Preparation Guide For AWS Data Science Certification

Preparation Guide For AWS Data Science Certification
Preparation Guide For AWS Data Science Certification


Data is wealth! In the conventional development environments, the data resources that were considered to be overhead memory occupants are now extensively being employed by data scientists for generating recommendations and insights with the help of artificial intelligence techniques. The data present in the user database can be processed with the help of algorithms to generate customised suggestions and advertisements.

The agenda is to make data insightful, but this is not a mere task. In order to render data insightful, foremost, we need to host the data into a centralised database. Cloud Computing is a one-stop solution for data-hosting. Apart from developers and designers, this generates a requirement for data scientists, cloud architects, server associates, and other associates for maintaining cloud resources and data interpretation.

Cloud computing is presently widely popular in the industry and is further being adopted by other firms. At the database level, a contemporary software ecosystem is being devised for supporting data analysis. Amazon web server is being recognised along with containers, cloud computing, and other concurrent technologies.

With this, the job prospects for Amazon web server enthusiasts who are inquisitive about the technology and possess the relevant skills to use it are increasing. Read below, to know more about Amazon Web Server and its scope.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing-based platform that provides consumers with a wide chain of cloud services. AWS (Amazon Web Services) can be defined as a secure cloud services platform that offers computation power, database storage, content delivery, and several other services. You need to pay only for the services you use, on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Some of the services provided by the AWS are:

  • Running web and application servers on the cloud for hosting internal applications and client-facing websites.
  • Secure storage of files and sensitive data on cloud resources with easy accessibility. The cloud is already secured with data backup and disaster recovery objectives.
  • Comes with reliable data analytics services such as AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis, and AWS QuickSight.
  • The storage of information and running reports on the widely used database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL, or PostgreSQL.
  • Providing miscellaneous services including AWS CloudFront for devising comprehensive content delivery networks. These content delivery networks can share static files even to the edge locations across the globe.

AWS comes with a wide chain of certifications for foundational, associate, professional, and specialty level enthusiasts. These certificates are duly recognised in the tech industry and assist you in attaining your dream job.

We have created a list of AWS books for beginners and professionals which can please you understand the concepts of AWS.

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What is the AWS Data Science Certification?

It is an industry-recognised credential from AWS that acknowledges your expertise in AWS data functions and analytics services. Enthusiasts can increase their credibility and confidence by enhancing your ability to design, build, secure, and maintain analytical software on AWS that is space-efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

The below-mentioned abilities are validated  by this Certification:

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  • Define AWS data analytics services and understand how they integrate with each other
  • Explain how AWS data analytics services fit in the data life cycle of collection, storage, processing, and visualisation

Visit the site to schedule your examination.

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AWS Data Analytics certification prerequisites

Amazon recommends the following criteria for clearing the AWS certification examination :

  • A minimum of five years of experience in the usual data analytics technologies.
  • At least two years of hands-on working experience with AWS.
  • Experience and expertise working in AWS services for designing, building, securing, and maintaining data analytics solutions.
  • Attain an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or a current Associate-level certification:

AWS Data Analytics certification preparation

Even though there are no training completion benchmarks, AWS itself provides numerous options for assisting you to prepare for the certification examination with best practice material and technical skill checks to self-evaluate your readiness.

Some of the AWS provided available resources include :

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Why is AWS certification important?

The prime advantages of clearing the AWS certification are:

  • The AWS data analyst certification can help you prepare for the upcoming trends in the IT sector.
  • Every AWS professional doesn’t need to be confined to a particular role. For instance, you can register for the AWS DevOps certification after clearing the AWS Developer associate certification. 
  • AWS certified professionals receive digital badges. These digital badges represent your certification achievement, and you may share them via social media and email signatures. 
  • You can also find AWS certification benefits in the proof of your commitment. 
  • The support of documentations, whitepapers, and instructor-led training courses helps candidates achieve AWS certification easily.
  • The next advantage is that the AWS certification increases your salary. 
  • AWS certification assists in joining the AWS Certified Global Community. 
  • In case you are a freelancer, then AWS certification can assist you in bagging more projects.
  • Certified professionals may access the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program of AWS. 
  • Organizations with AWS-certified professionals are allowed to participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN). 

Scope of AWS Data Science Certification in the IT sector

Currently, job titles do not emphasize AWS hiring. Hence, when you seek job roles for AWS, focus on the job descriptions rather than the job titles. Certification in AWS allows to be front-runners for the below-mentioned job profiles :

  • DevOps Engineer 
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Cloud Architect [Senior]
  • Server Developer [Senior]
  • Software Escalation Engineer

Recommendations for attaining AWS Data Science Certification

We highly recommend learners select one of the best online platforms for gaining virtual access to the AWS environment for cracking the AWS Data Science Certification. Some entrepreneurs such as Intellipaat, Amazon, Coursera, and Udemy have ranked as the most popular picks of the year 2021 by the students as these provide an interactive experience required for qualifying AWS Data Science Certification exams.

You should carefully evaluate the prices, course period, mentors, remarks, and reviews of the ex-learners prior to making your choice so that you can pick the one that meets your requirements and expectations to the maximum extent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AWS data analytics certification worth it?

Yes, the AWS Big Data Certification is worth it as you will gain a deep understanding of the basic layers of the data science hierarchy of needs. The material provided helps you in communicating better with your peers and makes them a more reliable data professional.

Is AWS Data Analytics Certification hard?

Yes, It is one of the most difficult AWS certifications. It is certainly more difficult than the professional level but not unachievable. You need to have a deep understanding of the underlying technologies and how they coordinate with each other. The duration is three hours and you have to solve sixty-five scenario-based questions.

What is AWS data analytics certification?

It is an industry-recognised credential from AWS that acknowledges your expertise in AWS data functions and analytics services. Enthusiasts can increase their credibility and confidence by enhancing your ability to design, build, secure, and maintain analytical software on AWS that is space-efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

How do I get AWS data analytics certification?

For clearing the AWS Data Analytics Certification exams, 750 is the passing scaled score out of a maximum of 1000 marks.

How does Amazon use data analytics?

It uses data analytics in numerous fields, such as:

1. The company uses predictive analytics for targeted marketing that assists them in increasing customer satisfaction.
2. The company exploits data for generating user-based and item-based recommendations.
3. Amazon collects ratings and reviews for collaborative filtering.

How do I learn AWS analytics?

Amazon Web Service requires no prior coding experience. Amazon does not list any prior experience or programming skills as a prerequisite. In other words, if you are keenly interested and have sufficient confidence, then you can start learning AWS analytics virtually. Read the guidelines issued by Amazon.

Is AWS data analytics certification free?

No, the AWS data analytics certification is not free.

How much does AWS data analytics certification cost?

The cost of the AWS data analytics certification is 300 US Dollars as it is a specialty certificate.

Key Takeaways

Amazon is the dream company for most software developers. AWS Data Science Certification provides you with an opportunity to work with Amazon eventually and understand the prime benefits of data resources. The time invested by the developer and their efforts is duly acknowledged by giving the credits and an acknowledgement certificate for it.

It is a very remarkable achievement for any Data Scientist who has cleared the AWS Data Science Certification as it is accredited by Amazon and is acknowledged worldwide.

The students get a professional working organization along with well-written tutorials that teach them every minute detail of the data manipulation and collection. Post this, students have earned hands-on experience in data science and data interpretation. In the future, there is a very high probability of students with AWS Data Science Certification getting shortlisted by top-notch companies for lucrative internships and job opportunities.

By Vanshika Singolia