The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge 2021 Is Here!

The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge 2021 Is Here!
The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge 2021 Is Here!


One of the top-notch engineering and research behemoths, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd. is holding its annual Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge for 2021.

This is a part of the Siemens recruitment process to screen and hire the best talents through a competitive process. This will provide a level-playing field to engineering freshers across the country.

Siemens Recruitment 2021 is open to freshers who have zero to three years of experience and who have completed their engineering graduate or postgraduate degree from a recognized university/college in India.

Siemens Company is known for its long-term association and commitment to India with multiple, stellar R&D centres in the country. Its prominent operations in India include Siemens Technology Research, Siemens Advanta Development India, and Siemens Technology Intellectual Property under the umbrella of Siemens Limited.

Together these entities are developing solutions for the future in process automation, digitalization, and electrification.

About Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge

Siemens Limited has always supported innovators, go-getters, and game-changers by providing them with adequate resources, platforms, and an enabling environment. Siemens Company has always been a sought-after destination where dreams turn into visions and visions turn into reality.

It has been at the forefront of hiring, nurturing, and providing the best of talent in multiple domains, industries, and technologies for its global clients. The knowledge framework that Siemens Limited has built requires a continuous infusion of fresh ideas and new blood.

The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge for Siemens Recruitment 2021 is a pathbreaking way to attract and hire the best minds when it comes to engineering, at attractive salary packages from across the country.

Important Dates

Last Date for Applying1 August 2021
Opens At25 June, 12:30 PM
Closes At8 August, 06:25 PM

Important Details in a Nutshell

Positions up for GrabsSoftware Engineer, Developer, and Tester
Experience level0–3 years (freshers)
Duration3 hours
Participation TypeParticipation is confidential
Nature of the ChallengeAlgorithm Challenge
CompensationBest In Industry

Eligibility Criteria

ExperienceOff-campus freshers of 2019 and 2020 batch. Graduates of batches 2017 and 2018 may also apply with relevant experience.
Educational QualificationsB.Tech/BE/M.Tech/ME in:Computer Science & EngineeringInformation Technology EngineeringElectrical EngineeringElectronics & Communications Engineering
SkillsProgramming Test in one of the following: C++Embedded SystemsJavaC# and .Net

Positions for Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge

The Siemens recruitment for 2021 will hire many freshers in the position of Software Engineers, Systems and Applications Developer, and Tester. The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge is a transparent and inclusive process to let the best of talent compete and win against the rest.

Siemens Company has always attracted several bright engineers to join its ranks as developers and testers because the compensation it offers is the best in the industry. Once hired, you will be placed at one of the five research locations of Siemens Limited: Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida, and Pune.

About Siemens Limited

The significant areas of focus are electrification, automation, digitalisation, and solutions development for internal and external uses. 

Siemens is a global pioneer in delivering infrastructure and energy solutions, wind power solutions, industrial automation, and rail automation, and is a world leader in medical imaging technology. Siemens also develops and deploys B2B financial solutions and software for the industry.

Siemens Limited’s India connection and long-term commitment date back to 1867, when the group’s founder, Werner von Siemens, supervised the deployment of the first telegraph line between London and then-Calcutta. Today, Siemens Limited has 22 factories, 8 Centres of Competence, 11 R&D centres, and a countrywide sales and service network in India.

The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge is thus a way to identify and hire the best modern talent for a heritage organisation.

To know more about Siemens Limited, read the company profile and history available at Siemens Advanta and on their official website.

Essential Guidelines

Before you register and start taking the challenge, go through these essential guidelines thoroughly. Make sure you understand each one of them and follow them throughout the Siemens Recruitment 2021 process.

  • Ensure that the email ID you used to register for the test is your proper email ID and is also used to apply for the software engineer, developer, or tester position.
  • Make sure that your system meets all compatibility requirements of Coding Ninjas for the test. Ensure a stable and speedy Internet connection before you start the test.
  • Either disable all the extensions in the browser or attempt the test in a private or incognito window. Some extensions may affect the proper function of the test interface.
  • Before starting the test, ensure that all other applications, browser windows, and tabs are closed, as any attempt to move away from the test screen would violate the ethics policy of Siemens Limited.
  • The timer cannot be paused once the test starts. Therefore, you must complete the entire test in a single attempt.
  • After attempting each question, click ‘Submit’ before moving on to the next.
  • To get online help during the test, you can click on the question mark (?) seen in the lower-right corner of the screen and raise a ticket.
  • Make sure that you have submitted the final answers before you try to close the browser window/tab. If you have not submitted the response and close the window, it will not be registered.

Coding Ninjas Sample Challenge

Coding Ninjas has developed a sample challenge to mimic the actual test. We strongly recommend you take this sample challenge to cement your preparation for the Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge.

By participating in this sample challenge, you would understand how to submit MCQs and develop and execute programs in an online programming environment. The same environment would be used for the actual challenge but with basic questions.

By taking the sample challenge, you will get detailed information on each step of the final Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge and a sneak peek into how to attempt programming questions, with the Coding Ninjas evaluation protocols.

Runtime Errors in Online Programming Challenge

You may encounter a runtime error while executing your code, and like an offline IDE, it also means that your program has compiled successfully but crashed or exited with an error.

How to Avoid Runtime Errors?

  • Initialise all variables explicitly.
  • When accessing array elements, ensure the index is always within the bounds.
  • You are allotted 64 MB as runtime memory, so never breach it even accidentally.
  • Declare large arrays globally, outside of any functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge?

The Siemens Fresher Hiring Challenge would have the following types of questions:

1. There will be ten MCQs. Submit each question after attempting it.
2. The second part of programming problems requires you to write code and execute it in the online environment. You can make multiple submissions for the same issue. The platform considers your best submission for evaluation.

Are the programming questions restricted to specific languages?

There is a choice of programming languages (among C++, Java, Embedded, C# and .Net, and Automation). If a question demands to be answered using a specific language, that would be mentioned in the problem details.

Where can I view the solutions for the problems of this challenge?

Once you have submitted the final solution and submitted the challenge test, the problems would be moved to the practice section, where you can view their answers.