Tips And Opportunities For Women Returning To Work

Tips And Opportunities For Women Returning To Work
Tips And Opportunities For Women Returning To Work


If you are a woman who took a break from work and are from the group of women returning to work looking for some courage to make a decision to return to work, then you have come to the right place.

This article will not just give you the necessary courage and boost to finalize your decision but also help you discover several opportunities that are just waiting to be grasped by you all! 

Just like taking a break from work is a big decision, choosing to return back to work is an even bigger decision. We understand that the struggle is real for women looking to return back to work after a career gap.

It is not a straightforward process to start job hunting. However, with the right direction and right opportunities, it gets easier to take a step forward to achieving your goals. 

Let’s take a look at some tips and opportunities that can prove to be very useful and help you understand what the companies need right now.

Why Companies are giving opportunities to women returning to work after a career gap?

Now, this might be a valid question – Why look for people returning to jobs after a career gap when you can just hire anyone else? Here are a few points that I will mention in this article that will prove that it is not just you who is looking for jobs, but the companies also need women like you – women who have a fire to prove themselves.

1. Experience 

Women returning to work have a wealth of experience. We are not just talking about work experience here. These women have something bigger – the LIFE experience. Not only do these women have career experience, plenty of impressive credentials.

But also these women have raised families, they have learned to live on a budget, they are honest, they are aggressive and they are looking for something to do. Where can you find a better combination? 

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Any company will recognize and leverage these benefits. 

2. Returners have to prove themselves

The corporate world is filled with overworked people who are struggling with burnout and stress. In such a place, these returners are like a breath of fresh air. They are smart, active, full of energy, and have a will to prove themselves. 

A fresh perspective along with a willingness to work hard is invaluable to any employer. 

3. Need of skilled women in the workplace

The gender gap in the workforce is still prominent. To ease this gender gap, returners are the best group that companies can approach. Not only are these women hard workers, skilled at their jobs but they also help bring in a mature perspective.

In their time off, they have learned how to handle responsibilities and a perspective that can only come with time and a variety of life experiences.

These returners have so much to offer and any workplace would love to have an employee that brings in a fresh perspective. 

Tips for women returning to work

1. Make up your mind

This is the first step that the women returning to work need to follow. They need to make up their mind and finalize their decision. I hope the above-mentioned points gave you the courage you needed to make this decision. Remember, it’s not just you, the workplace needs women like you too! 

Once you have finalized your decision, let’s move forward. 

2. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone 

Since the decision to get back to work is big, the preparation will definitely be big too. No one can deny that the thought of returning back to work after a career gap is a little scary but it is also a bit exciting! Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone while you are planning and working on getting a new job. 

Remember in the end it is your decision and it is going to be totally worth it to be independent again. 

3. Reskill yourself 

We all know that you have taken a career gap and you will not remember everything as perfectly as you used to. Your priorities had shifted during this break, but it is time to get back to work and for that, you need to reskill yourself. 

Make sure that the skill you are working on is still in demand. Take up a few online courses, interactive sessions with industry leaders and develop your skills. It is never too late to learn.

Whether it is to update your existing knowledge or to learn a completely new skill, remember that you can do it and don’t lose confidence. There will be times when it would seem difficult but you can get through it! 

4. Be open and confident regarding your career gap 

Remember it was your decision to take a career gap – whether to raise kids or for family obligations or for other personal reasons. There is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide. Be confident and open in your resume regarding the career gap you took.

Be prepared to face a lot of questions regarding why you took a career gap in your interviews. But nothing about it is wrong, even if you took a gap to just give yourself a break. Remember to be honest about the choices that you made and put this career gap in a positive light.

How it helped you become the person you are right now, how the gap shaped your life, what you learned in that time, any new skills that you developed. You need to show that the time you spent away was positive. 

5. Reach out and redevelop your professional network

Once you have developed the required skills, you will find yourself much more confident in your decision to return to work. The next step is to reach out to your old professional network and start looking for opportunities.

A good start would be to reach out to your friends who are still in the industry, tell them regarding your decision to get back to work. Talk with them about the opportunities out there for you and how you can start looking for open positions for your role. 

Join Linkedin, make connections and look for opportunities that match your skillset. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people. Remember the bigger the reach, the larger are your chances to find just the right opportunity! 

Opportunities for women returners

Here are links to a few websites or groups that help in empowering women who return to work after a career gap. Have a look and grasp an opportunity that is right for you. 

Not only will these websites help you look for the perfect opportunity for you, but they will remind you that you are not alone. Thousands of women are looking forward to returning to work just like you and some of these groups will help you connect with them!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I return back to work after a 2-5 year career gap?

Definitely! You are not alone, hundreds of women decided that they wanted to return to work after taking this long break and they have done it! They prepared themselves, redeveloped their skills, and are now working full-time jobs in various IT companies.

How to find a job after a career gap?

The first step would be to reconnect with your older professional network. Connect back with your friends and colleagues and learn about the opportunities and roles that you can apply for. Join LinkedIn, build your network over there, approach people with your updated resume and you will definitely find the right opportunity.

How to start studying after a career break?

I understand that the thought of starting to learn after a gap in studies can be scary but it is exciting too. You can start off with some interactive sessions from industry-level people, join some webinars and learn from there, take up online and start developing your skills.

You will find out that you can also connect with people who are in the same phase of life as you. Connect with them, learn different ways in which you can manage your personal and professional life, and get going!

Key Takeaways

Returning back to work is a big and important decision. You will feel scared, unsure a lot of times in your journey from making this decision to getting a job, but remember that it is totally normal and you are never alone. These worries do not mean that it is not the right decision.

It just means that you care enough to worry about your decision and how the change is going to affect your life. Being independent is important for every woman and it shows that you have the courage needed to be one. 

Don’t overthink, make your final decision, and then get to work to turn this decision into your life’s reality. Good Luck and more power to you! 

By Yashvee Gupta