Coding Ninjas Gets 100k+ Subscribers

Coding Ninjas Gets 100k+ Subscribers
Coding Ninjas Gets 100k+ Subscribers


This is a proud moment for all of us here at Coding Ninjas as our ever-growing family has finally reached over 100,000 subscribers. Alongside this, our family of employees and students has been growing immensely as well. 

We could never be happier as we are able to now reach out to thousands of students across the country (and even the world) and assist them in achieving their goals. Our YouTube channel covers a diverse range of topics from artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, programming languages, and algorithms to even roadmaps for interviews or assessments. You can check out our videos here

Whether you are an engineering aspirant or a working professional looking for better opportunities, we are here for you.

A Bit About Us and Our Goal

In case you are new here or you have just come across us, we wish to tell you that we are a learning platform that aims at bridging the gap between colleges and workplaces. We follow modern, flexible approaches to education and believe in practical experience alongside knowledge. We mean to expose you to real-world projects and experiences, thus making you industry-ready. 

Notably, we are headed by many brilliant minds from technology and education. Ankush Singhla is an IITian with a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University.

He founded Coding Ninjas in 2016 alongside Kannu Mittal and Dhawal Parate. Meanwhile, Parikh Jain is from the highly acclaimed DTU and has extensive experience as a mentor. 

We here at Coding Ninjas help students to prepare for their favourite companies, providing the most viable path to their goals. We impart the knowledge that we have gathered from our industry experience, interviews, assessments and preparation onto you so that you can achieve all that you want in the organisation of your choice. 

Besides, we mean to make education affordable to everyone and thus, have incorporated many flexible payment plans such as easy EMIs and the option to pay the fees after getting a job (Career Camp). Also, we truly believe that education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of erratic shifts (for working professionals). 

Online learning, we believe, is the future. And, we have made it our sole motive to make e-learning as engaging, fun and informative as possible so that students can get the most out of the courses.

CodeStudio and Interview Experiences

We at Coding Ninjas take pride in the fact that every single day our platform is helping our students get into amazing companies such as Walmart, Microsoft, Amazon, and Accenture.

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You can check out many of our students who have recently been selected and their interview experiences here. This also brings us to highlight how happy we are that CodeStudio is such a big success. 

CodeStudio is our proprietary platform that allows you to try out problems (from interviews or otherwise) and code using the language of your choice (Java, Python, and C++) and run it on our online compiler. CodeStudio also provides a brief about the logic behind the solution and the means to solve the problem in case you are unable to. 

Here are two examples of trying out problems using CodeStudio:

In case you are an existing student of ours and have attended interviews, feel free to share your experience here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get internships through Coding Ninjas?

Yes, absolutely. Many of our students get internships through Coding Ninjas.

Can I get placements through Coding Ninjas?

If you opt for Career Camp, Coding Ninjas does everything in its power to ensure that you get placed. And, in case you are unable to get a job offer, you do not need to pay the fees.

Can I pursue courses while working or studying?

Yes, our courses are flexible and the assignments can be completed at your convenience.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are many different kinds of scholarships available that heavily discount the fees of the chosen courses.

Is Coding Ninjas certification valuable?

We are recognised across the country by dozens of massive MNCs and medium-level firms. Our students get placed in the best companies or the ones of their choice frequently.

How expensive is Coding Ninjas?

Coding Ninjas tries to be as affordable as possible to be accessible to as many students as possible. We also provide a huge number of payment options to make it easier for our students.

Does Coding Ninjas have its own IDE?

Yes, we have our own coding environment known as CodeStudio where our students can code and practise various problems.

What are the eligibility criteria to join the courses?

There are no criteria as such, however, the will to learn and basic interest in computing and programming is necessary.

What kind of companies do Coding Ninjas’ students get into?

Our students get into Microsoft, Amazon, Ernest & Young, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Accenture and many more firms.

Key Takeaway

Do you wish to learn to code? Do you want to build programs or websites? Or, has it always been your dream to join an MNC such as Microsoft, IBM, Morgan Stanley or Amazon? We are here for you.