Walmart Software Engineer Hiring Challenge 2021

Walmart Software Engineer Hiring Challenge 2021
Walmart Software Engineer Hiring Challenge 2021


Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, bypassing even Amazon. It is the dream of many to work for this leading giant with $559 million in revenue last year. Walmart believes that impressive lines of code have the ability to change the manner in which millions of shoppers interact with products.

Like previous challenges held by Walmart such as CodeHers, this one has been estimated to attract thousands of software engineers from all over the country. The challenge is a golden ticket to a future as a developer in this highly valuable retail chain, so why wait?

Why Walmart?

Walmart Global Tech is home to over 15,000 of the most highly skilled data scientists, software engineers and software architects. A huge number of them reside right here in India and the company is becoming increasingly active in this country.

Working for Walmart is a great choice, especially due to it being a Fortune 500 company and still growing extensively. Walmart almost seems to double in value every decade and especially with employees being offered stocks, it is a really good reason to go for Walmart. Walmart is truly known to value their employees and provides multiple amenities.

It offers associate stock purchase plans and provides discount cards for products or groceries at Walmart stores. Walmart has grown in terms of sales, size and employees every year, with e-commerce sales increasing by 69% in the US alone during the last quarter of 2020.

Customers are moving online, and so are products and services. Walmart is in dire need of more software engineers to cater to their needs to expand in the online space. Especially with Amazon around, Walmart needs to work extra hard to gain an edge over the competition.

What Is The Walmart Software Engineer Hiring Challenge?

Walmart is in need of software engineers to have more impact on millions of shoppers across the planet and make their shopping experiences better. This is why they orchestrated their Hiring Challenge in order to acquire skilled software developers and programmers for their Bangalore and Chennai offices.

The primary focus of this challenge is to evaluate all the applicants and employ the most suitable candidates for the organisation. A good hold over Java is required in order to participate in this challenge as candidates are required to only use this programming language. The challenge incorporates two larger questions that are mildly complex and 8 multiple-choice questions.

The two main questions are from Data Structures and Algorithms while the MCQs are from various topics. Candidates can choose to prepare by revising through various algorithms and common problems such as the Josephus problem.

The great thing about this challenge is that it will be open for three days with the candidates being sent the link for the assessments each day. The questionnaires will be different for each day and candidates can choose to appear on any day that pleases them.

  • Challenge starting date: 6th August (12:30 PM)
  • Challenge closing date: 8th August (06:25 PM)

Here are the eligibility criteria for the challenge:

  • Educational qualification: B.Tech or B.E from Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Telecommunication, Electronics or Instrumentation streams. M.E and M.Tech graduates from the same streams are also welcome.
  • Experience required: 1 to 5 years
  • Candidates are also recommended to have strong business communication skills.
  • Candidates must be proficient in Java and in implementing various kinds of algorithms.

Once candidates are evaluated for their eligibility, they will be allowed to sit for the assessments. Eligible candidates will be then sent links for the tests that need to be completed within a span of two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart have a good presence in India?

Yes, Walmart has a presence in India, which is increasingly growing both in the retail and IT sectors. Walmart has many of its processes operating from India while software engineers here support the various infrastructural, software and online requirements that the company has.

Is the Walmart Software Engineer Hiring Challenge tough?

The challenge will feature questions that are of medium complexity. The MCQs should be very easy to complete while the main questions on DS-Algorithms might be tougher to solve.

Is only Java allowed during the challenge?

Yes, candidates can only use Java.

Is Walmart a great place to work at?

Yes, Walmart is one of the best places to be working at with the company providing multiple facilities and amenities for its millions of employees.

Does Walmart conduct off-campus placements?

Yes, the company does hold off-campus placements throughout the year and various challenges such as CodeHers.

How much work experience is required for the challenge?

Only a year of work experience will suffice as that is the minimum requirement.

Is there any minimum marks’ requirement?

No, there is no minimum grade or marks requirement that has been specified. However, good marks can always prove useful when any company evaluates their potential candidates.

Is there any age bracket?

No age bracket has been specified, thus, eligible software engineers of all ages can apply.

What is Walmart Global Tech?

Walmart Global Tech is the technology division of Walmart. Walmart Global Tech, India is the entity responsible for the India operations of Walmart Labs.

Key Takeaways

Walmart wishes to make shopping more convenient and effortless, thus willing to hire skilled personnel that can help them achieve this goal. The hiring challenge is a great opportunity for those who wish to be an employee of this reputed MNC. Walmart has over 2.2 million employees worldwide; gear up to give your all and join the family of this massive company.