How To Find A Coding Bootcamp That Is Right For You?

How To Find A Coding Bootcamp That Is Right For You?
How To Find A Coding Bootcamp That Is Right For You?


Preparation comes before success. To bag your dream job or secure a full-time placement in some multinational, appropriate, and up to the mark preparation is the prerequisite. No one has ever been able to get what they dream of by merely sitting and not working for it.

Various disciplines have different ways of preparation. While some may require silent study some actually need group discussion and brainstorming sessions.

However, finding the right environment to study in is a must. The search for such an environment can be hectic sometimes and could exhaust us without leaving even an ounce of energy within us. Coding which is a much spoken about field these days requires a similar approach towards its preparation.

It requires sheer determination, understanding, and consistency to ace the interview and bag a position in the dream company or builds your own empire.

Coding Bootcamp emerges out as the rescuers. It holds limited-day sessions where the industry experts teach you the very art you want to hone in order to shine in this industry.

They help you walk through the important topics and give you a basic understanding from the root level. They help you to ace coding skills from the very start to the end.

To help you prepare and get to the very position you’re chasing, this post offers a complete insight and understanding. It’s all that you’re searching for.

Coding Bootcamp: A Deeper Look

Coding Bootcamp can take into account various disciplines across coding. They can range from web development Bootcamp to a data science Bootcamp to python for data science to machine learning Bootcamp. They can be free online coding Bootcamps or paid offline Bootcamps or vice versa.

Coding Bootcamp held online can be accessed by students all over the world and this can help them boost their knowledge even more.

Following are the most preferred types of coding Bootcamps:

1. Data Structures and Algorithms Bootcamp

In this, students are provided with basic to intermediate levels of knowledge on topics concerning DSA. This coding Bootcamp helps prepare students for Software Developer posts on campus after acing their coding tests. This Bootcamp can further be categorized into java Bootcamp, algorithms Bootcamp for C++, c Bootcamp, and many more.

2. Python for data science to machine learning Bootcamp

In this, students are equipped with the much-required knowledge of python fundamentals and then teach them the concepts of data science and ML once after laying the foundation. This benefits them in many ways.

Besides the knowledge of core subjects, the students are even made aware of the types of jobs they could land in and also about the projects they could make to make their resume look even more impressive. Berkeley data science Bootcamp, data science Bootcamps in India, and Dev Bootcamp Seattle are some of the preferred Bootcamps concerning this field. 

3. Web Development Bootcamp

This Bootcamp provides students with the knowledge of making and hosting their own websites and diving deep into the concept of both static and dynamic websites. It gives them an idea of how the websites are created from scratch and what languages can they learn to do so.

Besides this, the students are also made aware of the type and kind of projects they could make concerning this field. 

4. App Development Bootcamps

In these Bootcamps, the students are made to understand the basics of what goes into making an app. They experience their pool of knowledge getting wider with each passing day as they are filled with more insights and facts.

Top Coding Bootcamps

1. Career Camp by Coding Ninjas

This coding Bootcamp offered by Coding Ninjas is one of its kind. Here the students get to register for mock interview sessions and expert guidance coupled with 1 on 1 sessions with the mentors. The learning hours are flexible and doubt resolution is their topmost priority. 

There is no registration fee when the student signs up for the entrance test on their website and on getting selected they are given the comfort to pay after placement i.e pay after getting a job. 

2. Codesmith

This online coding Bootcamp offers software development courses across various disciplines. The students could register for both online and offline modes and it also offers flexible learning hours. 

3. Altacademy

Altacademy provides an online coding Bootcamp unimpacted by COVID 19 pandemic. It’s a full-stack web developer online Bootcamp. The students can ace their web development skills in around 25 weeks from registration and be prepared with the tech force. 

4. SheCodes

It is an online coding Bootcamp for women which enables them to hone their web development skills at a faster pace. This is one of the best front-end developer Bootcamps. It’s a three-week Bootcamp with multiple feathers added to its hat. 

5. App Academy

App Academy offers 24- a week online coding Bootcamp to help students ace their developer skills and also set their foot in the development industry.

How to Pay for Coding Bootcamps?

While some coding Bootcamps are paid, some come without an enrollment fee. Some coding Bootcamps are offline and some are held online. Coding Bootcamp in India and abroad, which are held in online mode, provides various students with an opportunity to attend them from the comfort of their homes and soak in a more hands-on learning experience.

While the paid ones require you to make a payment via UPI or debit card, some of them even offer you the flexibility to pay the fee in some simple installments and not obstruct their learning with money-related matters.

The details of the payment are made available on their site itself or they even send you emails related to that. After the payment is processed you get another mail telling you the same. Then you can successfully log into your account and attend the Bootcamp in case of an online one.

The Coding Bootcamps that are free of cost require no such payment transaction to occur. You can simply register for them and attend as it starts. Some of the free online coding Bootcamps offer free Bootcamp for python, data science Bootcamp, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does online coding Bootcamp cost?

It depends on the Bootcamp organizer but they generally fall in the range of 2k-20k.

Is there a free online coding Bootcamp?

Yes, there are a couple of free online coding Bootcamps that you can register for.

How long is the average online coding Bootcamp?

An average online coding Bootcamp can last for 1-2 months while some have much longer durations.

How can you prepare for an online coding Bootcamp?

To prepare for an online coding Bootcamp – Research the topics that are to be taught at the Bootcamp, master your typing skills, and be prepared with the prerequisites as mentioned on their website.

How do I choose the right online coding Bootcamp?

Choose a Bootcamp that fits well into your schedule and the one you’re confident to go with. Also, take into consideration the qualifications of the coding teacher who would teach you.

Are there any part-time or self-paced online Bootcamps?

Yes, there are self-paced and part-time online Bootcamps like Coding Ninjas and many more that offer flexible classes to their learners.

Key Takeaways

Success comes to those who work for it and who know the right path that leads them to their destination. All the coders out there in search of a head start must begin with enrolling themselves into a coding Bootcamp of their choice that provides them with the most basic knowledge and gradually takes them forward. ‘

Finding one such coding Bootcamp could be hectic but this post offers all you need to know to find and get into one.

There can be multiple Coding Bootcamps offering the same course but you get to decide which one you want to get in. They define your future and the right guidance can do wonders. While both offline and online Coding Bootcamps are available.

Online Bootcamps are preferred due to their flexibility and time-saving capability. Online Bootcamps even give you an option to attend coding Bootcamps outside India and add to your existing pool of knowledge. 

Happy Learning! 

By Pooja Gera