How To Prepare For Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge?

How To Prepare For Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge?
How To Prepare For Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge?


The Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge is a one-of-a-kind online competition in which student teams use software and hardware to create intriguing sensor-based IoT solutions. It’s a 4.5-month competition focused on digital and solution-oriented innovation. 

The participating university student teams are challenged to create new IoT solutions using Bosch sensors and development platforms. The purpose is to realize practical and innovative projects that follow the motto of “IoT — Invented for Life.”

Students teams should be able to deliver a preliminary proof of concept and function of their idea before the end of the competition. Participants compete against other teams and have the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in front of an expert jury.

Eligibility Criteria

Students enrolled at a university or in closed academic cooperation with a university are eligible to participate in the Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge. Students who work at Bosch during the challenge or the preceding month are not eligible to participate.

Exam Pattern of Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge

The Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge asks student teams to create an original IoT solution utilizing Bosch’s latest programming tools. Smart building/home applications, air quality, consumer electronics, and fitness and well-being are the pre-defined emphasis areas for the innovation projects.

The teams are given a starter kit with hardware at the outset of the competition. It includes an Adafruit-compatible development kit for the new digital gas sensor BME688 with artificial intelligence, as well as a brand-new and easy-to-use Arduino development board with the latest sensors from Bosch Sensortec. The software can be downloaded from the website of Bosch.

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Preliminary Stage

A preliminary decision will be made based on the review of the documents presented during the competition to determine the top ten teams.

Final Stage

The judges evaluate the displays of the competing teams during the finals. Furthermore, during an elevator pitch, the teams will have the opportunity to explain their idea in a three-minute presentation.

The judging criteria follow the below-mentioned weightage structure:

  • 10% presentation style
  • 20% feasibility
  • 20% functional demonstrator
  • 20% user experience
  • 30% innovation

Previously Asked Questions

Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge is interested in creative use cases that involve data processing and data fusion from multiple sensors in a device with limited power and computational resources. The transformation of the underlying idea into a practical demonstrator or prototype is an important aspect of the competition. 

So, if you are participating in the Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge, make sure to brush up on your concepts. You should be thorough with the theory of machine learning, data science, DSA, AI, and cloud computing. You should also have knowledge of hardware systems.

Prerequisites (Languages)

As such, there are no language prerequisites required to compete in the Bosch IoT innovation challenge. However, it is imperative to know about the different computer languages, especially JAVA, to excel in the IoT challenges. 

The other proven choices of languages being used, apart from JAVA, to provide the groundwork for the future generation of IoT are C, Python, JavaScript, Swift, and PHP. The knowledge of the coding languages not just helps you in preparing for the IoT innovation challenge but also adapts you for off-campus placements.

How to Register?

All registration-related tasks need to be done on the Junction App.

  • Choose ‘Yes’ when asked if you are applying as a team while enrolling on the Junction App.
  • Click ‘Create a new team’ if you are the team leader.
  • The platform will generate a unique team code for you. Send this team code to the members of your team.
  • If you are a part of a team, inquire about the team code from your team leader.
  • To join an existing team, go to the same team page and enter the team code.
  • If you haven’t received a code from your team leader, ask them to follow these steps.

Preparation Tips

  • Acquaint yourself with electronic microsystems and IoT applications.
  • Be familiar with the process of equipping objects with processors, actuators, and sensors that involve hardware board design and development.
  • Acquire knowledge of new software systems, web APIs, and proven protocols, all of which work together to create a connected environment of embedded systems.
  • Keep abreast of programming aptitude questions to understand the depth of IoT solutions.
  • Learn different coding languages useful for building IoT products and innovations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 main components of an IoT system?

The four main components of an IoT system tell how IoT works they are:

1. Sensors/Devices
2. Connectivity
3. Data Processing
4. User Interface

What aspects can the Internet of Things innovate?

There are five aspects that the IoT can innovate.

A. Customer Experience: The “customer journey” is transformed via customer experience innovation. It uses the information gathered to develop new processes, commercial relationships, organizations, and technology to aid in the transition.

B. Product: Product innovation changes the way a product delivers value to its users. This could involve adding new features, improving existing features, or creating new form factors for new applications.
C. Technical: Technical innovation is not limited to a single product or application but rather modifies the supporting procedures.
D. Services: Services innovation changes how, what, and when a service is provided, as well as who it is provided to. It either improves an existing value or develops a completely new value. A product can be turned into service as well.
E. Business Model: Business model innovation recasts the value of a company and aligns it with how customers want to receive and consume it. One example is IoT solutions delivered as a service.

What is an IoT product?

An IoT product is anything that has a sensor attached to it that can transfer data over the internet from one object to another or to humans. Wireless sensors, actuators, software, and computer devices are examples of IoT products.

These devices are attached to a specific object that communicates via the internet, allowing data to be sent between people or objects automatically without the need for human engagement. They assist the user in integrating the physical world more directly and straightforwardly.

Is IoT a computing innovation?

IoT is not innovation in itself. Rather, it leads to a lot of innovations through its employment. The Internet of Things (IoT) lends new meaning to the “things” that surround us. It creates a win-win situation for the developers.

JAVA is the most popular programming language for IoT devices and systems because of its widespread connectivity and continually expanding capabilities. IoT devices that run on Java are more efficient in exchanging and retrieving data.

What are some examples of the Internet of Things?

IoT application examples include:
1. A home security camera that captures and detects changes while also sending a notification to a smartphone.
2. A video camera that takes pictures and inspects them for flaws.
3. An elevator monitoring system that tracks proper operation.
4. Drivers who are directed to vacant parking spots for their car in a smart city.
5. Robotic manufacturing machines.
6. Physical environment sensors like thermometers and other light-sensing devices.
7. Remote-controlled light switch.
8. Measuring the physical health of any system and evaluating if maintenance may be postponed or expedited.
9. Patient monitoring in a hospital.
10. Checking for seismic activity.

Key Takeaways

The Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge is phenomenal for students to test their coding and innovative skills. This is one of the great platforms to showcase your ability to IT companies and get a gist of the IoT industry with its practical requirements. 

If you are thinking of participating in the Bosch IoT Innovation Challenge, then there is no right time than now! Take the requisite steps and explore the challenge by giving Coding Ninjas free trial courses a try to prepare yourself.