Meet The Winner Of The 100% Coding Scholarship

Meet The Winner Of The 100% Coding Scholarship
Meet The Winner Of The 100% Coding Scholarship


Today you will get a chance to meet Hardik Garg, the student who bagged 100% Scholarship by Coding Ninjas during its maiden edition.

He has earlier pursued C++ with Data Structures and Algorithms course by Coding Ninjas and is currently pursuing Data Science and Machine Learning Premium course via the scholarship.

The Experience

How did you prepare for Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test? 

The syllabus for the test was a combination of Programming MCQs and Coding Questions. I didn’t do any separate preparation for it as I brush up on my fundamentals and basic coding skills on a regular basis.

What are the key factors you liked about the Scholarship Test? 

The Programming MCQs were particularly interesting to solve as they were not very direct and involved some thinking. Overall the test was well balanced and a student with a decent understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms could clear it.

How was your overall experience on giving the Scholarship Test? Did you find it easy or difficult? 

The test was fairly balanced with questions ranging from very easy to hard categories. 

How was your course experience with Coding Ninjas?

The course experience was really good. I learnt a lot of new concepts in the ML domain in an organised manner. This helped me a lot with the other projects I was working on and provided me with a head start when applying for various projects.

 What did you like the most during your course experience? 

The Course Curriculum is excellent. A beginner might find it a bit difficult but for those who have some prior programming experience and want to get started with Machine Learning, this course is one of the best starting points for them. 

I also liked the programming assignments as they were not only very helpful, but also they helped me learn all concepts in a consolidated manner.

Would you recommend your friends or your college’s seniors/juniors to take the Scholarship Test?

For sure I will! A scholarship test or any test for that matter is a great opportunity to determine how well you fare against fellow students. The scholarship is the primary driving force, however, giving such tests also puts one in the practice of giving timed tests in a realistic environment which eventually helps during the online rounds of various companies.

Upcoming Scholarship

After receiving great participation and enthusiasm during the last three editions of the Coding Ninjas 100% Scholarship Test, here we are with its fourth edition.  

To ensure smooth participation, this Scholarship Test will be held over a period of two days, i.e. 22nd and 23rd August, 2021 at 9 PM. So if you are not able to appear for the test on 22nd, then you need not worry, as you can take the same on 23rd August at the same time!

To learn more about the scholarship test, visit this page.