Take Advantage of These 5 Top Python Certification Courses

Take Advantage of These 5 Top Python Certification Courses
Take Advantage of These 5 Top Python Certification Courses

Introduction To Python certifications

Needless to say, tech, computers, websites, and apps have become essential to the functioning of our day-to-day life. With far more accessible internet in the picture, apps have become a mainstay of our lifestyle. Food, clothes, groceries – clicking on a dedicated app will deliver them to our homes. And dedicated coders are behind all these apps, writing sophisticated code according to the market’s requirements and developing functional apps.

Various computer programming languages can be used to create apps and websites. Among them is Python, one of today’s most widely-used computer languages. If you are a beginner in the computer world, the best way to achieve milestones in this journey is by learning Python.

A wide range of Python certification courses is available online today. Through these programs, you can gain an overall knowledge of Python. Armed with this tech superpower, you get to then pave your way to becoming an advanced coder.

Interested in knowing more? Keep on reading as we list the best Python certification courses available out there. Choose from a diverse array of courses or test out one of Coding Ninjas’ free trials for Python certification today.

The Best Online Python Certification Courses

Nowadays, online programs and certifications hold the same amount of value as an offline course. Python certifications are significant in the technological sector. IT companies are always on the lookout for Python developers. When it comes to catching recruiters’ eyes, you can gain a competitive edge by specializing in Python. You can bag job roles in fields like data science, machine learning, and web development. The average salary of a Python data scientist is around INR 6 lakhs.

1. Python Certification, The University of Michigan

This online Python certification course will help you is one of the best courses available in the world. It not only teaches you the fundamentals of Python but also has details about data structures, program interference, and network structures using Python.

This course is taught by Mr. Charles Severance, assistant professor at the University of Michigan. Once you complete the course, you will be assigned a practical project to complete using the knowledge you have acquired over the course duration.

This is a great way to enhance your problem-solving abilities and thus increase your practical skillset. The duration of this course is three months.

2. Complete Python Bootcamp, Udemy

The Complete Python Bootcamp from Udemy is also an online course. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The trainer of this course is Jose Marcial Portilla, a renowned computer professional, and professor. In this course, you will have lifetime access to all the lectures and assignments.

You will be learning from classes of more than 12.5 hours, with over 18 articles available in this program. It will also entail learning about Python 2 and Python 3. Once you’re through with this course, you will know how to create games, .py files, and GUIs in the Jupyter notebook.

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3. Python Certification with Applied Data Science, The University of Michigan

This program is only for intermediate learners. You will need some basic knowledge about Python to be able to learn the advanced code and machine learning covered in this course. The assignments and projects you complete during this course will help you pave the way to becoming a data scientist.

In this program, you will learn to work on a manipulation basis. The syllabus covers some unique elements as well, such as text mining. This is a 5-month course, with an overall online rating of 4.5 out of 5.

4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, Coursera

If you want to learn Python along with data science, this Coursera program is just for you. You can select from nine different series of program offerings to kickstart your journey in Python, ML, SQL, and data science. This is an excellent chance to develop your skillset in these strategic directions and get set for the programming world.

The course has several unique articles on data visualization and data science. Each series is 3–5 weeks long. The time assigned to each series is 2–7 hours per day. You don’t need any prior Python knowledge for this course, as the course teaches everything from scratch. From the fundamentals of Python to advanced coding problems, each topic is taught using the best measures.

5. Python Certifications for Machine Learning and Data Science, Udemy

This course is available on the Udemy app. The instructor is Mr. Jose Portilla, Head of Data Science at Pierian Data Inc. and a professional data science and Python trainer for employees at General Electric, McKinsey, Credit Suisse, etc. 

With this online learning course, you will learn the fundamentals and how to analyze data using Python. You will also learn how to create aesthetic visualizations and learn machine learning algorithms. Apart from the 25 hours of classes, this course also grants you lifetime access to all its videos and more than 17 related articles. If you’re a beginner, consider this exciting course to get your Python certification.

Coding Ninjas also offers several free, tried-and-tested courses on computer programming languages. The platform also has various state-level quizzes that will help in advancing your skills in these languages. Get a Python certification from Coding Ninjas and grab the best possible opportunities that come your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which certification is best for Python?

There are various certificate courses available for Python. The one that best suits your requirements and interests is the best Python certification for you, as there are different courses for Python. Select the course based on whether you want to learn it along with data science, machine learning, or just the fundamentals.

Are there any certifications for Python?

Yes. You can select from an array of various courses with different subject combinations to get certified in this programming language.

Is a Python certification worth it?

Yes. Major IT firms are looking for people who have done certification courses in Python for recruiting. This is because Python certifications hold great value in the industry. As a learner, you also get an advantage with learning Python, as its syntax is easy to grasp and learn. Most apps are developed using Python as well. Knowing this language will surely give you an edge over others when applying to or working in an IT firm.

What is the best way to develop Python coding skills?

The best way to develop Python coding skills is to get enrolled in a Python certificate course. You can choose the course most suited for you to develop your coding skills in the most relevant manner. These courses have topics that will help you learn everything about Python.

Can I learn Python without any programming experience?

Yes, you can easily learn Python without any programming experience. Python is a superb language for beginners.

What Python skills are in demand?

Python data science, machine learning, coding for games, etc. are some of the skills that are in demand.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn a computer programming language that is relevant to your career goal and which will help you achieve greater heights in the future.
  • Python is a programming language that, overall, helps in creating opportunities.
  • This is a universally loved language as new developers feel comfortable using this easy-to-understand language. Beginner programmers and coders want to learn this versatile, highly utilitarian course that helps in developing all kinds of apps using simple codes. 
  • Python certifications are also very much valued in the industry. With a proper Python certification, you can find jobs in various sectors of the IT industry.

With so many online courses available for Python, the decision-making process and evaluating pros and cons are bound to get confusing. That is why we have listed the top 5 Python certification courses available today with their course timings to make this decision easy for you.

Consider this list as your sign to enroll in one of these fine programs and start your Python learning course today!

Apart from these, consider joining Coding Ninjas CodeStudio: an excellent boot-camp program to learn how to ace tech interviews. This platform allows you to leverage your skill set to get recruited for your dream job. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity of kickstarting your dream career today.