An Overview Of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021

An Overview Of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021
An Overview Of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021


Are you a super coder? Or are you simply interested in coding? Either way, this is a great chance for you to show off your skills. Capgemini has been holding tech challenges over the past seven years—with women being 35% of the applicants—and the latest edition is here.

Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 is slated to become one of the largest hackathons in India. Over seven lakh tech lovers and coders have participated in this challenge over the years.

Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 is for both novice and experienced coders of India. By taking part in this competition, freshers and veterans can receive great prizes. Besides, on winning this competition, new job opportunities open up for all coders. Participating in this competition will help all applicants align their coding skills with industrial demands and standards.

It has a great set of prizes worth INR 20 lakhs. This year, the challenge is being conducted online due to COVID-19. The virtual competition will have three rounds to test your overall skill set and knowledge. If you’re a coder who thinks they can handle all sorts of tricky questions, apply for this competition today.

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Eligibility Criteria for Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021

First and foremost, the applicant should be a coding lover and enthusiastic about learning and using various programming languages. Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 does not have very rigid eligibility criteria. These rules are common for any competition:

  • The applicant should be a graduate in B.Tech/B.E/M.E/M.Tech.
  • The applicant should have at least a 6.5 GPA in graduation. There should be no backlogs.
  • The applicants who have graduated in 2021 can also apply for the challenge.

Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 Dates

This year, Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 will be conducted virtually. The event takes place in two rounds: the Regional Tech Challenge and the Theme Tech Challenge. These two challenges also have two levels each:

  • Regional Level 1 of the Regional Tech Challenge takes place from 7 June to 19 July. Regional Level 2 takes place from 28 June to 19 July.
  • Likewise, Level 1 of the Theme Tech Challenge takes place from 28 June to 19 July. Level 2 takes place from 5 July to 19 July.

The final round of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 will happen on the 4th and 5th of September. 

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The Rounds of Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 

As mentioned, this contest takes place in two rounds, which again consist of two levels each. Once the applicant clears all four tests, they will be eligible to take the final tech test. The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 questions and answers will be released on the official website for practice after completing the challenge. 

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Regional Tech Challenge

People who clear the Regional Tech Challenge can sit for the finales. It has three rounds (levels). Level 1 and Level 2 happen simultaneously, but Level 3 takes place on the day of the finals. For each test, the applicants will get 30 minutes. Each correct answer yields four points. There is no negative marking.

One also gets two attempts at each level. Out of the two, the best score is taken into consideration. The applicants must try to score better to get clearance. There will be 25 MCQs in the first two levels.

The final round of this contest will take place online. The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 Regional Challenge Answers will be declared on the official website after the rounds are over.

Regional Tech Challenge Prizes

This challenge has its own set of prizes. The winner gets a cash prize worth INR 50,000. The second prize is also a cash prize worth INR 30,000. Additionally, there are ten early bird prizes for the applicants who complete Level 2. They will also receive Capgemini-based merchandise.

Theme Tech Challenge

The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 syllabus for the theme-specific challenge is Java, C++, Python, Snowflake, Data Science, AWS, Pega, and many more. There are specific challenges for each computer language. Applicants can choose a challenge and apply accordingly.

Their performance in the two levels will decide whether they get to sit for the final level. Both levels will not have negative markings. Applicants will have two attempts at each level. The highest score between the two attempts will be taken into consideration.

  • Level 1: Screening Phase

The level will have 25 MCQs. Each correct answer will yield 4 points, making this a 100-point round. Applicants will have 30 minutes in total to answer all the questions. If the applicant answers 40% correctly, they will be sent to Level 2. The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 answer key will be released after completing the rounds on the official website.

  • Level 2: Hackathon Phase

Level 2 is a single-problem phase. Applicants will get one question to solve in seven days. Once solved, they must submit it on Capgemini’s official site. They can submit the solution as many times as they want – only the last submission will be considered. The applicants can use as many tools as needed to solve the problem.

Theme Tech Challenge Prizes

This challenge has its own set of prizes as well. The winner will get a cash prize worth INR 50,000. The second prize is also one worth INR 30,000. There are also ten early bird prizes for the applicants who can complete Level 2. Here too, they will receive Capgemini-based merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Capgemini hire through a tech challenge?

Capgemini does offer jobs to coders through this challenge. However, a job offer is not guaranteed just by winning the challenge. After winning the challenge, selected applicants will have a scheduled interview with the HR team. The candidate will have to clear the interview to receive a job offer from Capgemini.

How do I get a job at Capgemini Tech Challenge?

You will have to apply for the challenge through Capgemini’s official website. You should be a graduate with a minimum of 6.5 GPA to be eligible. Once you have cleared the challenges, you will be selected for an L2 interview with HR. You can get a job at Capgemini India if you get selected after the interview.

What happens in the Capgemini Tech Challenge?

Capgemini Tech Challenge has different challenges, rounds, and levels listed within it. The applicant will have to select and apply for the challenge most suitable for them. The challenge takes place at different levels of 100 marks each. One has to clear all the levels to win the prizes for each round.

What is the use of the Capgemini Tech Challenge?

Capgemini India conducts this tech challenge every year to get the best set of coders for their team. After the challenge is completed, they select candidates who they think are worthy of working in their organisation.

What is a snowflake in Capgemini?

Snowflake is an SQL-based cloud data platform. It helps store big and small data. Capgemini has good proficiency in working with Snowflake.

What is the regional challenge in Capgemini Tech Challenge?

The regional level challenge is an online challenge conducted by Capgemini India. The regional level has three levels in it, each of 100 points. The first level has 25 MCQs. Every correct answer yields 4 points. The applicants can win up to INR 50,000 from this challenge.

Key Takeaways

Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 is developed for coders and tech-savvy people to apply their skills and technical know-how related to computer programming languages. Besides cash prizes, participating in the challenge also helps them secure jobs in varied, high-paying companies. Moreover, Capgemini India offers jobs to a selected range of applicants.

  • The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 is conducted to test the applicant’s knowledge and interest in the coding language.
  • It has been conducted for the last seven years now.
  • This challenge helps applicants to prepare for stellar job opportunities in the future. Applicants can also win prizes worth INR 20 lakhs.
  • The challenge has two rounds: regional and theme-specific contests, besides the finale. Each round has corresponding levels. By winning specific rounds, applicants can secure cash prizes worth INR 50,000. The Capgemini Tech Challenge 2021 dates are spread through June to September.
  • The levels will test applicants’ knowledge of different coding languages and problem-solving and hacking skills. The levels are 100 points each.

The challenges are set according to various computer language programs. The applicant can apply for the challenge by simply registering through Capgemini’s official website. If you are a tech-savvy person who loves coding and wants to be a part of India’s largest hackathon, register yourself today!

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