The 2021 Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge

The 2021 Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge
The 2021 Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge


Zynga is an American Game Development company that gave world titles such as Farmville. It has an incredible market hold and has millions of players worldwide. For most software engineers and especially individuals aiming to become game developers, joining Zynga is a dream come true.

The Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge gives you an opportunity to join their exceptional team and build games or incorporate ideas that will be used across millions of people. Games such as Farmville can be played across iOS, Android and Web browsers, thus requiring a lot of collaboration among the best minds of each segment.

While it expands the user base of the games, it also requires the support of many software developers. This is why Zynga wishes to recruit skilled individuals for teams dedicated to various games. This challenge is one of the most anticipated hiring challenges for freshers in 2021.

Why Zynga?

Zynga is renowned among players worldwide and offers competitive salaries with discretionary annual bonuses. You also get the chance to work in a highly advanced studio that has complete ownership of its games.

Besides the insurance, medical and other employee assistance benefits, they also provide RSUs or restricted stock units for their game developers.

This is truly a fun company to work at with a great work environment and multiple employee events throughout the year. There are many additional leave options and extremely flexible working hours for most teams.

As of the first quarter of 2021, Zynga has over 164 million active users monthly compared to 83 million monthly users during the third quarter of 2020. From the company’s peak in 2012, it experienced a gradual decline of its players, however, since 2016, the company has been steadily acquiring more players.

It has more than doubled the average monthly players as compared to then and can boast an average of 57 million active game sessions at any given moment. Zynga has a bright future ahead and software engineers should not miss out on this opportunity to be a part of this future.

New employees get a chance to work with the best minds in this industry, which itself is a huge benefit. If a data-driven work culture that is fast-paced is what you are looking for, it is the perfect place for you.

What is the Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge?

The primary motive of this hiring challenge is for Zynga to hire skilled software developers for improving game titles and coming up with ideas for new games. This is one of the best opportunities for aspiring game developers as the job roles will involve solving gaming problems and working on additional features, performance, scalability and adoption of new technology.

The challenge is for both senior software engineers and ones with less experience who wish to work with Zynga in their Bangalore office. Applicants must be comfortable with working in an agile environment that involves collaborating with UX teams and game design teams.

Here are the Eligibility Criteria for the Hiring Challenge:

  • Qualification Requirement: BTech/MTech, MCA and B.E.
  • Experience Requirement: 1 to 7 years of experience.
  • Skill Requirement: Amazon Web Services, PHP, C++ and C#.
  • Additional Requirements: Candidates must be skilled in object-oriented programming, algorithms, Operating Systems, Data Structures, Cloud Infrastructure and Networking. Candidates must also have experience with code reviewing and source control management. Applicants must also have very strong analytical and debugging skills.

Women candidates are encouraged to participate as Zynga is prioritising women applicants. Candidates must also have good communication and presentation skills. The challenge itself consists of 10 multiple choice questions and then two programming questions focused on Algorithms and Data Structures.

However, once applicants clear the challenge, they must clear the interview rounds. The whole process consists of 3 to 4 technical interviews that will be based on Data Structures, Algorithms, Core Computer Science topics and programming.

Starting Time and Date: 06:00 PM, 6th August
Ending Time and Date: 11:55 PM, 15th August
Duration of the Challenge: 2 hours

What is the Job Role?

At Zynga, most of the work will be involving stand computing concepts to ensure reliability, scalability, performance and measurability. New recruits will get a chance to review existing code and designs while working on new concepts and innovations. Developers are expected to build new features using languages such as Python, JavaScript or C++ and implement new technology in games.

You will be involved with working on large problems and breaking them down for other teams to implement them. All the developers are also responsible for supporting the gaming services and maintaining the game health. You must also be flexible and work with Quality, Assurance, UX, UI, PM and Art teams.

Senior developers must be open to mentoring junior engineers and constantly try to upgrade the performance of the games. Every employee must take a hands-on approach during development and assist in the rapid deployment of prototypes. Due to the holistic nature of the job role, this challenge has been orchestrated like other full-stack developer hiring challenges.

Application Process

First, applications must register using their email address here. Then, once you start the challenge, you must submit each answer by clicking the ‘submit’ button during every question. Candidates can ask for help during the challenge by raising a ticket. This can be done by going to the lower-right corner of the page and clicking on the question mark.

Please note that the challenge must be completed in one attempt and the timer or the challenge itself cannot be paused at any point. You must also take care not to close your browser tab or window by mistake. Your computer must also meet HackerEarth’s compatibility requirements and you must also have a decent internet connection.

It is highly advised that candidates participate in the challenge by disabling other extensions or opening an incognito window to avoid interference in the assessment environment. It’s also recommended to close other windows to prevent distractions.

Once the challenge is completed, selected candidates will be emailed regarding the other rounds. Like other hiring challenges for freshers in 2020 or the Juspay Developer Hiring Challenge, the test will feature problems of medium complexity. 

Frequently Asked Question

Where will the challenge take place?

The challenge will take place online in HackerEarth’s platform like challenges such as the Juspay hiring challenge in HackerEarth.

Will I receive a reminder notification before the challenge begins?

Yes, you will be reminded before the challenge, however, it is recommended that you set a reminder as well.

How do I participate in this challenge?

You can participate in this challenge by applying here.

My code works in my local IDE, however, it throws compilation errors when I run it on the platform interface. Why does this happen?

This compilation error is due to the difference between the language compiler versions between your IDE and the platform’s compiler or due to local library imports. This can be avoided by updating your IDE.

What are some other good hiring challenges?

The Hackerrank hiring challenges and other software engineer challenges are some great options for you to participate in.

Which languages can be used in Zynga’s hiring challenge?

You can use Python, JavaScript, C++ and C# for the challenge.

Is the test easy?

The test will feature questions that are not too tough but are of medium level complexity.

Is there any age requirement or experience requirement?

There has been no specified age bracket so software engineers of all ages can apply for the challenge. However, applicants need to have a minimum experience of one year in order to participate.

How can I prepare for this challenge?

You can prepare by checking out the questions for other hiring challenges such as Amazon SDE Hiring Challenge 2021 questions.

Key Takeaways

This Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge is one of the most anticipated HackerEarth hiring challenges as many software professionals dream of being a part of game development or gaming services. So, why wait? Participate in the Zynga Diversity Hiring Challenge and get the opportunity to work for a gaming company that is progressively growing every year.