Making The Most Out Of An Online Coding Bootcamp

Making The Most Out Of Online Coding Bootcamps
Making The Most Out Of Online Coding Bootcamps


As a response to the high demand for Coders in the Software development industry, the foundation of Coding BootCamps was laid, and to reward the founders, it has been a huge success, since its advent. Every year thousands of graduates or drop-outs upskill themselves and land their dream job with the help of a Coding BootCamp.

There are many students who couldn’t learn Coding in their educational institution due to several factors. There are many learners who had to drop out of college, to acknowledge the knowledge and capability of such enthusiasts a Coding Bootcamp provides them with learned Mentors and study material to assist them in coming out with the most appropriate solutions.

A Coding Bootcamp can be as small as a batch of thirty students or it can be as dense as thousands in a batch. The learning perspective grows exponentially in a Coding Bootcamp, as you can learn more from the doubts and solutions of peers. A lot of brainstorming and contests are there, that keep the students on their toes and updated.

If you are thinking of getting enrolled in a Coding Bootcamp, you need to stay active and the best out of it. Admission to a good Coding Bootcamp comes with a lot of effort and patience, hence you need to have a progressive learning curve.

What is a Coding Bootcamp?

A Coding Bootcamp is an online or in-person technical training program that teaches the programming skills that employers voluntarily intend to learn. Coding Bootcamps enables students with no or little coding proficiency to learn the most important aspects of coding and the application of coding paradigms and algorithms for solving real-life problems.

The main aim of many Coding Bootcamp attendees is to build a career in web development. They can definitely achieve this by learning to build applications at a professional level – which provides the foundation required to build live-project applications and demonstrate that they have the relevant developmental or logic-building skills.

Why are Coding Bootcamps popular?

With the increase in demand for Coders and Coding Bootcamps are becoming more popular. There has been a drastic change even in the structure and syllabus of Coding Bootcamps. As competition is increasing, more and more features are getting added and now these camps have a lot to offer.

Let’s read below the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of Coding Bootcamps:

  • Coding Bootcamps deliver lessons in a fast-tracked way and often focus on a specific programming language and skill, this helps in inducing undivided learning.
  • The past three years in particular have seen a significant increase in the number of bootcamp-style training providers, as enterprises organise their recruitment drives in these camps as they have the right people with the right skill.
  • Read, this statement coming from, Jack Capel, a senior technology consultant at tech-industry recruitment firm Spinks, a trading division of Harvey Nash – ​“With the UK economy needing 125,000 new software developers every year, and with traditional education unable to develop this level of talent, more people need to be taught to code through alternative routes.”
  • Diversity is another factor that contributes to the popularity of Coding Bootcamps. Each student has a different learning pace and grasping power. These Coding BootCamps are able to create a diverse technology set and attract a higher number of enthusiasts.
  • One of the anticipated effects of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is a further expansion of Online Coding Bootcamps, as one in every three adults are now using a lockdown period for developing their skills. The data commissioned by education publisher Pearson shows there has been a 300% hike in Google search queries for ‘online courses’ since lockdown began on 23 March 2020.
  • Coding Bootcamps have definitely shaped the careers of people looking for a mid-life career change or those who find “traditional” university-based routes into the industry less worthy.

What are the benefits of joining a Coding Bootcamp?

The key benefits of joining a Coding Bootcamp are:

  • You learn in-demand skills in a very short time span.
  • The Mentors are usually domain experts, hence they not only teach you courses but also help you with actual industry requirements and lessons.
  • It not only includes text files but the main focus is video-based and in-person learning that focuses on imagination and improvement.
  • In a Coding Bootcamp, you are going to learn numerous ways of approaching a single problem.
  • Coding Bootcamps usually teach the optimal solution with space and time complexity.
  • They acknowledge the time you invest by issuing a certificate.
  • Coding Bootcamps organise hackathons and coding contests on a regular basis, this helps in self-evaluation and motivation.
  • The time invested by a candidate per problem is tracked so that you can do better the subsequent time.

What should I do to get the most out of a Coding Bootcamp?

Even if you are enrolled in a Coding Bootcamp, you need to work on yourself so that you are hired by any of the recruiters:

  • Never settle with the brute-force approach, always try to code the optimal solution of any problem with the help of data structures and algorithms. Always compete with your peers and try to have a look at their solutions as well, you can learn something good from others.
  • If the Coding Bootcamp has optional hiring support, do opt for it as it becomes quite easy to get job opportunities under the banner of a reputed Bootcamp.
  • Never be hesitant in asking doubts, remember there is a learning stage in everyone’s life. Every expert has been through a learning stage.
  • Keep practising aptitude and logical reasoning problems, as most of the companies have a strict recruitment process, in which the first round is aptitude skills-based.
  • Work on your communication skills so that you can explain your projects, skills and experience clearly to the recruiter.
  • Only mention the technologies you are familiar with in your resume, else you might fail to answer the questions in the interview or you might end up working with an incorrect profile.
  • Even in a Coding Bootcamp, there are certain deadlines and guidelines that have to be followed, although these are quite easy and flexible, yet you must be punctual so that your profile is clear during off-campus drives.
  • Even if you work on a few technologies, make sure that you have some live projects and hands-on experience using them, so that you can earn placement on the basis of that skill alone.
  • Participate in the individual contests as well as the team hackathons, this will help you in learning the key concepts such as time management, teamwork, real-time problem solving and so on.
  • Don’t miss the domain-expert sessions, instead stay active and ask questions to the expert for clearing your doubts.
  • Register for mack interviews, this helps you a lot when you go for an actual technical or HR interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do companies hire from Coding Bootcamps?

Yes, a lot of companies hire directly from Coding Bootcamps. As there are many persistent and creative competitive coders out there. Many Coding Bootcamps have their own placement cell. The Career Camp by Coding Ninjas has a tie-up with hirist for assisting students in getting placed.

Is coding Bootcamp for beginners?

Yes, there are several coding Bootcamp out there specially designed for beginners, that assume that the candidates have no coding knowledge. Many Coding BootCamps even start by introducing you to Coding and the various programming languages, the first few classes are trial-based in such cases.

Are coding bootcamps worth it in 2021?

According to a recent study by Quora, around 86% of Indian candidates are satisfied with their bootcamp education in the past few months. Coding bootcamps are quite a lot cheaper and accelerated than learning to code at any college. Also, they allow you to get enrolled and learn, and you only need to pay after getting a job.

Is an online bootcamp different from an in-person bootcamp?

In-person, full-time, coding bootcamps are usually quite intensive and high-paced. If you prefer to go at a slower speed, an online coding bootcamp is a more suitable option for you.

Are online coding bootcamps worth it?

Yes, considering the current Covid-19 situation prevailing in the country, online coding bootcamps are really helping out the candidate to pursue their passion by offering discounts as well as placement assistance.

Key Takeaways

Coding is a passion for many engineering graduates. A Coding Bootcamps finds you in an optimistic environment with people of your kind. In a Coding Bootcamp students come with multiple approaches for solving a single problem.

You can always have a glance at your peers’ solutions for learning the most suitable one and the next time, you can come up with the most optimal solution on your own. This is how it scales up your knowledge and efficiency.

The students get a Mentor from a professional working organisation along with well-written tutorials that teach them every minute detail of Competitive programming and Algorithm Development.

Post this, students have earned hands-on experience in Competitive Coding. In the future, there is a very high probability of students from these Coding BootCamps getting shortlisted by top-notch companies such as Amazon, PayPal, Uber, and so on, for internships and job opportunities. Hence, don’t think that if you have an employment or educational gap you can’t end up having a fruitful career.

Happy Coding!

By Vanshika Singolia