Sneak-Peek To CodeWars Coding Competition

Sneak-Peek CodeWars Coding Competition
Sneak-Peek CodeWars Coding Competition


Codewars coding competition is a debugging competition for computer programmers. While coding errors are very standard, finding the error and correcting it is the challenging part. 

Many veteran programmers also often fail to identify bugs and hence, fail to present an error-free code. If you think you have an in-built talent to locate the bugs and solve them, then CodeWars Coding competition is for you.

What is CodeWars?

CodeWars is a programming community. It is an educational platform that helps in learning computer programming. On CodeWars, budding software developers enhance their coding skills by solving programming challenges that are known as kata. 

The programming challenges that are present on the platform help in enhancing programming skills in various languages such as Python, Java, CodeWars Javascript, CodeWars Python. In CodeWars, the programmers can gain ranks, solve kata, contribute kata, and provide solutions for kata.

How to Code in CodeWars?

CodeWars is super helpful as you can advance your skill while solving real-life challenging problems ranging from fundamentals to extremely difficult ones. In CodeWars the problems are listed according to their difficulty for specific subjects; it is a great way to test your knowledge. 

Once you have become an expert in coding and solving CodeWars challenges, this will help you achieve excellent off-campus placements. With consistent practice on CodeWars, you can develop an amazing career in computer programming. Learning programming for placements is quite essential now as, during interviews, the developers are given certain computer challenges that they have to solve in a fixed time. 

Steps to follow to start coding in CodeWars:

  • Visit the CodeWars site.
  • Then select the signup option on their homepage.
  • You will have to prove your skills by choosing the language in which you want to code. Make sure you choose the language that you are most comfortable in.
  • Once you select the language, there is a simple code test that you have to crack.
  • Once you are done with the test, you will have to link your own GitHub account and fill out a profile form.
  • Once the questionnaire is filled, you will move on to a page wherein you will be asked to select your experience and computer languages in which you want to get the training.

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CodeWars V/S HackerRank

  • CodeWars can be used by anyone willing to improve their skills and knowledge in computer programming. HackerRank is used mainly by companies to test the knowledge of developers, programmes that they are hiring.
  • CodeWars support is limited to online platforms, whereas HackerRank gives online with addition to 24/7 live support to its users.
  • CodeWars are good for improving skills and knowledge while solving kata, whereas HackerRank is suitable for cracking interviews as it helps you to solve programming aptitude questions also.
  • CodeWars does not provide any online webinars, whereas HackerRank does provide documentation and webinars.
  • Overall, both these sites are good as learning tools, but when compared to professional jobs, HackerRank is better.

CodeWars V/S LeetCode

  • LeetCode is more interview-based. It doesn’t require you to derive solutions but to solve them, whereas CodeWars is more of a skill-gradation software.
  • CodeWars is an excellent platform for learning new skills, but LeetCode is an excellent platform to ace interviews.
  • The challenges listed in LeetCodes are a bit more demanding than the problems listed in CodeWars.
  • CodeWars’ review in education, learning, and skill up-gradation is superior to LeetCodes, but the latter has better ratings regarding placements and job interview-based questions. 

How to Register for the CodeWars Coding Competition?

CodeWars Coding competition is a team-based coding competition, just like TCS CodeVita and Google Kickstart. To get registered for this competition you will have to form a team of 2 members.

  1. Firstly form a team of two members.
  2. Create a CodeChef user Id by registering in CodeChef.
  3. Now log in using this Id in CodeChef. Click on the team registration link.
  4. Once you have clicked the team registration, a Google form will appear; fill the form to register your team and team members in the contest.
  5. Now log out and then again log in using your team name. This is how you will be able to submit solutions for the CodeWars coding competition.

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Eligibility Criteria for CodeWars Coding Competition

Anyone who has a keen interest in computer programming and languages can form a team and get themselves registered for the CodeWars coding competition. The only criterion is that you will have to form a team. This is not for individual programmers.

Rules and Regulations for CodeWars Coding Competition

  • The main languages used in this contest are C, C++.
  • Each team should have not more than two participants.
  • Each team is required to solve the challenges and submit them to CodeChef.
  • Time taken to solve the challenges is the only judgment criterion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to code in CodeWars?

Firstly, register yourself in CodeWars while clicking on its homepage. Once the registration process is completed, you can quickly start coding.

How to code in CodeWars in Java?

For solving coding challenges or kata in CodeWars Java language, you will have to first select the language from the homepage. Then you will find an array of questions suited for that language.

How to learn to code using CodeWars?

For CodeWars, you should have a little bit of knowledge about coding. Once you get yourself registered, you will have access to challenges ranging from easy to difficult levels. You can start solving easy challenges and understand the mistakes you make by referring to the solutions given.

How to submit code in CodeWars?

Once you have created an error-free code, submit it in CodeWars by selecting the submit option at the right-hand corner.

How to test code in CodeWars?

After completing the code for a challenge or kata, you can run a test on those. These tests will tell you whether your code is error-free or not. Until and unless the run test result is passed, you won’t be able to submit your codes.

How to do coding in CodeWars Python?

For solving coding challenges or kata in CodeWars Python language, select Python on your homepage. This will then display all challenges suited for Python.

Key Takeaway

Like TCS CodeVita and Google Kickstart, the CodeWars coding competition is also an online competition for computer programmers. CodeWars coding competition is a competition that tests the knowledge of debugging. Finding the bug error is the most difficult one as most of the well-talented, veteran computer programmers sometimes fail to recognise it. 

CodeWars Coding Competition is an open-to-all competition in which computer geeks and programmers participate to solve challenges. CodeWars coding competition is a team-based competition. The teams have to register themselves in CodeChef. There are an array of challenges listed for different subjects on CodeChef; every team has to solve these challenges in minimum time to win the prizes.

CodeWars is thus a platform to upgrade your skill and knowledge, consequently helping you to secure excellent and reputed placement. It also helps in improving your computer programming skills in various languages.

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