Is A Web Developer Bootcamp Right For Me?

Is A Web Development Bootcamp Right For Me?
Is A Web Development Bootcamp Right For Me?


Web Development is the procedure of developing a website or a web application using HTML, CSS and Javascript. This is different from web designing as development involves more programming of how a website looks and works. Web development can be broadly distributed in three categories:

Following the brief knowledge about web development now let’s focus on what really is a Bootcamp. Bootcamp is a compact, intense, short-termed program for people who seek employment in the field of development.

It prepares the candidate for tackling real-world problems by focusing on high practical knowledge imparted without any absurd or inappropriate activities. It is also a great way for a beginner to start on a track of becoming an industry-ready developer. A full-stack web developer Bootcamp has the highest demand in the market.

The web development Bootcamp is one such bunch of courses that undertake the web development part under the umbrella of the Coding Bootcamps. These courses are available both in-person and online, both equally impactful while having different advantages to them.

Bootcamps are also relevant for the people who want to brush up on their existing skills and become better developers. Bootcamps are fun, informative and they trigger the challenge-taking skills that help you to become a better developer.

Bootcamps initially were brought to light after noticing the huge demand for talent in disciplines like web and software development, which gave rise to basic and advanced web developer Bootcamp. Apart from complete web developer Bootcamps, we see other disciplines like UI/UX and designing growing in demand too.

The generic idea of Bootcamps is to convert a caterpillar (a newbie) into a beautiful butterfly after rigorous training and guidance.


As a beginner, if you’re looking out for related knowledge you need to have before starting a web development Bootcamp, let me break it to you, you do not need any. Yes, you read that correctly, no pre-requisites as such. Bootcamps are designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of a novice and that of an experienced developer too. 

Also, I will let you in on another secret –  it’s a myth that only engineers can take up web development Bootcamps and be benefited from them. It’s a wrong assumption usually made by many. You can belong to any of the fields and still join a Bootcamp to become an industry-ready developer. 

One basic requirement is the will to learn and the ability to handle the intensive course that Bootcamps provide. Not only during the class but devoting time to all the necessary things relevant to the class hold equal importance to become the developer you urge to be.

This includes asking doubts and doing the task provided to you no matter how long it takes. This develops a thinking ability that is the basic yet most important asset a developer can build.

Daily lifestyle as a Bootcamp student

A misconception amongst many students is that Bootcamps are the easy way out, that skimming through the syllabus and copying notes and assignments will make them pass the course. Well, it’s definitely not the case. It is not an “easy” alternative for a computer science degree. It should not be taken lightly due to its system of having no exam system. 

While many web development Bootcamps allow flexibility and ease, others don’t. It requires good time management skills as hard work is required to succeed through the Bootcamp. Managing your studies (full-time jobs in some cases) and Bootcamp requires immense endurance skills. 

For online Bootcamps, regular tracking of assignments, online meetings, and mentor interactions. It may sound overwhelming but going through this intensive course makes a candidate even more suitable for being an industry-ready individual web developer.

Benefits of a web developer Bootcamp

Apart from becoming a better developer and coder, a Bootcamp has many other benefits that may go unnoticed when seen through in a shallow manner. 

  • Problem-solving skills in a pressurized scenario: Since Bootcamps are intensive and short-termed they are the best way to test or build your fast problem-solving skills, which eventually is the target of becoming a developer. 
  • Team-work: Many Bootcamps allow the students to make team projects cultivating teamwork skills and management when working in a group of people. Apart from that learning in a group triggers cognitive thinking and opens up a new perspective, which again is an important trait that a developer should attain.
  • Communication Skills: Communication is the sole principle of a successful developer as communication between the client and themselves should be smooth and complete. Bootcamps help inculcate such communication skills in a short span and make you industry-ready in all aspects. 


While reading this blog, one question that may have popped in your brain is that, are the boot camps really advantageous to me. Well by saying a simple yes, I don’t want to keep you away from all the advantages that a Bootcamp holds in comparison to a college degree.

While college degrees are usually four-year-long, a boot camp is much shorter termed than that, and well we all know the importance of time. Apart from the time factor, we have a monetary factor too. College tuition on average stands ₹2.5 lacs per anum, a Bootcamp is a better investment as the tuition is much less. 

There are free coding Bootcamps as well for the people who can’t afford high fees. Free Bootcamps may not provide all the resources that a paid one can, but it does provide enough for you to get started.

Web developer bootcamps both in-person and online are equally good and have their advantages.

In-person coding Bootcamp provides exposure and networking opportunities with people who have the same interests as yours. Also, Bootcamps in India are provided by many platforms online as they are self-paced and allow flexible timings according to the coder’s requirement, which means a student or a working person can schedule their course according to the availability in their schedule. 

One great opportunity for people who can’t afford Bootcamps is the courses that allow the student to pay after the placement. Yes, that is correct, you can pay after getting a job for certain Bootcamps.

Which Bootcamp is suitable for you and where to look for them?

The first task you need to do is to see which dev Bootcamp suits you the most. Following the factors given below can help you find the Bootcamp best suited for you.

Which Coding language do you want to learn?

There are Bootcamps in Java, python, C/C++, data science, machine learning, and many more. You can find many Bootcamps by the name by using these terms: algorithms Bootcamp in c++, machine learning Bootcamp, best python coding Bootcamp, data science programming Bootcamp, Bootcamp coding blocks.

Many boot camps are free and provide the option to pay after getting jobs. For instance, free Bootcamp python, complete 2020 data science & machine learning boot camp. And free online coding Bootcamp 2019 will help you to find good boot camps that are free or allow paying after placement. Coding blocks boot camps are one of the best amongst the huge library of boot camps available online.

Location (If not online):

Some of the best Bootcamps are provided by many cities in India like Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai are some of them. For boot camps abroad, we have many universities that provide such courses, like in Berkeley, San Fransisco, Seattle, etc.

Your Schedule:

Before committing to a hard course that asks for a huge number of hours as a commitment, you should check how available you are for it. Can you handle a full-time job along with this intense course or do you have any time slot free that doesn’t overlap with your existing schedule? 

Quality of the content:
Do not get trapped by the number of modules a course provides you, rather fall for quality. Quality content ensures that you are learning the right material that you should for mastering that particular development field.

It doesn’t matter how much content is provided unless the instructors are capable of solving doubts properly and teach in a systematic manner along with reviewing the assignment thoroughly.

The assignments should trigger the thinking process of the developer and not just the implementation of what was taught during the lectures. 


Ask your seniors/friends who have taken up that course or have heard about it in the past and weigh the course depending on it. You can search for reviews online as well by using the terms like best python coding Bootcamp, best Bootcamp for data science, best front end developer Bootcamp for better review results. 

How to pay for a coding Bootcamp?

Many boot camps are available that look out for the people who demand to upskill themselves but can not afford the highly rated course. For such candidates, there are many courses that allow them to pay once they land a job.

This is a great opportunity to grab and learn in a way to be determined to land a job. That means the only requirement you should have to do a coding boot camp is to be determined enough and extract as much as you can from the curriculum provided. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are web developer Bootcamps worth it?

Web development is in high demand as of today’s condition and if you devote the correct amount of time and work, yes they are worth it. The amount of work you do during the Bootcamp to get better is proportional to the increase in its worth.

What is Bootcamp in web development?

Bootcamps are short-term sessions that give the students intense training. In web development, you can get Bootcamps in full-stack or the ones, particularly for front-end or back-end. These courses are available for every experience type- beginner, intermediate, or experienced. 

What is the best Bootcamp for web development?

For beginner courses on online learning, sites are relevant before diving deep into web development. 

Is web development a dying career?

No, it is not a dying career. Many advancements in technology can be seen but it is probably not possible for the web development industry to go extinct. 

 Is web development a stressful job?

It depends upon the company or organization you are working for. Generally, it’s the same as any other professional job in terms of stress and workload.

Do web developers have a future?

Yes, web developers do have a future. Artificial intelligence will be used as an aid by the developers to make it easier. So, investing in learning it as a skill is highly efficient as many companies look for developers as their employees.

Key Takeaways

Bootcamps are the courses in a trend that helps a candidate to be industry-ready in a short time by following an intensive course. Many options are available online and offline for the students to search through and find their suitable course.

Keeping aside the coding aspect, bootcamps provide many more benefits that are important while grabbing a placement. Before taking up a course, one should properly research the factors that make a course suitable to them.

Quality over quantity is always advised for higher efficiency and better results. Free Bootcamps and post-placement payment courses are also available in the market, helping the candidates to gain knowledge without thinking much about the financial aspect. 

Happy Learning!

By Pooja Gera