Promote Advancement: The 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge

Promote Advancement: The 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge
Promote Advancement: The 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and human beings had to completely adapt to new norms, thus changing the way they function and operate. New innovations in technology that allow us to connect easily, businesses to sell more and services to be more accessible are always welcome.

There are also global problems such as aerosol pollutants, burning of fossil fuels, global warming and lack of education in many countries across the world that can be helped with further advancement in technology. Even if not completely obliterated, these problems can be faced head-on with the assistance of better applications, tools and machines.

There are many underlying problems in our digital world as well, with the issues related to data security and integrity. With better technology, we can bridge the gap between machines and human beings as well, thus empowering the human race even further.

The Innovation Challenge is Accenture’s way of contributing to advancement in technology by encouraging young minds and promoting viable ideas.

What is the Accenture Innovation Challenge?

The 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge is based on the theme of ‘Combining Technology with Human Ingenuity for a better world’. The challenge is focused on bringing out human ingenuity to help society or businesses through technology.

Whether it is digitalisation, Augmented Reality, robotics or mechanical engineering, Accenture invites projects and submissions from all areas of technology. In 2018, the Accenture Innovation Challenge received over 13,000 registrations from more than 31,000 students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The following years received as much attention from students around the world and 2021 is expected to be as eventful. Between the various stages of challenges, Accenture also introduces many new concepts and gadget prototypes alongside fun games and events.

The challenge also makes way for future interviews with the company and allows students to showcase their ideas on a global stage. There are multiple cash prizes and incentives that are offered to impressive projects and skilled students.

The Innovation Challenge focuses on two main types of innovation this year:

  • Innovations for Business: This segment is for registrants who wish to build innovative solutions for businesses or business models that provide a new approach to existing or new markets.
  • Innovations for Society: This is for all the students who wish to apply technology to help improve society as a whole. These can be solutions that improve the way we interact, work, live or assist the development of geographical regions as a whole.

What are the Different Phases of the Innovation Challenge?

There are 4 main phases in the Accenture Innovation Challenge:

  • Phase 1: In this phase, participants need to form teams that can consist of up to four members. These teams are then assigned to their respective Accenture consultants. The teams must submit their concepts, solutions or ideas in accordance with the submission templates alongside an interactive elevator pitch video that must be between 1 to 2 minutes. Three teams, for each first-round event that is conducted, will advance to the second phase.
  • Phase 2: In this phase, the teams are required to work on their concepts or ideas in more depth and apply them practically as viable solutions. Online simulations will be run for the solutions or models and then marked according to the quality of the project. The revised project or presentation will be submitted to the judges for the final decision. Only four teams will be selected for each second-round event being held.
  • Phase 3: The top 20 teams, from all the rounds that were conducted, reach this phase and receive a funding of Rs. 25,000 for building their prototypes.
  • Final Phase: In this stage, the top 4 teams compete to be the winner of this Innovation Challenge and win internships plus cash prizes. The phase consists of the final projects being submitted and the best among them is chosen.

How to Apply For the Innovation Challenge?

This ‘Accenture campus challenge 2021’ or the ‘Innovation competition 2021 India is open to every college student who loves technology. There are no specific eligibility criteria other than the registrant being an undergraduate or postgraduate student who is currently pursuing his or her education.

Also, the students need to be over 18 years of age and they must be pursuing their degree full-time. For more information, you can check Accenture’s 2021 Innovation Challenge page.

Here are the dates and timings for the Concept Submission stage:
Concept Submission Starting Date: 21st July 2021
Concept Submission Starting Time: 04:00 PM IST
Concept Submission End Date: 7th August 2021
Concept Submission End Time: 11:55 PM IST

Here are the dates and timings for the Prototype Submission stage:
Prototype Submission Starting Date: 12th September 2021
Prototype Submission Starting Time: 10:00 AM IST
Prototype Submission End Date: 26th September 2021
Prototype Submission End Time: 11:55 PM IST

When you are ready with your team, you can simply go ahead by submitting your idea or concept. Students will get confirmation when their submissions are accepted. You can start by applying via this link and register yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Accenture innovation challenge?

The Accenture innovation challenge is a global challenge that is held across many countries to promote great ideas from students and healthy competition between them to build better technological solutions.

What exactly do we have to do in the Accenture innovation challenge?

Students need to submit their ideas and if their ideas are selected, they must then progress onto submitting prototypes of their models or solutions. The main goal of the challenge is to build or develop the most innovative technology among all the participants or teams.

What is the Accenture business innovation challenge?

This is the innovation challenge that is geared towards business models or businesses in general. This is one of the two main parts of the 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge.

What is the Accenture innovation challenge in India?

Accenture Innovation Challenge India is for all the Indian students who wish to showcase their skills and concepts on the nationwide stage and get a chance to work in this massive MNC.

Who are the 2021 Accenture innovation challenge winners in the US?

Athena Myat and Kylie Grinwald from Cornell University won the 2021 Accenture Innovation Challenge. They represented the undergraduate team of their university.

What is the healthcare innovation challenge 2021?

This part of the Innovation Challenge is meant for helping society through healthcare, bioinformatics and biotechnology. It is a part of the challenge that does not relate to the business segment of this competition.

How to prepare for the challenge?

Teams are asked about their projects and are also expected to simulate their concepts. So, care must be taken when preparing your prototype. Students can check example Accenture campus challenge 2021 answers and solutions that were presented to back ideas of previous participants and teams. For example, one can check the projects from the 2021 winners of this challenge from other countries.

What is the eligibility criteria?

There is no specific eligibility criteria other than the students being over 18 years of age and actively pursuing full-time degrees (UG or PG).

What are the kinds of projects that are allowed?

Projects of all kinds are allowed that employ technology to help businesses, society or the human race in general. Projects can be simply computational in nature (tools, software, programs) or physical (machines, gadgets, hardware, robotics).

Key Takeaways

Ready with your Accenture innovation challenge ideas? Go ahead and register yourself as the submissions end on 7th August. Choose your teammates and the perfect idea to showcase to the entire nation. The lucky winners get the chance to work with Accenture or even get their projects live.

With plenty of project funding, cash prizes and incentives, this is a great opportunity for students and the student innovation challenge for 2021 is expected to be immensely interactive and fun as well.