Resuming Work After A Career Break

Resuming Work After A Career Break
Resuming Work After A Career Break


Starting is always the most difficult part, whether it is a simple chore at home or restarting your career after a long break. Inertia always plays tricks and you might feel like you lost the flow in your career after a career break. You might also feel unmotivated and might be struggling to move forward. If you are in this position then this blog is just for you. This blog would help you get back on track after a career break.

Why come back to programming?

In recent times there have been many innovations in technology resulting in the blooming of more job opportunities in technology which is highly paid. Having programming skills is a very valuable asset and shouldn’t be wasted.

The sudden blow of the COVID19 pandemic has made us all realize the uncertainties in many fields, and joining the IT industry is the most secure option as it provides flexibility in time and space. Technology has improved a lot during the pandemic and now collaborating and working together is much easier than in pre-pandemic situations.

According to Slashdata’s statistics, the number of software developers around the globe was 18.9 million, this will increase by 26.1 million in 2030, to 45 million. Since more and more offline activities are now turning online, it has created more demand for software developers to create new and better versions of various online platforms.

Things are much brighter in the IT field

You might have taken a career break due to professional, personal, or financial reasons. If you changed jobs because of your lack of interest in coding, understand that knowing coding and having experience in the IT field will bring you more and more opportunities for personal, professional, and financial growth.

If you have taken a career break for a long time, that is more than five years, and are uncertain about your skills then try to join for an entry-level job in a small development firm. If you think your skills are still fresh and up to date then you can try for a higher job.

Even though there are companies who hire people in a traditional manner by looking at their degrees, there are a lot of companies who have changed their strategies and are hiring people with strong portfolios and good programming skills.

Over the years there is an increase in the number of coding boot camps, tutorials, and other certified coding courses which ignited the interest towards coding for many individuals pursuing them to get back to coding jobs.

Self Assess 

Knowing where you stand is very important when joining back to coding after a career break. You have to know the current status of your skills and brush up on your knowledge. You should also do your research and learn about the ever-changing technologies and make sure that you are up to date.

Understand new trends and areas in coding before taking up a job after a career break. Check if the knowledge you have is sufficient or not for the current status of technology. Before taking up ask yourself the following questions

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  • Am I still good at the old skills I have? Do I need to brush up on my knowledge?
  • Is the knowledge I have relevant for current technology?
  • Do I have to learn more about the latest technology?
  • Do I have the ability to apply the skills I already have?

Do your research and test yourself by participating in a coding contest to understand where you stand. There are a lot of courses available online to understand the new technology and brush up on your previous knowledge. Brainstorm on various things you would prefer to work on in your career.

Choose the field you are ready to work in

After brainstorming various jobs you might take up based on your interest, narrow down your options and be specific about the kind of job you are ready to work for. If you feel like you have to learn new things to stay up to date with the current technology, then try to learn things that may be similar to your already existing skills.

Learning a new language is good, but it is better to improve upon your already existing skills. Improving your skills will increase your confidence and save you from the confusion of getting exposed to new concepts.

When joining the IT field after a career break, it is better to look for a job in which the skill you have is still applicable. Looking for something you are already good at will spark interest in you.

Keep yourself up to date

After narrowing down your options for the desired job, you have to do your research on the current status of technology for your job. Technology is ever-changing and the changes are fast. Even if the career break you took is less than five years, the changes that came to technology in these five years may be drastic. Update yourself based on the area you chose.

A review of the changes that occurred since you took a career break would give you a clear idea of what you have to work on. Explore and find out more about the area you prefer to work on by reading and practising. Join boot camps and tutorials that would help you brush up on your previous knowledge and also help you fill the knowledge gap. Be passionate about what you are choosing and explore deeper into the subject.

You can try coding courses from Coding Ninjas to upgrade your knowledge.

Build professional relationships and connections

Join an online community of developers. Joining such a community will help you stay up to date on your field, get access to coding resources and mentors, and much more. You can share and receive knowledge and also get exposed to new job opportunities, recruitments, and events. Joining an online community will also help you stay up to date on your field and also understand where you stand among developers. 

Update Your Curriculum Vitae

Updating your Curriculum Vitae is a very important part of restarting your career as a developer. Prepare a good CV to attract recruiters. Showcase your new talents and portfolio. It is important to be truthful in your CV. Be frank about your career break to the recruiter. You can showcase your career break as the time you took to develop new skills and improve yourself. 

Learn how to make a CV that stands out here!.

Do not give up

Restarting a career may seem tiring, in addition to that, it might be difficult to land your dream job after a career break. But don’t get disheartened, stay determined and work hard. Keep trying and exploring new companies and opportunities. No matter how long your breaks were, with determination and passion for coding, you will be successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get back into programming after a long break?

First, you have to assess your skills. Research and find jobs relevant to your current skills. Understand the technological changes that happened in that field during your career break and update your skills.

How do I restart my career in software development?

Join an online community for developers and find the current job opportunities and get access to coding mentors and events. Stay up to date with the latest trends and take up courses to brush up your knowledge and also learn about current technology.

How do I start a career after 10 years gap?

No matter how long your breaks are, with determination and passion for coding, you will be successful. Technology is ever-changing, so stay up to date and learn more about it. Brush up your old skills and you can also join bootcamps and tutorials to brush up your learning. Be truthful about your career break in your CV.

How do I get back to software development?

Learn about the latest trends and brush up on your knowledge. Learn new skills and create good professional relationships which will help you get exposed to more job opportunities.

How do I restart my career?

Understand your current skills and develop them. Instead of learning a completely new topic, develop on the current knowledge. Do your research and improve upon your skills. Do not give up.

Key Takeaways

Joining back to coding after a career break may seem hard and demotivating. It might be hard to get employed after a career break, but do not give up. With determination and passion, you will be able to land your dream job.

Analyse the current status of your skills and find a job in which these skills are applicable. After that, develop your skills by researching current trends and technology. 

By Ranjul Arumadi