between a few months to an year. The difference in time of both colleges and bootcamps is because bootcamps focus on only what is required to become a full stack web developer whereas a college focuses on everything a developer might need. 
  4. Career Options: Most top companies hire students having a degree from a top university which is a testimony of their abilities and technical skills. Coding bootcamps on the other hand aid in kickstarting a developer’s journey in tech and help in their endeavours of building startups as well. 

Skills Necessary to Succeed in a Coding Bootcamp 

Bootcamps are not like any conventional course or training where you have to watch modules, complete assessments and finally get a certificate of completion. Bootcamps focus on the holistic development of each candidate and along with the technical skills also help in getting the soft skills that are necessary for clearing the interviews at a top company. 

The must have skills for succeeding in a bootcamp are listed as under: 

  1. Dedication: For the entire duration of the bootcamp, you need to be solely dedicated towards the purpose of becoming a full stack web developer. You need to be dedicated enough to acclimatize yourself to changing technologies and work constantly to achieve the desired goals. 
  2. Problem-Solving: As an engineer your primary goal will be to solve problems and come up with solutions that make an impact in the eral world. 
  3. Teamwork: Bootcamps also focus on teaming the students up so that they can get a taste of real world development where several engineers sit together, brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas.  
  4. Basic Technical Skills: Before entering a bootcamp you are required to appear for a test/interview which test the student’s basic technical aptitude. 

Types of Full Stack Web Development Bootcamps 

  1. Local Coding Bootcamps: They are executed for a particular area only and have tie-ups with local companies which give the bets performing students a chance to appear for the local technological companies directly. This is also feasible for students who cannot relocate.  
  2. University Coding Bootcamps: Some universities also conduct bootcamps in the summer / winter breaks where they partner with educational organisations to offer additional education and training. These bootcamps are more formal and structured. 
  3. Online Coding Bootcamps: These bootcamps can be attended by anyone from anywhere from the comfort of their homes as per their schedule and pace. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing a Bootcamp 

  1. Location: One of the important factor while you are applying for a bootcamp is where you would prefer to attend it. In-person bootcamps offer better focus but online bootcamps are more flexible. You can also relocate to a state/country where you wish to work so as to build networks there. In case you live considerably near to a good bootcamp, you should consider attending it in-person rather than in the online mode. 
  2. Goals: Different bootcamps offer a different set of goals and it is important that you choose the bootcamp which gives you what you need. Give due consideration to the learning environment, bootcamp culture, tech-stack that the bootcamp has to offer and the length of the bootcamp. 
  3. Cost: Cost is the most important factor when you are choosing a new bootcamp. Make sure that the bootcamp you are going with is affordable and offers good results. In case you have financial constraints, look for bootcamps having options of deferred tuitions or income-sharing agreements. Make sure you get atleast double of what you are investing for the bootcamp. 
  4. Outcomes: Look for testimonials and have a talk with the previous bootcamp students to analyse if the bootcamp actually delivers what it is promising.           

Tips for Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp Interview 

After you have picked the bootcamp you feel is the most suitable for you, you need to prepare yourself for getting admission to the bootcamp. The general screening process looks like this: 

  1. Written Application / Essays: First and foremost the students have to submit their resumes and submit essays reflecting their technical journey and their contributions to society. The essays also focus on the candidate’s motivation towards enrolling in the bootcamp. There is no trick to write the perfect essay. One thing you need to make certain is that you are writing it with utmost honesty and have not copied the answers of any other applicant. 
  2. Take Home Challenge: To assess the technical aptitude of the candidate, certain challenges are presented in front of the candidates which are assessed by the admissions committee at the bootcamp. To ace, the take-home challenges, make sure you are writing standard, optimised and clean code. 
  3. Interview: The final step is an in-person interview where your technical and behavioural skills are put to a test. Make sure you are well versed with the basic concepts and have practiced the most common HR questions before appearing for the interview. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn full-stack web development?

Yes absolutely, anyone can learn full-stack web development given the fact that you are ready to put in the required effort and dedication.

Can a 10-12 week coding bootcamp turn you into a full-stack web developer?

Yes, if you are working rigorously during the 10-12 week coding bootcamp, you most certainly will become a full-stack web developer.

What is a full-stack bootcamp?

A full-stack bootcamp is a coding bootcamp that allows students to learn full-stack web development in a matter of a few weeks.

Is full-stack web development dying?

No, full-stack web developers will stay in constant demand.

Key Takeaways 

Coding Bootcamps are the best way to learn new skills. A full-stack web development bootcamp graduate can join a large company as an engineer, start his own company, become a freelancer and earn on his own terms and even become an educator himself.

With the skills acquired by the coding bootcamps, endless possibilities are opened. When everyone is following the same old conventional methods, you need to do something different to stand out from the pool of candidates waiting in line with you to secure the job of their dreams. The time is now to begin and invest in yourself. 

Happy Learning!  

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