A Guide To Coderbyte Challenges: Questions And Solutions

What's The Difference Between TCS Ninja Vs TCS Digital?
What's The Difference Between TCS Ninja Vs TCS Digital?


Coderbyte is a web application that allows you to practice and enhance your coding abilities. They provide various coding challenges and web development courses to assist you in preparing for future job interviews. Many of the daily functions you need are available via Coderbyte, which are packaged in a contemporary, self-service platform like coding programs for placements, Coderbyte assessment answers, and help with off-campus placements.

Let us know more about Coderbyte and some of its challenges in detail.

More about Coderbyte

Despite being the market’s newest entry, Coderbyte has expanded quickly and currently has 1,000+ customers, including some of the biggest IT companies. Coderbyte offers a real-world challenge library and feature set for code screening and more sophisticated methods to cheating detection and the ability to screen an infinite number of applicants for pricing less than 90% than the rest of the industry and gives the option for monthly subscriptions.

Coderbyte improves your coding skills by providing algorithm, front-end, back-end, and database challenges, automated grading with Big-O analysis, and over three million solutions. It also helps you ace your interviews by giving access to real-world interview kits, expert videos and solutions, and career resources and partners. Because of its collection of interview prep tasks, Coderbyte is recommended by the best coding bootcamps and employers.

Coderbyte Challenges

Coderbyte offers 300+ Coderbyte Challenges that you may solve in an online editor using ten different programming languages. Then you may access official solutions, over 1.5 million user solutions, and read articles on how to tackle the problems effectively.

The Coderbyte challenges are divided into three difficulties – easy, medium, hard. Coderbyte challenges can be sorted by a list of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. Here are some of the Coderbyte assessment questions with Coderbyte solutions that you can practice.

Fizz Buzz

Question: Print all of the numbers from 1 to 100. However, for any number divisible by three, print the word “Fizz,” for any number divisible by five, print the word “Buzz,” and for any number divisible by both three and five, print the word “FizzBuzz.”

Python Code:

def fizzbuzz(n):
 # we will store the resulting numbers within an array
 result = []
 # loop from 1 to n
 for i in range(1, n + 1):
 add = ''
 # check if there is a remainder when dividing by 3, if not
 # then we know this number is divisible by 3
 if i % 3 == 0:
 add += 'Fizz'
 # check if divisible by 5
 if i % 5 == 0:
 add += 'Buzz'
 # not divisible by either 3 or 5
 if add == '':
 return result

Two Sum Problem Question: An array and a number A is given. Determine if any two numbers within the array sum to A.

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Coderbyte Python code:

def twoSum(arr, A):
 hashTable = {}
 # check each element in array
 for i in range(0, len(arr)):
 # calculate A minus current element
 sumMinusElement = A - arr[i]
 # check if this number exists in hash table
 if sumMinusElement in hashTable:
 return True
 # add the current number to the hash table
 hashTable[arr[i]] = True
 return False

Remove Set of Characters from a String

Question: An array of characters and a string B is given. Write a function to return the string B with all the characters from the array removed.

Coderbyte Python code:

def removeChars(arr, string):
 # store characters of arr in a hash table
 hashTable = {}
 for c in arr:
 hashTable[c] = True
 # loop through the string and check if the character exists in
 # the hash table, if so, do not add it to the result string
 result = ''
 for c in string:
 if c not in hashTable:
 result += c
 return result
# usage
print removeChars(['h', 'e', 'w', 'o'], 'hello world') # => "ll rld"

Check if Valid Number of ParenthesisQuestion: You are given a string with the symbols ( and ), and you need to write a function that will determine if the parenthesis are correctly nested in the string, which means every opening ( has a closing ).

Python code:

def matchingParens(string):
counter = 0
for c in string:
if c == '(':
counter +=1r
elif c == ')':
if counter ==0:
return True 
return False

Bracket Matcher, Tree Constructor, Longest Word, and Questions Marks are some other prevalent Coderbyte challenges.

Programming Aptitude Questions

While Coderbyte provides all the resources mentioned above, it also offers interview kits for Google kickstart, TCS CodeVita, etc. Apart from practising Coderbyte questions, you should also practice some programming aptitude questions.

1. How to check if a number is an integer?

To determine if a number is a decimal or an integer, divide it by one and look for a remainder.

function isInt(num) {
  return num % 1 === 0;

console.log(isInt(4)); // true
console.log(isInt(12.2)); // false
console.log(isInt(0.3)); // false

2. Which function will allow you to do var

addSix = createBase(6);
addSix(10); // returns 16
addSix(21); // returns 27


function createBase(baseNumber) {
  return function(N) {
    // we are referencing baseNumber here even though it was declared
    // outside of this function. Closures allow us to do this in JavaScript
    return baseNumber + N;

var addSix = createBase(6);

3. Write a program for LargestFour.

Image Source: Medium

4. What will be the output of this program (prg_1.c)? 

If input command is C:\TC\BIN>prg_1 includehelp.com C C++ Java
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc,char* argv[])
    return 0;

The first argument of the main argc includes the total number of arguments provided by the command prompt, including the command name; the total number of arguments in this command is 5.

5. Consider the example and write the correct statement to start the thread.

public class ThreadEx extends Thread
    public void run()
    public static void main(String args[])
        ThreadEx T1=new ThreadEx();  
        __________ /*start thread*/

Answer: T1.start();

The start() method initiates thread execution; after thread execution has begun, the Java Virtual Machine invokes the run() method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Coderbyte worth it?

Coderbyte is an excellent resource for software engineers of all skill levels to utilise for technical interviews. The questions are well-organized to allow users to acquire new abilities or improve their current interests to be ready for whatever technological difficulties are thrown at them.

How to write Coderbyte test cases?

To automatically evaluate answers when you submit a custom algorithm challenge, you must provide 10 test cases. Coderbyte accepts strings, numbers, and arrays as inputs.

How to deactivate your Coderbyte account?

To deactivate, login to your email account that is linked to the app or website. Now, write an email and send it to support@Coderbyte.com. Type “REQUEST TO DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT” in the Subject field. Now, send them an email asking them to deactivate or delete your account from their database and delete all of your data with them, if any.

How to delete your Coderbyte account?

You may delete your account by emailing support@Coderbyte.com. Note that some activity produced before deletion may be retained by Coderbyte and shared with third parties as described in their Privacy Policy.

How to do premium challenges in Coderbyte?

To do premium challenges on Coderbyte, you need to buy a subscription plan. A monthly subscription costs $35 per month, and an annual subscription costs $150 per year.

Key Takeaways

Coderbyte is ideal for individuals in their early to mid-career stages who are preparing for interviews. There is also a library of more complex tasks for people who like solving code problems for fun, although this is not mainly a site for competitive programmers. On Coderbyte, there are a few free challenges and hundreds of paid Coderbyte challenges and over one million user solutions that you can access.